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Interview with David Marrow who was a victim of satanic ritual abuse as a child in an enclave on the Orkney Islands. There was a ring of higher level politicians involved who were investigated by the CID. The investigation was prematurely dropped and tagged as a "witch hunt," but as we are now beginning to see more clearly many people in positions of power may be caught up in this stuff if for no other reason than financing such blackmailable people into positions of power makes them more compliant to the will of certain groups of string pullers. Marrow's story goes deeper into mind control and implants one of which is detectable in his body with an EMF meter.
Of course, there is always the caveat that people like this are part of a psyop intended to create the impression that there are entities with powers far beyond ours, and we might as well give up thinking we have any real autonomy. That then becomes tantamount to just handing ourselves over.
When I listen to and watch stuff like this I am always looking for deception or psychosis. It is always interesting no matter what is being spun.