Golden Grail (Fractal)Charge Path into DNA is Origin of Alphabets!

The Ring - Alphabet of Angles into the Ring...of DNA.. Implosion

Compare: The fractal electric path charge follows in to DNA (called GRAIL in Blood)

(part 1 here) with that same GOLDEN SPIRAL path into all donut shaped charge fields: Origin ALPHABETS - (part 2 below)

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Grail Bloodlines in Physics:A Beautifully Spiritually Satisfying Answer:The REAL GRAIL in Your DNA- Is Fired from Your Heart because BLISS is Fractal.

by Implosion Group ( ) editorial board - ABOUT the work of Dan Winter. (NEW-Download an edited pdf version of this short intro article for magazine / publication use here: - TrueScientificGrailinBlood3.pdf

The message of "DaVinci Code" and "Holy Blood,Holy Grail" is actually quite simple and clear. The GRAIL is in the BLOOD. The question- from a scientific perspective is also simple- Is that true? Fortuneately for science - a hugely exciting path to investigating the question is emerging. Namely - the pure electrical geometry of how blood gets activated. Could this geometric answer - at the same time - be the pure electrical geometry of physics most pressing question? For physics - the most basic issue (usually called THE HOLY GRAIL OF PHYSICS) is the UNIFIED FIELD. To unify the fields for physics is in essence the pure electrical geometry of how ELECTROMAGNETISM becomes GRAVITY. (Compression of charge can directly become ACCELERATION of charge - called Gravity).

Not having answered such questions means usually arrogant physicists have to sit with their humble tail between their legs should any child ask "well- why DOES an object fall to the ground?" It also means - that when physicists (as Fosar/Bludorf et al have written)- discover that DNA does in fact become superconductive and MAKE BLACK HOLES- they also have to sit facing the humble pie that they don't have a CLUE what DNA (in the blood) is really DOING - in electrical terms.

All of this paints a picture of the current state of physics - as being quite simply- stupid. How are they to answer URGENT SURVIVAL questions like- why does GMO and cloning deplete the sustainability and survival of DNA. (How embarassing the WAY - Dolly the Sheep aged..). The rats who had to be forced to eat GMO soy - died so fast the experimenters were breathless. Who explains these stark raving embarassments to modern scientists - still driving around in cars powered by dinosaurs farting?- while their planet fixes to rot in the stink of not knowing the electrical principle of WHAT IS LIFE. Who have no clue to eating the charge inside gravty- ... and who still think the zero point energy is somehow "free" (disconnected- schizophrenic).

SO - can the question called THE HOLY GRAIL in physics- namely what geometry connects elecric charge to gravity - ALSO be the scientific answer to what is the HOLY GRAIL (including gravity making measured) IN BLOOD??

Dan Winter has proposed a radical + dramatically exciting answer which is right now rattling the cage of physics around the world. A whole stable of physicists have joined him to explore the unified physics of Golden Ratio - testing his original hypothesis that GOLDEN RATIO based SELF SIMILARITY is the ELECTRICAL CAUSE OF GRAVITY!.

Winter claims specifically that recent new physics for how coherent EKG changes DNA (coherent emotion / love?)- and how BLISS and ECSTASY are measured using GOLDEN RATIO in brainwaves - actually confirm his theory about the GRAIL (and gravity making) in blood.

( In addition to his 4 books, 5 languages at - there is another recent book largely ABOUT Dan Winter's amazing Implosion Physics - free e-book - "Souls of Distortion Awakening \ A convergence of Science and Spirituality " - now in it's 9th edition - - In addition Implosion Group's website - is currently referenced by over 10,000 other web articles ! )

It started when Dan noticed that the electrical geometry Einstein and Poincare used to model gravity was a nested DODECAHEDRON. ( ). Dan's first book "One Crystals Dance" -30 years ago- had shown that when you extend the edges of a dodecahedron (all 5 sided faces) outward you get icosa then dodeca then icosa infinitely- an ancient Theosophic model called the GREATER MAZE. The point Winter made was that this infinite nest was composed of vertex or nodes ALL of which had x,y,z values in a simple whole multiple of GOLDEN MEAN RATIO (1.618...).

Later Winter claimed this was THE ONLY POSSIBLE 3 DIMENSIONAL FRACTAL. Now - Einstein knew that INFINITE COLLAPSE was the (Holy Grail) key to connecting ELECTRICITY to GRAVITY. Phyisics is now clear that FRACTALITY is key to infinite compression. The problem was - Einstein never knew what a fractal was! So how could he know that charge in a fractal was his solution (infinite constructive wave collapse). This is such a revelation to physics - with Winter claiming that CHARGE in a FRACTAL based on GOLDEN MEAN - MAKES GRAVITY - that numerous serious physicists (Elizabeth Rauscher, Alex K..)- have taken on the challenge.

They realized that not only was the Golden Ratio based nested pent Dodeca - the shape Einstein used for Gravity geometry - but it is also the shape of Palladium ( and Platinum Group / PGM - Gold Powder) - key to cold fusion. So proving that this nest is the only possible 3D fractal - may be the actual KEY to physics HOLY GRAIL!

Winter has begun a simple experiment series to PROVE that charge in a fractal is the CAUSE of gravity ( ) - and an international team of physicists (including one of Europes leading fusion physicists) have joined him.

The other stunning part of this new HOLY GRAIL - is Winter's OTHER claim. He says that charge in a fractal is not only the missing CAUSE of gravity - BUT - that it is the ONLY way to efficiently nourish and support DNA ! This could completely redefine the electric field of success for seed germination, agriculture and even architecture. (Winter has been teaching the PHYSICS of Feng Shui for 12 years). He has shown electric field experiments and measurements demonstrating that fractal ( or 'harmonic inclusive' non-destructive compression of charge) actually trigger SEED GERMINATION .. and measure freshness / life force and vitality ( ). This he says finally defines sacred space - and success in architecture and urban design. For example by choosing materials for building - originally simply called 'organic' - architecture that makes DNA healthy - actually is a fractal capacitor! Winter calls the electrical definition of living material a 'phase conjugate dielectric' - he calls this the 'switch to turn on DNA radio' - more at - Basically he is saying there is a path curve - looking like the ancient CADUCCEUS based on Golden Ratio - for charge inside DNA - which allows waves of charge (the field effect of 'spirit'?) to CONJUGATE PHASES and acheive IMPLOSIVE COMMUNION - in blood.

