New FRACTAL Science of LIFE:University Lecture new films/press articles online with Dan Winter

New FRACTAL Science of LIFE:University Lecture new films online with Dan Winter

A New Science of Life: The Fractal Cause of GRAVITY, Life Force & Consciousness

- with Dan Winter - view the university film - online - in 2 parts...

University Presentation - Bogata, Columbia - Oct 23, 2007 -to view this film online> Part 1 - Part 2

to view this film online> Part 1 - Part 2

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This film with Dan Winter- is part of the second year - in the Invited Lecture Series at Universidad Nacional de Colombia- Department of Human Sciences - Oct 2007 - follow up to 2006 - lectures:


Response - 'Biologic Architecture' University Symposium- Mexico - was incredible. Government sent enviornment ministers, University sent Dept Heads. Magazine and new International Insitute "ARQKA" Announced. - more pics from Mexico Conference Online:

Then - on to Colombia:

The "New Science of LIFE" with Dan Winter - makes Colombia News..

Now-come join us Down Under in Australia..

(new additions to:) Why the Perfected FRACTAL "Phase Conjugation"-Perfect Constructive Wave Interference- is Measureably the very WAVE NATURE OF PERCEPTION ITSELF!: backgroup reading: The Constructive Aspect of Visual Perception: A Gestalt Field Theory Principle of Visual Reification Suggests a Phase Conjugate Mirror Principle of Perceptual Computation Steven Lehar - Abstract Many Gestalt illusions reveal a constructive, or generative aspect of perceptual processing where the experience contains more explicit spatial information than the visual stimulus on which it is based.ÿy´ The experience of Gestalt illusions often appears as volumetric spatial structures bounded by continuous colored surfaces embedded in a volumetric space. These, and many other phenomena, suggest a field theory principle of visual representation and computation in the brain. That is, an essential aspect of neurocomputation involves extended spatial fields of energy interacting in lawful ways across the tissue of the brain, as a spatial computation taking place in a spatial medium. ÿy´The explicitly spatial parallel nature of field theory computation offers a solution to the otherwise intractable inverse optics problem; that is, to reverse the optical projection to the retina, and reconstruct the three-dimensional configuration of objects and surfaces in the world that is most likely to have been the cause of the two-dimensional stimulus. -...´The principle of nonlinear wave phenomenaÿy´ and phase conjugate mirrors is invoked as a possible mechanism.

more background: A Practical Usage of Phase Conjugate Sound for Physical Stress Relief (reference Tom Bearden - Betar)

Fractal Cosmology GAINING Acceptance?:

Fractal Cosmology: Denies the Big Bang theory and claims that the universe is of infinitely replicated fractal structure.

Fractal Cosmology -A SELF-Similar Cosmological Paradigm-Successful Predictions/Retrodictions · Selected Papers · Example of Stellar/Atomic Self-Similarity ... - Compare to discussion: evidence that the electron shells are precisely self-similar to their nucleus- causing the constructive charge collapse called gravity (dan winter)-

Fred Rost is an Emeritus Professor at the University of New South Wales and probably the only Australian Cosmologist working on ‘Fractal Cosmology’

Mandelbrot Cosmology -A Fractal Cosmology based upon the Mandelbrot Set, and an excursion into the significance of Fractals and Mathematics, and their relevance in Physics.

Fractal cosmology in an open universe: The fractal is a perturbation to an open cosmology in which the leading homogeneous component is the cosmic background radiation (CBR).


From Fractal Cosmography to Fractal Cosmology- This fractal cosmology is obtained by arguments closely following those used in standard cosmology. citations?


Challenge to Science: Dan Winter & Implosion Group>Throw down the gauntlet to the Science Community.

Proof: Fractality CAUSES Gravity.. Mathematic Solutions - Financial Prize Offered.

Dan Winter's thesis is that Fractal self similarity optimized by Golden Ratio - is the cause / condition of constructive charge collapse - and therefore the CAUSE and condition of GRAVITY. He predicts that the reason compression of electric field inertia can become acceleration of that field - equivalent to GRAVITY - is because Golden Ratio allows the constructive addition and multiplication of the wave phase velocities.

