Fidel Castro rumors

Ok don't get upset, these are just rumors that I heard, not substantiated. But for some people they might be amusing, so here it goes.

Rumor has it that Fidel Castro has had operations on his lower digestive system, with the purpose of giving him a prosthetic anus. Apparently the best device for this is made by Monsanto, a US company. Further rumor has it that Monsanto is working towards such devices that can be controlled by thought. This is very useful for people in wheelchairs, when you first believe their biggest problem is not being able to walk. Their worst problem is lack of control of bowel functions and things like that.

But nevermind, if these rumors are true, then the US has finally got control of Fidel's ass, after more than 40 years of trying.

Oh, it is probably not true.


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but would that mean that Monsanto kept a remote control device tuned to his fake arse?

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It does seem rather unlikely, yes. But TDG is as good a place for conspiracy theories as any. And Fidel does look unhappy in his recent TV appearances, to poor guy.

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