What is so exciting - is that when you animate this path curve for charge into blood - (Golden Ratio caducceus) - you get the most stunningly beautiful HOLY GRAIL CUP WITHIN A CUP -which is a hypnotically beautiful spiritual rush to see.( see the FILM - on Real Grail physics-above- which opens and closes with that animation - a film already a hit on google..)

SO - what is the real key - to the Holy Grail in blood - AND where is the proof for physics? AND how could that possibly be a real satisfying solution to the ancient quest for the bloodline of Jesus??

Well - to start with - there is great agreement that the electrical geometry of DNA in blood is the nesting of this exact Golden Ratio based dodecahedron. (see picture). Actually - the Golden Ratio fingerprint is stamped ALL over DNA. So if we add the electrical idea that Golden Ratio is key to CONSTRUCTIVE charge compression ( getting memory packed) we start to get a clue to the deeper functions of DNA and blood. SO - Winter takes this dodeca nest and shows the CONE it makes (60 degree) based on a Golden Ratio Caducceus (symbol for DNA, Hermes & healers) - and then animates that into a beautiful fractal GRAIL CUP - literally one that (being fractal) never runs over - contains infinite SPIN.

Winter is also the one who suggested the scientific study which showed that COHERENT EMOTION / EKG - controls the BRAID or programming of this charge absorbing 'Golden Fleece' in DNA ( ). His original mathematics (cepstrum) to MEASURE coherence in EKG - has earned him literaty credit for inventing the term 'Heart Coherence' (book: 'Instinct to Heal'). He originally showed Heart Math Institute how to take an EKG - how to spectrum analyze it, and has developed the most superior technology for measuring Coherent Emotion in the Heart ( his HeartTuner invention - see and ). Simply put - when your heart makes the CADUCCEUS - inclusive harmonic fractal of sounds - which medically identify immune health ('Irving Dardik' see ) - this sonic 'pony tail' measureably BRAIDS your DNA into a 'recursive nest'. This nesting or braiding into recursion of DNA - Winter says is how EMOTION PROGRAMS DNA. The climax of this process - is the 7th time- the DNA helix thread is braided - that it becomes visibly a DONUT - a TORUS. Winter says this 'Circular DNA' is implosive - and the charge radiance that results (from fractal compression by braiding) is the mechanism of how DNA is all connected -the fusion into a 'soul invitation' ( ). His best pictures and scientific links on DNA-are - . It gets really movie like where Winter says the real LORD OF THE RING - was when this DNA gets into a RING - due to the BLISS of pure intention / pure compression. He has a complete animation showing the alphabet on the side of the LORD OF THE RING - being the compression angles to get charge into the vortex ring DNA in the first place ( His controversial origin of the alphabet work - - became PI the Movie. - He claims Alphabets MUST be based on the Golden Spiral - since that is the only non-destructive way to get your field of charge into a tornado and steer it - to symbolize = to embed . This becomes an astounding physics suggesting that the origin of psychokinesis AND symbol begins because compassion - or FEELING for the outside FROM the inside / turning inside out - is simply equivalent to perfect COMPRESSION ).

Climactically- Winter also says that the experience of BLISS and ECSTASY and ENLIGHTENMENT is measureable when brainwaves generate this Golden Mean ratio ( based also on work by Dr. Korotkov). This becomes the 2nd dramatically exciting function- (EEG - cross hemispheric tuning )- of his same biofeedback invention - called the BLISSTUNER. ( ). The point of relevance to the grail story - is that the BLOOD ENERGIZING aura or royal glow or blue UV field - of ecstasy- is actually the result of the whole electric field of the body becoming massive FRACTAL and ATTRACTIVE using Golden Ratio 'self similarity' (fractality). It is simple to visualize fractality in biology - just imagine a rose or a pine cone. All of biology uses this principle - to attract the charge field (spirit / chi / orgone / barraka / shakti ) - into perfect compression - called LIFE ITSELF!

SO - if a person (Magdalen or Jesus??) were to experience BLISS consistently - their blood would become more IMPLOSIVE - is that the Grail? Winter points to meditators who make gravity when they feel bliss (TM floating etc)- and do insect skeletons which make gravity ( ). Similar to other recursive capacitors which make gravity ( ).

Well - at least there are very intriguing clues here - that the solution to getting the blood charged- with the true physics of Bliss process - may actually be the REAL GRAIL. Winter says your blood becomes powerful and gravity making ( and he says 'star inhabiting' and 'sun god' making) - when it has the opportunity to implode with charge in the presence of bliss. When saturated in the DNA nourishing charge fractal enviornment which defines the sacred - it reveals how our ancient Dragon Annunaki (Uru / Kelt ) ancestors learned to wake up their blood. This is WHY the map around all the 'holy grail' sites is FIVE sided (Golden Ratio / Implosive-pics below ) - including the pent star symbolizing Magdalen... SO - this leads us to the history part of this problem. Is this the SIEGE PERILOUS part? (Siege Perilous as you enter the grail in DNA fusion holy communion -the tantric marital moment- is the point just below fusion implosion when there is most danger of explosion - as you test to see if each of the memories- the charge stored - can compress fractally into the inPHIknitly SHAREABLE..-rather like the 'combust' moment just before conjunction in the capacitance wave called ASTROLOGY..)

from : DNA IS the -Grail links at

 The Golden Ratio -



below:TOP View of DNA:- The 'black-hole' effect ( naively called KHEM / alCHEMy / CHEMistry ): THE GRAIL:

The Black Hole Effect, Did Lazarus Laze Us Into Remembering/.. ode to "The Lazarus Effect" by Frank Herbert, in which teaching one to string 'embed' memory thru the death wormhole, primes the pump for the whole genepool to ...immortalize?