In order to prove fractality is the cause of gravity, Dan Winter and the Implosion Group - are offering a significant monetary reward - and promise of serious recognition to any scientist who provides a publishable proof - as listed below. Specifically - we offer an initial reward of NOT LESS THAN $500 - plus a committment to serious potential commercial interest and real recognition in scientific literature - for a solution to ANY and EACH of the following CHALLENGES TO SCIENCE:

1. Dan Winter's theory requires that the reason and extent to which atoms have a gravity field is that their nuclear geometry is SELF SIMILAR or fractal to their electron shell geometry. Discussion and pictures:

The challenge: Provide publishable serious mathematic evidence that the radius (wave length) of the major nuclear hadron (proton / neutron) positions (in at least one or several significant types of atoms), are in accurate golden ratio / octave multiples of the radii of that atoms major electron shells. ( as per the link above). If possible (but not necessarily required for the reward) - provide related evidence that the transfer of charge into and out of that atom - is optimized by Golden Ratio multiples of those internal structural wavelengths. - and / or that the amount of gravity in an atom or any significant massive body - generally stays in proportion to its amount of electric fractality.

2. Dan Winter's theory requires that the charge field inertia (any particle or field) leaving significant centers of gravity emerges at Golden Ratio multiples times the speed of light. Some have suggested that Professor Ray Chiao, , has shown Golden Ratio multiples times the speed of light -- but no one has recognized that as key to the creation of gravity from electric fields.

Challenge: provide significant mathematic and or experimental evidence that centers of gravity emit radiation at Golden Ratio multiples times C the speed of light. This would evidence that internal Golden Ratio wave structure is the cause / condition of that massive body having gravity stability.

3. Golden Ratio solar system: has provided significant mathematic evidence that Golden Ratio is the key geometry factor in the arrangement of the major planets of our solar system. This indicates Kepler was right to look for the platonic solids nest in planetary orbitals. Little did they guess this was the cause of gravity.

The Challenge: provide significant mathematic and or experimental evidence that the solar system requires the Golden Ratio geometrics in order to stabilize her gravity (for example that each time major solar system masses are pushed out of Golden Ratio, their gravity field stability is reduced significantly.). Thus further evidencing that Golden Ratio is the cause of gravity.

4. The cover of Nature Magazine announced THE UNIVERSE IS FRACTAL - while the cover of Science magazine announced THE UNIVERSE IS DODECAHEDRAL.

The CHALLENGE: Provide evidence that the stellated dodecahedron (dodeca/ icosa) is the optimum 3 dimensional fractal for electric fields. If possible (not necessarily required) - provide further mathematic / experimental evidence that this is also the essential geometry of Poincare S3 symmetry associated with gravity, and possibly Cabali Yau , and probably - that this is the reason for the major 26 string theory hypothesis- namely that the 26 holes the the ZOME dodec/ icos symmetry (6dodec axis + 7 tetra=13*2) are the reason for the 26 string model. Discussion: ,

Note Dan Winter - was probably first to publish (book"One Crystals Dance") that the x,y,z coordinate of every node in an infinite dodeca/ icosa nest is a simple whole number multiple of Golden Ratio. Indicating that distance to centerline (x,y z) remains in Phi proportion - thruout it's scale invariance - clearly for quantum mechanical reasons of constructive charge interference: the implosion of charge called Gravity.

5. Coherence: Measuring internal phase coherence in the heart and brain - has been and continues to be a breakthru in the teaching of emotional coherence and bliss. I am somewhat recognized for inventing the term heart coherence ( ) - because I have showed how it is measured - in a practical way - creating the HeartTuner and BlissTuner. I use a second order power spectra call Cepstrum. It is clear by inspection and commercially useful - biofeedback that we are measuring Heart Coherence. However to further develop this service- "Emotional Coherence" is your opportunity to create the field of your world- we need more proof. So:

The CHALLENGE: Provide further publishable mathematic / experimental evidence - that the amplitude of the primary peak of the cepstrum measures internal phase coherence ( particularly in lo frequency application). : discussion - with academic references:

6. DNA. Evidence abounds that the central geometric factor in DNA is Golden Ratio. What has not been made clear is the (gravity making) electric reason - why this is so. Peter Gariev's measurements of DNA fabricating black hole like (gravity making) electric phenomenon ( as popularized by Fossar Bludorf and myself) - have not been taken seriously or replicated. (Admittedly the field effect and high frequency conditions for his experiments are difficult to replicate - not to mention what a way to scare the hell out of world governments- military budgets are immediately obsolete).

