The Larry King Show

No - not that Larry King. Rather the Larry King who turned the Omaha Nebraska "Boys Town" into a pedophile ring for highly placed DC insiders, politicians, and other luminaries. This is a somewhat better cut of the old film that became notorious for being yanked by The Discovery Channel before it could be aired. TDC quietly paid the production company a cool $500,000 (this was the late 1980's) and then buried the documentary. However, there was a copy they didn't know about, and that is what we have here.
Since pedophilia in high places is very much back in the news lately I thought it might be interesting to see how the initial aggressive investigation was done. What is really striking about these older documentaries from the days before mass media became owned by monoliths is that there was a much more moral and less timid expose'. "Big" names were not so sacrosanct, and there is a huge sense of the media actually representing people rather than the military/industrial complex and enormous corporations. There is something really wistful about these older examples of journalism when there actually were journalists not cowed and bowed by the enormous beast that has neutered journalism today. That alone is fun to watch even if the subject of pedophile rings bores you. To me that look of the deer in the headlights that so many politicians have on their faces today very probably stems from various blackmail schemes in their closets, so this is a very important subject practically. There is nothing salacious about that, and the chief investigator of the Boy's Town scandal also makes a big point of saying that the pedophile rings are used to blackmail politicians.

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