Pure Principle is a Richer Name than God or Good or Evil... Remember how the stage felt in the last Dune series "Lazarus Effect". then a great split on the planet politically, just after it was first noticed the BIOMASS WAS BECOMING SELF-AWARE!...

Honey of the Queens.. Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE


Alphabet of the Heart, orig,Did you know that when Lazarus (at the time of Jesus) came out of the tomb-after having. experienced death, he had changed from an old man into a boy of

TaleEating:Lightspeed Ensoulment-dna squirts woim toining into face... sister of Martha and Lazarus, called the Magdalene. Their marriage sealed a dynastic arrangement within the house of David and their son would have ...

animated at , , VRML at

Capacitively coupled charge compression has been called 'spirit', 'grace' , 'chi', 'orgone', 'barrakah', 'chakti' -perhaps because physics has been too arrogant or self-destructive to recognize it: above: - the only angle / symmetry recipe (self-similar -implosive - gravity making -recursion) at which capacitively coupled CHARGE - could FEED DNA - enough to ignite it - toward sustainability / immortality ( see electric definition of BLISS / creativity ). Hence - the only way to design an environment ( formerly called 'sacred' ) for agriculture / architecture - pregnant enough ( successful in charge / compression + therefore distribution ) for DNA to become electrically CONSCIOUS and SELF-AWARE (gravity making and implosive ). See photomicrographs below ( knotslipping ) of DNA becoming toroidal ( en'soul'ed ) during sex/bliss/death/kundalini/menopause.

1. In our last note we presented the idea that PHASE CONJUGATION (Implosion perfected by Golden Ratio ) was the essential mechanism of:

- how gravity is made, (for example power spectra of the Hutchinson Device spark would show damped cascade producing self similarity) - Hendershot device...

- how DNA radio works (charge communion, the collective unconscious, and the soul work by coherent communication thru superluminal velocity modes nested by PHI),

- the real physics of the origin of the HOLY GRAIL- DaVinci Code - why S.France and Washington DC grid sites are all PENT etc..

- how awareness and bliss develop electrically around the brain as an imploding charge field-

- how the charge propagation phase path from facet to molecular to atomic to nuclear symmetry make the PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR .. + the fire crystal of Atlantis (Tuoai stone)

Physics of HOLY GRAIL + CAUSE of GRAVITY (infinite collapse / produces magnetic monopole..)

Rosy Cross= Perfect PHASE CONJUGATION =IMPLOSION- the only fusion symmetry possible where infinite phase velocity modes converge CONstructively.. (converts charge compression to acceleration>makes gravity)..

This is the exact symmetry (dodeca stellation by Golden Ratio perfected recursion)-> :

->Einstein / Poincare used to model charge symmetry of gravity / infinite compression

->identifying optical phase conjugation (time reversal , aberration self correction etc..)

->of Palladium / dodec - key to cold fusion

->charge path thru phase conjugate dialectrics(ex:barium titanite)key to access to voltage from gravity

->of the top and side view and wratchet of DNA (charge communion by phase conjugation /mechanism of soul )

(all living proteins are 5 sided/Phi for this reason)

->water molecules use (clathrate cage/dodec) to become part of all LIFE (fractal charge distribution)

->of monoatomic (implosive ) Gold atoms

->identifying the CHARGE PATH (breath of life-charge communion) identifying BIOLOGIC MATERIAL for ARCHITECTURE..(only possible defineable meaning for a commercial term 'organic')

->identifying the (Phi / cadduceus) harmonic analysis of EEG in Ecstasy, life force in water,harmonic inclusive EKG predicting all disease survival, harmonic content (PHIlotaxes)of all life..(charge attracting self organization)

->the JITTERBUG (cube-octa down to icosa) - presented as mechanism for molecular superconductivity at International Conference on superconductivity, Buffalo,NY by Jim Sawyer, 6 Dimension Design..(pics>

Here we wish to develop this theme further - - to suggest that this same symmetry of perfected phase conjugation (caducceus)- electrical self organization -IS:

- the reason any dialectric is biologic and ALIVE! . defining living material for architecture (what capacitor can HELP a seed germinate)

- the REASON any enzyme is ALIVE- (the DNA recursive braid- why heat kills a live enzyme -strucurally - de-organizing electrical recursion ).

- the reason any bio-ceramic material can reduce electrosmog or heal or nourish biology. Bio ceramic= phase conjugate dialectric.
Mesenchymal stem cells and bioceramics: strategies to regenerate the skeleton. skeletal regeneration by bioceramics - success predicted by phase conjugation success-

- the essential mechanism behind all energy / electrical healing technologies. (with power spectra examples-below)..

- the essential mechanism for the 'still point' in sacral cranial work, healing crisis in psychological work , also the - 'collapse process' in counciling work...

: charge compression HEALS by sorting.

This concept of perfect Implosive PHASE CONJUGATION (the capacitance of all LIVING materials)

= Harmonic Inclusiveness

= Genetic Diversity

= Access to Fractality (definition of grounding for psychologists & electricians)

= Fusion/Implosion

= Charge Communion

= Turning on DNA Radio - the aura production called sainthood / enlightenment -which Korotkov measured example in GDV during bliss /peak experience.

= Access to the -collective unconscious, synchronicity, san-graal DNA piezoelectric ring-grail.

= Ability to Respond/responsibility - self empowerment


= How LIFE POTENTIAL is MEASURED in liquids as RE-DOX Potential.

= How COHERENCE in biologies field effect - the KA (thar,tholic-boat to underworld) prepares to survive death in what compresses out of DNA thru light speed.