Plus -the angles allowing gravity making and ensouling - DNA recursive braiding- and (fractal implosive) field 'donut' charge absorption by tilt angle - are clearly the origin of our most psychokinetic and ubiquitous alphabets ( , , ). To use this knowledge to save our species - we need to prove how DNA makes more gravitational centering force - particularly during the charge absorbing and immortalizing electric conditions of HUMAN BLISS- so:

The CHALLENGE: Provide significant publishable mathematic or experimental evidence of the electric importance of Golden Ratio to DNA structure. Ideally this would take the form of:

a) meassured Golden Ratio in DNA emissions by power spectra - in any bandwidth ( we suspect phonon, elf, rf, infra red, uv and microwave - are all signifant in the mechanics of the DNA radio called collective unconscious ).

b) evidence that DNA's stability and or growth / charge absorption - is optimized in a Golden Ratio / fractal electric field (the real definition of organic materials - and essence of biologic architecture -

c) that genetic engineers damage DNA if they fail to check it's field COHERENCE and Golden Ratio emissions - after they mess with it (insult it's intelligence).

Submissions for the reward to: ,

Judgement time - 2-3 months. We commit to involving other physicists in our 'fractal field' group- in the judging process.

hot off press: First English Translation here, currently being released to mutiple global media forms - from- Nexus Germany publication- "FRACTALITY-Revolutionizing the Teaching of Science and Spirituality & Science and Consciousness" by Dan Winter- pdf>

Implosion and Fractals: Breakthrough for Science of Spirituality & the Sacred, by Dan Winter- for magazine editors (release of English version) - see link for the english text.. next we reprint exerpts from the newly updated



Redefining the FIELDS of Healing, Peacemaking, Genetic Self Organization, Bliss, Energy Science.

.new reprint below from-Brainsturbator Dot Com

Our Fractal Universe: A Sneak Peek at the New Cosmology-

FRACTALITY: The ONLY Electric Symmetry which Self Organizes Out of Chaos-

Causing Gravity- Required for and Forming - LIFE and MIND

A Billion or so Years of Evolution-Nature found the symmetry for LIFE - from DNA- to plants to people to galaxies - they are all GOLDEN RATIO based FRACTAL! This (perfected compression) creates perfected DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGE- 'the fractal field'. How could ANY biophysicist today imagine there could be any other electrical definition for LIFE ITSELF! And yet - look how the stupid humans build clothes, houses, cities today - the CHARGE FIELD is not fractal ... so people DIE!

This web site is based on one simple yet entirely revolutionary, testable and TEACHABLE concept- that FRACTAL or non-destructive (golden ratio optimized / implosive) CHARGE COMPRESSION is the essential symmetry and CAUSE of all: 1. mass creation, 2. gravity, 3. biology, 4. healing, 5. self organization from chaos, 6. symbol making, 7. consciousness, and 8. all BLISS / PEAK EXPERIENCE / ENLIGHTENMENT.

 The FRACTAL FIELD - Revolutionary Research Frontier - with Radically Powerful Solutions to Virtually ALL Major Global Issues:

-Why the Perfected FRACTAL "Phase Conjugation"-Perfect Constructive Wave Interference- is Measureably the very WAVE NATURE OF PERCEPTION ITSELF!:

- Why the Physics of the Vacuum is FRACTAL

- Why the Universe is FRACTAL




- How Fractality Predicts The PATH (into DNA) SEEN DURING DEATH EXPERIENCE

How FRACTALITY is the Ultimate Scientific Definition of HOLY GRAIL in the Blood: Fractal Path of Charge into DNA

- How Fractality in DNA is the 'UR'igin of Ancient "Dragon" Languages

- Fractal Origins of COLOR


- The FRACTAL FRIDGE: Example of Using Fractality to Concentrate Life Force

- FRACTALITY Describes the Electric Physics of Bliss Ecstasy and Enlightenment:

- FRACTALITY -SOLUTION TO OBESITY- because FRACTALITY is the way charge density electrically triggers digestion (metabolic rate is the result of electric field fractality). (step barefoot on 'sacred' or fractal ground -and you burp- digestion is triggered by the electric field of your environment).

