I have been hearing about the health benefits of turmeric for a few years now, but never could get off my ass to try it. Then last week my wife asked me to get her some at the local health food store to see if it might help an inflammatory condition she has in a thigh. Of course, I had to try some too, and I have been blown away by this stuff. It has made a huge difference in what I guess could be called baseline feelgood index, and that includes mood and energy. I also sleep better on this stuff. I suspect that in my case my 60 year old liver which was sometimes not treated very well in the past has been the primary beneficiary. This stuff is absolutely amazing. I am using the product in the first link made by the Gaia Herb Co. The black pepper extract to improve absorption may be a very good thing. I don't really know for sure since I have never taken the simple turmeric powder, but let's just say I know for sure this particular product works very well.
In the second link is a list of supposed health benefits. While I can't speak to whether it really is a cancer resistor it is certainly nice to think this herb may have other benefits too. This herb is an old time part of the Chinese natural pharmacopeia.



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i had a building manager who was Punjabi and who made me LOVE very spicy food...he made this lamb curry that was so hot that after I managed to finish it I could feel my whole body 'shutting down' and I would go into a torpor state...but then aboot 15 minutes later I woke up, feeling very refreshed :3

Now I'm happy with buying some local turmeric and mixing it with a bit of butter to spread on TOAST. YUM!

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I have mucked around with my share of natural, ayurvedic, chinese, or whatever medicines. So far, turmeric is the most impressive I have bumped into.