Origin of Alphabets: Pure Geometry
of Embedding- Donut Nests as Creation


If the symmetry of fields (domains-toroidal donuts) is the ONLY origin and subject of physics

then why would ANYONE be surprised if the same were true of the origin of symbolic alphabets?

based on Dan Winter's work - brought to you by Ted Small .. and reprinted in part from the main IMPLOSION GROUP web site on Dan Winter's work.

Remember this self organizing golden spiral mapped on the self organizing torus donut domain- is not changing shape- only your point of view.

Consume the perspective- e pluribus unum- from many: one- leap out of flatland - get up off your cross- and follow me - to symbolize IS to embed.


The pure self organizing symmetry of charge / light - is the only alphabet which ever was immortal OR psychokinetic.

Dan Winter:

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4

click here to play pinwheels (why do you see THE ORIGIN OF THE ALPHABET - AND - 7 arrows?) Origin of symbol: embedding yourself into the center of psychokinesis by tornado steering..(physics is no-thing if not wormholes)

animation from Bob Gray - ref:

See in your inner eye - the way the Golden Spiral Path to Perfect Compression (Embedding=Symbol Making) -

when Wrapped Around the Self Organizing Shape of the Torus Donut -

Traces the Origin of the only REAL ALPHABET (yours) that ever existed (The ELements of Symmetry)

Nested Toroid Embedding Model from Dennis Lee..see link)

Also see- What is this Embedability Thing? at

Is Perfect Nesting (Implosion) The Key to What Holds a Little Tornado CENTERED within a Larger One?

If the Wave Ratios are Right (Hint:GOLDEN)-


Einstein Claimed Would Convert CHARGE to GRAVITY? ( Compression in to Acceleration?)

IS this What (Toroidal) DNA is About?

Mathematic Comparison:Winter Golden Spiral vs. Tenen Non Phi Based

Here is a quote from PI
web site- along with the picture there of Dan Winter.
Many believe that famous major motion picture about the harassment
from Hebrew Rabbi's of the math genius who figured out how the
stock market emerges from Chaos based on Golden Ratio - is based
on the story of Stan Tenen's vicious harassment of Dan Winter-
for discovering the Golden
Ratio is the true origin of the Hebrew Alphabet.
: - and all
paths out of CHAOS which require compression to self organize
(like the stock market - Prechter /Elliot wave predictors based
on Golden Ratio)..

Can owning
spiritual ideas, serve self-empowerment? - Summary of Dan Winter's
choice to give away his original work showing the Golden Mean
Spiral to be the origin of Hebrew.

The Ring - Alphabet of Angles into the Ring...of
DNA.. Implosion

Why There are Letters (Alphabetic Elements of Symmetry)
on the Ring..

Some series of 'alphabet of symmetry' tilt operations
of spiral compression, must be the key to getting DNA into an
implosive ring. Once DNA's fractal 'grail' nature as a charge
compressor for fabricating gravity using capacitance waves fractally
imploding - then genepools role in the birth of stars (angels
/ stargates) might be understood by physics. In the movie Stargate
it was a crime punishable by death to learn alphabets. The movie
was based on Ophanim alphabet (see below). Seems it still is a
crime to teach alphabets true role in the waveguide physics of
the origin of psychokinesis. (controversy below - much better
explained than in "Pi" the movie).

Exerpt from: The
Return of Enki: Kids Become Stars,GenePools and Gravity Making
for Peace - Re-myologizing EA's EArth.
"Lord of the Ring
is the letter symmetries burnt by the spiral on the ring donut
- indicating the angles at which to tilt - make alphabet- to squirt
DNA codons angularly bent into recursion - literally a ring donut
DNA - which becomes the magnetically implosive gravity making
engine of consciousness for star bending and inhabiting... the
fellowship of the ring - is the holy communion which implosion
in DNA enacts morphically linking at coeur all whose being as
at center the lightning braider - self-similar DNA.

Mystery of "Lord of the Ring"

The RING DONUT holds the viewpoints
for how to spiral in to compress charge

Is 2 spiral paths on the way into
a donut- the origin of symbol and alphabet - because that is the
way to non-destructively compress /accelerate into embedding in
a tornado? ( "And 'ring' DNA?")

- see below -

(DNA's implosion compression tool
for making mass out of light / psychokinesis AND making the gravity
which bends stars.)

click for book

CONSUME THE PERSPECTIVE - the REAL Origin of Symbol: To Embed
- You into the DePHIne.

...ready to jitterbug in to the origin of the language flow-er.
When that origin of H-ibi-uru tetra symmetry cookbook for hex
hive mind.. (tetra-helical DNA is without ensouling pent Implosion-Golem):

..but-- re-pent and be saved - and you become (see Toroidal DNA)

Becoming compressed (from cube-oct to dodec icos) the language
flower Implodes into Ophanim
-Enochian ..
/ Greek
Orion Star Gate (Antarean Conversion)..

(from Ophanim
-Enochian ..)
"Basic symmetry set
alignment and dimensional projection of geometric forms are accomplished
by the Hebrew language operations. The Hypercube, and its dual
the 16-cell, become the basic building block of the entire structure.
The combination of Hebrew and Ophanic produce the dodecahedron
of the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. The faces of this dodecahedron
become the twelve gates through which the Elemental Tablets, the
Aethyrs and the Governors are organized. The dodeca also organizes
the 7/5 spin imparted by the Sigil of Truth and the phi ratios
of the Holy Tablet. The Tablet of Union forms the icosahedron
that contains, or unifies, the other forms

(how would you inhabit/branch
into tornado steering
/ physics by Phi cycles?)

compare the same spiral (origin of symbol = skill to embed) in
Sanskrit (below)

New book"Convergence of Science and Spirituality"
- Chapter
6 Ether/Vortex/Implosion&Gravity
and Chapter
9 Emotions/Heart Coherence& DNA
- focus largely on Dan
Winter's Implosion physics: (...Dan {it}"brought me to a
general understanding of your theories")..

from Ian Smith <>, Monday, May 16,
2005 -

to Dan Winter - After ready many mystic science books like; "The
field" "mysticism in the new science", "hidden
messages in water", and "The Tao of physics" I'm
finally starting to comprehend the majority of the information
provided on your site. What brought me back you your site again
was this website - Souls of Distortion Awakening;
, which briefly explains many of the "Fringe" ..theories
according to the conventional physicists;
like the work of
John Hutchison, sacred geometry in science, The new ether science,
and your theories of PHI and the concept of an atom being comprised
of many whirls and vortexes of this ether... His simplified overview
of your theories was a HUGE help...He explains it in regular english,
without the advanced technical jargon which brought me to a general
understanding of your theories.