Original Article Set:1. Peacemaking: How The FRACTAL FIELD Can Make Teaching PEACE Into a New and Powerful SCIENCE - more:

2. Agriculture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Revolutionize Farming by creating Phase Conjugate Environment which properly allow DNA to Communicate and Thrive electrically - more: , and

3. Architecture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReInvent Architecture now that the Principle of Building a BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR Allows us to Create Structure to Truly Create Healing and Bliss in Biology - more:

4. Genetics: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReDefine Success in Genetic Research / and Engineering - based on ReDefining DNA COHERENCE, and DNA 'Radio', and DNA Ability to Absorb and Radiate the Electric Field of LIFE! - more: , and ,

5. Psychology of BLISS / Ecstasy and PEAK EXPERIENCE: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows Us Now to Define, Measure and most of all TEACH - Peak Experience , Bliss, Ecstasy - True Enlightenment - more:

6. Urban Design: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Re-Invent URBAN DESIGN Based on Fractal Charge Compression- to Attract People, Money, Charge and LIFE FORCE Back into Urban Design- more: ,

7. Weather / Climate / Rainmaking: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Attract Rain - and Regulate Precipitation - more: , and The Yantra Pics at

8. Energy: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Allow Us to PROPERLY Use Charge Self-Similarity to COHERE and Couple the Gravity Field for Electric Charge - WITHOUT Destabilizing the Earth Grid - more : ,

How the (Phi) FRACTAL FIELD provides radical new solutions to GLOBAL WARMING: , and WHEN COLD FUSION gets COLD:

9. Another example of FRACTAL FIELD - self similar charge field -revolutionizing medicine..- note how Negative Ion Wind (a fractal field) radically sweeps infection and parasites from the body ( see: ref 1) -perfectly consistent with using fractality to measure ANY liquid's ability to support life ( ReDox Potential measure at ) and - measuring fractality in Air to find and measure life's electric signature ( see IGA at phaseconjugation link). + Fractal Field is Electrical Engineering Instructions for SUCCESSFUL DEATH! -

10.-FRACTALITY in the HEART-solution to EKG+ virtually ALL disease resistance: ,

11.-FRACTALITY in TIME (time=measurement of charge rotation) -charge systems emerge from chaos only this way-fractality (how to generate synchronicity): , Just as Bruce Cathie showed nuclear critical mass varied with grid position, in space AND time - fractality (constructive charge compression) is the OBVIOUS principle- so capacitors properly arranged in a golden spiral firing in TIME - WILL reduce critical mass! (sorry CIA - the principle of FRACTALITY {fear's opposite} is PUBLIC information).

+Fractality in the CELL: Bruce Lipton -of "Membrane Mediated Biology"+ "What the Bleep"- discusses how the cell membrane gets infinite surface area, infinite foldedness- (DW adds Harmonic Inclusive by Golden Ratio) and therefore potentially infinite information by getting FRACTAL- in his latest paper/book:"FRACTAL EVOLUTION: Since evolution is the modeling of the membranes awareness (related to its surface area), the efficiency of modeling provided by fractal geometry would most likely reflect that chosen by Nature. ..The point is that the fractal model predicts that evolution will be based upon a reiterated pattern of "structures nested within one another! More specifically, as it relates to a concept of Fractal Evolution, "the pattern of the whole is seen in the parts of the whole," this means that the pattern of the human is seen in the parts (cells) of the human. If one is aware of the pattern by which a cell is functionally organized, than one is also provided insight into the organization of a human. Consider this: the fractal images of smaller structures are miniatures of the larger whole. Therefore, while the structure of humans is a self-similar image of their own cells, the structure of human civilization would represent a self-similar structure of its component humans! Humans are a fractal image of society, cells are a fractal image of the human. In fact, cells are a fractal image of society as well. The fractal nature of evolution is further implied by the reiterated, self-same patterns observed in each of the three cycles of evolution."