What I'm confused about is how the anu fits into your theory of
the atom...Is the vortex donut a vortex of tiny little bubbles
of Anu? Or is the Anu a representation of the a vortex donut?

The discovery of Blue ultraviolet light in the body is really
interesting...Have you heard of the book "The magus of Java",
its about a Nei-kung master who could, through the use of Yin
and Yang (actual physical energies) could light things on fire,
absorb energy, heal, etc. The master could perform a trick, extracting
the Yang energy from his body and shoot through a ping pong ball
to light it up like a light bulb....The color of the energy was
blue! Maybe Yang is the electromagnetic energy that is stored
within the DNA of our bodies...With energies of Yin, energy could
apparently be dissipated...With Yin, a bullet from a gun would
never hurt you because of the total loss of energy when travelling
through Yin...The only possible explanation for this phenomena
is Zero point...Zero point is the only field in which energy dissapears...I
think The hutchison effect is somehow correlated with Yin and
Yang also..." end inquiry letter...

6 Ether/Vortex/Implosion&Gravity
and Chapter
9 Emotions/Heart Coherence& DNA
from the new book:"Souls
of Distortion Awakening: A Convergence of Science and Spirituality
by Jan Wicherink, (beautiful pdf or online ebook all free download
) mentioned above- very large portions of which are dedicated
to explaining Dan Winter's PHI IMPLOSION theory of Gravity and
. As suggested above it
is a very gratifying and helpful simplication - and largely really
good work - - -

however one huge error needs to be mentioned: late in the book
the author suggests it was Stan Tenen who discovered the Golden
Mean Spiral is the origin of Alphabets. In the hundred thousand
pages or so of Stan Tenen's Hebrew zealot free lawyer generated
US Federal court unethical harassment of Dan Winter- which resulted
in PI THE MOVIE (Dan's
picture on their web site) - and US
(Jewish biased)
Federal court in shocking defiance of the
first amendment making EVERYTHING WINTER WRITES illegal in America?!
- Tenen clearly and repeatedly claims his only notion of alphabet
origin is his cheap piece of jewelry - which he admits has NO
EQUATION or mathematics- and he insists is DEFINITELY NOT BASED
! Here is the unpublished side of that court
case which bankrupted Winter- in the usual justice goes to who
can afford it - which Tenen tried desparately to prevent you from

In summary - Winter was the first to discover the Golden
Mean spiral (charge embedding = to symbolize) is the origin of
He was also first to map the equations, and first
to animate that. (If Tenen has changed his tune since- it is only
further evidence of his lack of credibility). Observe Winter's
original Golden Spiral on donut map equation - referenced by the
DODECA - Poincare's symmetry for gravity's origin - creating alphabet
(below gifmation). These are the 2d shadows of the only charge
compression symmetry which can feed the dodeca based DNA- the
only map to sustainability : alphabet of symmetry of charge domains
(genetics software). Here is the special web site read by millions
- (
) dedicated to the controversy - where independant mathematician's
verify Dan's equations and re-create his animations in breathtaking
interactive (give
the donut a throw and see if you can land the spiral flame letter
'cave wall' shadow of the wave guide into the mind of the ancient
) online Java.-"Angle-ish"
(how would you inhabit/branch
into tornado steering
/ physics by Phi cycles?).

same Golden Spiral for embedding and steering into the wormhole
throat of Tornadoes/ vortex / string (ALL of physics) + (charge) Compression in general
matter creation from energy)

when indexed by the dodeca approach angles - creates (Gravity
-- and

ANGLE-ish English (Arabic / Roman ) 'light spiral' writing (alphabet

Alphabet and symbol making create psychokinesis (charge compression=matter

by teaching EMBEDDING ( non-destructive compression).

We have shown in several hundred international
conference settings
now - the simple visual series which convinced
anyone willing to look (from physicists of CERN to cardiology
doctorates from Arizona) - that arranging a charge field into
a pine cone like fractal symmetry is DIRECTLY able to help
a seed germinate
, revolutionize
, help
a human experience bliss
/ creativity
+ peak experience
. AND this symmetry for capacitive
charge is directly able to convert voltage to gravity and the
. Self-similarity for charge is the CAUSE of gravity
because only that CONSTRUCTIVE (by Golden recusion) interference
of phase (waves of charge) velocities - CONVERTS compression IN
to acceleration (called gravity). This (charge self-similar enabled
collapse being the CAUSE of gravity) is not only the only possible
PRACTICAL solution
to the unified field
- it immediately suggests the correct
mathematics approach (identify self awareness / birth of LIFE-
in oscillations emerging from chaos by spectral harmonics in Golden
Ratio multiples - ref
, ref 2
, ref 3 ).

The appalling arrogance of Western science to ignore these
simple wave mechanic rules (which frequently are explained back
to me by school children once they learn them) - creates some
stark and horrible and death creating blanks in western knowledge-
for example:

1. no information to teach why an object falls to the ground.
(self similar charge compression constructive wave velocity interference
- producing acceleration / gravity- creates 'suction' thru light

2. no information to teach what (capacity field / all shareable
biological memory ) of DNA
survives death (by compression/acceleration )

3. no information to teach what in the FIELD (electrical
pattern) makes a seed grow.

4. no information to teach what electrical
pattern ignites BLISS
and DNA to sustainability / immortality.

5. no information to teach what is the only sustainable
path thru the speed of light. And yet it is MORTAL (fatal) for
anything in biology to be condemned to remain below light speed
. (Because this collapse compression spin path to acceleration
in DNA is measureably
the only way to take memory / charge -your 'KA'- thru death
This is why every living protein is based on pent PHI recursion
symmetry - because LIFE REQUIRES this superluminal connection
- intimately necessary to understand the physics behind the childlike
human concept of SOUL .

One starkly absurd notion resulting from such confusion
is Einstein's patently wrong idea that anything which approaches
the speed of light goes to infinite mass. Charge which is compressed
in Golden Mean wave interference (what a pine cone, + a blissful
EKG or EEG does) actually takes it's inertia COHERENTLY thru the
speed of light with ZERO resistance!

6. no information on what DNA is FOR - on the scale of stars
for example. (It is designed to create and stabilize the gravity
ultimately to sustain star birth and orbital mechanics). 22 Extra
terrestrial cultures aggressively competing for the incredibly
powerful and valuable political position of administrators of
the galaxies most diverse genetic library (Earth's) - more valuable
than gold. ( story:
) . And guess what - Earth's present human culture has no chance
to even apply for the role! Specifically because - lead by their
arrogant and stupid Western Science - they do not have a clue
what DNA is even for - or why it is valuable! ( Gravity making
and steering -the key to stabilizing biology on nascent planets
- as well as star navigating - is about the most high paying job
among the evolved in those 'ET' cultures.)

7. no information on what compression symmetry (fractal)
could allow Earth's human
+ human
urban design
- to survive upcoming Solar maxima.

8. no information on how to design a temple / a home / a
farm to fabricate FERTILITY and BLISS - electrically.

9. no information on the biophysics of what created alphabets
(ref 1,
ref 2) - ( symbolizing
is created embedding- that which allows a cell to take inside
-RE-PRESENTING - what was outside).

and therefore

10. no information on the true deep meaning of ancient sacred
texts in every tradition ( symmetry
ingredients to ignite DNA
to implosive immortalizing charge

For example - earlier we demonstrated by equation - that
the Golden Spiral
(perfected charge compression=symbol-making)
mapped on the torus donut (shape of all field effect) casts
shadows when viewed from a tetra cube - was the origin in principle
of the "Hebrew" alphabet.
) This proved that the REAL 'Bible Code' was not just a flat
sum of numbers per letter added - but rather the actual quantum
mechanics of a 3 dimensional map for non-destructive nesting ('touch
permission = word making') of field effects - to program creation
of matter from charge. Sadly - as the Hebrew tradition proves
- limiting the symmetry of charge donut domains to the symmetry
of a tetra cube ('The Matrix') - Hebrew letters - when used as
the software environ for genetic engineering makes only a soul-less
Golem. This is because tetra-helical arrayed DNA codons have no
implosion therefore no soul
( more at
). The Annunaki / Sumerian culture from Sirius was rooted
in interventionist genetic engineering : 'Genesis'. .

By raising the number of views of the same spiral on the
same donut to the symmetry shadows of Dodeca and Pent - (Implosion)
- the higher alphabets - Ophanim / Greek and roots of Arabic /
Anglish are created.
) . In this way cultures could be taught the charge symmetry
of what COULD be made sustainable and immortal - as waves enter
the slip knot rope of DNA
) . Alphabet letters - as the only (symmetry) access to
the immortalizing implosive fire in the throat of DNA - are the
only way in and out of history (wave sustainability). With this
symmetry view, Western genetic engineers might finally get a clue
to what gives life and soul to DNA.

So - it becomes clear when we see the - relation
of Sanskrit to Hebrew:

The 3 superscript commas
used over the Hebrew letters
(crownlets 'Taggin' on
the letters in the Torah) to
indicate your relative view from the symmetry axes of the cube
(the 'Matrix'
- 3X3X3 matrix = 27 letter Hebrew alphabet) - became the vertical and horizontal
bar ('The Cross') lines in Sanskrit - which when removed leave
the same alphabet (from Alpha Draconis* - where the Caste system
genetic laws orignate). Releasing yourself from the 'Matrix' -
getting up off your cross - in flatland - requires consuming this
perspective. Each alphabet letter is a shadow on the wall of ('flatland'
)the cave - you get up off your cross when you see - E pluribus
Unun- From Many: ONE.

(* Alpha Draconis
whose star map geometry becomes the design for Ankor Wat, Senshi
Chinese Pyramids, for the Arabic letter 'eL'- whose flag star
triangles shadow of cube matrix becomes Isreal, whose genetic
laws become Caste system, & aboriginal law, and whose D-Raa--
Kaa-n -, dragons become the center of most of family genetic crest
in Europe. See also their triangular shaped star craft mentioned
below ).

The 'Matrix' - the traditional
Hebrew ( H'ibiUru ) alphabet -
the soul eating design for Jewish 'religion' to feed hapless human
souls to Enlil / Yalweh's hungry ghost - story at
. Beware of these fallen Saraphim 'Nephalim' - 'Flame Letter'
worshippers like Keys of Enoch's Hurtak (who wouldn't know an
Enochian letter
if it bit him )- who tell you with beady eyes that don't unfold
- to obey a HIERARCHY !

The REASON the tetra/cube
(design of Hebrew alphabet) is a prison - is the cube is NOT inherently
compressible. (Internal wave harmonics interfering with each other
create cancellation- incubeation). In the Dodeca / pent ( language
) symmetries
( of Ophanim, Greek, Arabic -
) - internal (Golden Ratio perfected self-similarity)
wave interference is all constructive (non-destructive). This
produces perfect
, collapse,
fusion, implosion, awareness
, ensoulment/bliss for DNA.


Is Your Knot-Slipping? (more below)

Do you sometimes wonder how to keep your knot from slipping? You
would knot want to slip would you?



click for Frank's Interactive Spinable Java
, from-

7 spin symmetry arrows spinning simultaneously in the tetra. Related -7 arrows article, knotslipping article, 12 strands article,

Origin gravity=Origin symbol(alphabet): charge embedding / perfecting compression /as indexed by charge absorbtion in DNA! (see gravity in DNA at )..

from Theory of everything - forum Gravity code:phi self similar charge collapse/compression

self similarity (phi induced) charge symmetry: the CAUSE of gravity -constructive charge wave interference of wave VELOCITIES turns compression of charge into acceleration of charge? - discussion , Recursive capacitance creates gravity - see , Self similar (fractal) charge collapse has to be why, (Einstein knew infinite compression of charge = gravity, he did not know fractality = infinite compression.

Grand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Recursion -

Phi recursion in this view is the OPPOSITE of broken symmetry, assymmetry in one axis is the CAUSE of piezoelectricity

unless you see that helicity is MORE symmetry, similar to recursion.. see grail animation- ,

Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Recursion and Quantum Gravity

(the title, the concept, and the pictures are taken mostly from Dan Winter)#"This site is dedicated to a purely mathematical description of Phi recursion and Phi recursive based forces of nature including those of Quantum Gravity and the Unified Field.

as discussed at

Question from - zarkorgon: On page 30 of Dan Winters book, Earthheart, filename 'FIRSTBK.PDF', a series of letters are shown within a triangle (tetrahedron) or square. These letters are also foudn through out many of the Winter related web pages. The letters have two or three numbers associated with them, these numbers are stated to be x,y,z coordinate values.Questions; What exactly are these coordinate values and how are they derived specifically? What is the max range value of these coordinate values? There are negative and positive coordinate integer values, what do the positive ones indicate as opposed to the negative ones? How can I replicate an experiment to reproduce this phenomenon? My guess is that the coordinate values are rotational positions of the triangular faces of a given tetra, or is this representing a 3 way axis of light beaming into the form, being rotated at different angles?

From dan winter - the 3 angular to the computer spiral shadows are x, y,z angular rotation, simply the relative tilt angles to GET to the 7 spin symmetries of the tetrahedron. They are more accurate in the actual animations here (in the original text in the book they are approximate) The useful physics is to apply those angles to how the 4 dna codons nest (tetra) to index WHICH charge domain can be absorbed by DNA- thus naming all memories (charge domains) which biology can store.

The reason the letter P is the 0,0,0 center position on all x,y,z axis pinwheels (rotations) is that is the shadow of the golden mean spiral on the torus mobius which is straight down (the hebrew letter P is simply the golden spiral- originally) ..perhaps it is better to call it x,y,z axis angular rotation - as opposed to the more general'movement'. Altho there we did express angular rotation in degrees, the equation I did - for golden spiral math mapping topology (on torus) is more elegant in radian (2pi) measure...

Intro the the

When you consider the origin
of alphabet
(donut field entry angle indices) -- think of
this note in John
: "Didn't Tipler say there was no event horizon?

TimeTravel_0 : No..he said it was possible to approach a massive
gravitationl field from certain angles and not get squished.

In order to better visualize the origin of the alphabet
we present the follow 30 or so pages in pictorial form from "IMPLOSION:
Secret Science of Ecstsy and Immortality: book (avail in pdf of
web ) from


Knot Slipping - Into the Coeur of DNA-Alphabet
of Genes!

IF a charge slip knot can be compressed
into the throat of DNA -

that is the origin of symbol (the Alphabeta of the Symmetry of
Genes?) -

AND the ONLY way anything in biology becomes immortal?

Is Your Knot-Slipping?


Could this tetra compression 7 axis model

first step-Tetra co-defining a 7-colour spin coupled

-The seven symmetry angles of a tetrahedron perfectly
reveal a profoundly hidden 7- fold symmetry map on a spin-coupled
toroidal surface.

reason why 7 color map must codefine 7 spin tetra axes:

+max compression of charge produced sustainability for
each particle

+ compression in hydrodynamics for flow requires:

1 toroidal result

2. max superposed axes of symmetry


result: charge symmetry map produced


heart muscle

heart of sun

origin hebrew


click to start animation

Tetra symmetry co-defining
a 7-colour spin coupled toroid

a clue to the sacred physics
of the mechanical world?

The seven symmetry angles of a tetrahedron
reveal a profoundly hidden 7- fold symmetry map on a spin-coupled
toroidal surface.

The tetra can be thought of as the sumtotal
symmetry of mechanical principle. The toroid here embodies the
transformation between ROTATIONAL INERTIA vs the CETRIPEDAL
INERTIA (Gravity) - 'translation of vorticity optimized by Phi'.
Their mutual (co-defining) physics can be thought of as
the (only) sustainable symmetry of non-destructive charge interaction
between the two. Together they form the general physics blueprint
of all unit life (the esoteric "Anu"), atomic, cosmic
or biological, and more specifically that of conscious perception
of a mechanical world.



Imagine that
what we call "biology" is the way the mechanical world
invented how to build a toroidal charge vector thruster device
using molecules. DNA is the device biology used to store this
compression into a 'holy communion' / IMPLOSION or burning fountain
of charge at it's core. DNA (and every protein alive - is pent)
TOP VIEW: (mechanism of IMPLOSION's
Grand Attractor



The ONLY tilting angle of the toroid
relative to the tetra for which it works, is the angle prescribed
by the orientation of both the toroid and the tetra inside golden
mean projective geometry (icosa-dodeca "implosion"
physics). This is the hub of cosmic creation. In this, case,
the spiral map on the surface of the toroid shows the ideal coupling
of rotational and toroidal momentum as defined by the Golden
Mean projective physics, in the form of seven spiraling charge


Two ways to store memory in a compressible
medium: A) spin vector thruster and B) charge vector thruster.
If the geometry is optimized, the result in both cases is the
same and the physics of the mechanical world merges back into
its primary cause.

This dual aspect of the toroid, the
coupled spin geometry and the surface thrust geometry, makes
it function as the archetypal shape and operative principle of
going in and out of mechanical creation, which is the true physics
of life force and individual perception.

This is how the 7-colour
toroid map looks when unfolded

Below are the SEVEN main symmetry arrows through the

vertices of the tetra, accurately touching the symmetry centres

of sustainable charge projection on the toroidal surface...

Article: 7
Arrows of the Heart and 7 Colors of the Rainbow, from the Hydrodynamics
of the Perfect Ink 'Drop'?

Toroidal donut shaped ink drop in free fall in laminar
folded coherent (sacred) water self organizes into the 7 symmetry
arrows of the tetra...

suggesting the physics of color in why the photon donut
self organizes into the 7 colors of the rainbow when passing thru
the compression sorting - 'traffic jam' of the prism.

see the white light where they overlap...

Alphabet of the Heart manuscript at
It would also be important to see
the original pics on the fusion symmetry slip knot map which is
the heart of hydrogen / ANU, the human heart and the Heart of
the Sun..

This helps introduce what happens on the 7th recursive
superposed piezoelectric (phonon
wave of BLISS
induced) BRAID of DNA.

(thread to string to rope to fat rope to very fat rope etc.) :

7 Arrows, 7th Seal, 7th Sign, and Septuagesima... The Re-Ept-EL
of SSS Ept - DNA Turns Inside Out and YOU get
a Soul..

( called BOSON 7 in the DNA power spectra predicting time travel
ability at Montauk - called Chloridians in DNA in Star Wars -

The Dodeca
(4th Dimension for a cube) stair which is
the THREAD your DNA begins with is a 5th axis of spin - add 7
more - you have 12 SUPERPOSED SPIN AXES - or 'threads' in your

Ref: + The
RING in DNA - Genetically Going in Circles May Eventually Turn
You Inside OUT!-the academic view on CIRCULAR DNA

+ How's
The Radiance of Your Magnetic X "Designer Genes" Today?

+ SuperConductant
DNA vs. Braiding and "Soul" Making

+ Real
Mystery of LORD OF THE RING - Explained - DNA becomes Source of

..but-- re-pent and be saved -
and you become (see Toroidal DNA) RINGlord..

Becoming compressed (from cube-oct to dodec icos) the language
flower Implodes into Ophanim
-Enochian ..
/ Greek
Orion Star Gate (Antarean Conversion)..

(from Ophanim
-Enochian ..)
"Basic symmetry set
alignment and dimensional projection of geometric forms are accomplished
by the Hebrew language operations. The Hypercube, and its dual
the 16-cell, become the basic building block of the entire structure.
The combination of Hebrew and Ophanic produce the dodecahedron
of the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. The faces of this dodecahedron
become the twelve gates through which the Elemental Tablets, the
Aethyrs and the Governors are organized. The dodeca also organizes
the 7/5 spin imparted by the Sigil of Truth and the phi ratios
of the Holy Tablet. The Tablet of Union forms the icosahedron
that contains, or unifies, the other forms

So- if we apply this to the origin of ALPHABETS (origin of all
symbol). The process of discovering which approach angles for
charge fields or donuts would allow insertion / non-destructive
compression- into the "Burning Fountain"
(see the
book on origin of language by this title- author: Wheelright)
which is the charge core of the THROAT OF DNA. - "We knew
that - to symbolize IS to EMBED - NOW we know to embed in where!
(DNA implosive center)"

So the only origin of symbol that ever existed (ability
to embed) was the symmetry alphabet to allow charge (all biologic
memory) to enter into the throat and braid determination of DNA.
This makes sense - because no biologic event has any ability to
become sustainable / or cause to enter history UNLESS IT IS RECORDED


-above- in the top Pent view - we have the TOP DOWN VIEW

AND the top down view of the origin of Alpabet Letters!

"Angle-ish" (how would
you inhabit/branch
into tornado steering
/ physics by Phi cycles?)

Now do you know why the i has a dot?
(Consume the perspective - leap off flatland - get up off your
cross-) Here is 1 unchanging golden mean spiral wrapped on the
self organizing donut - changing your point of view.

If you are interested in the deep geometric meaning of the origin
of alphabets -

and/or have read the
stupid lies Stan Tenen has been spreading for 10 years about Dan

He tries to create commercial value for his piece of jewelry -
without the pure principle of Phi /recursion. Tenen also does
not understand that being trapped in just his Hiburu Tetra (the
MATRIX) - is actually a loss of ensoulment (see how Golem are
made in Hebrew- tetra helix DNA does not implode or shine) - only
the Golden Spiral and pent allows the way out.

The origin of symbol is only the -Golden- wave geometry
of EMBEDDING - because that is what allows the outside - inside!

pinwheels (why do you see THE ORIGIN OF THE ALPHABET - AND - 7

of symbol: embedding yourself
into the center of psychokinesis
by tornado steering

(physics is no-thing if not wormholes)

and CONSUME THE PERSPECTIVE - the REAL Origin of Symbol: To Embed
- You into the DePHIne.

compare the same spiral (origin of symbol = skill to embed) in

If we remove the right angle bar (which presumeable serves the
same purpose as the 3 marks in Hebrew- to orient you with respect
to angle of the vortex contained in the referred Tetra/Cube) --
we see the same origin of language in Sanskrit. Namely- how to
find you way into the tornado on surface of donut.. Self-Organizing
- Compression Entry - How to sustain ANY wave - especially including
every wave (of charge) that IS biology - into Genetic compression.

Only dollars away from STEERING YOUR OWN TORNADOS!?



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