The Fall Of The Petrolium Dollar {Petrol Dollar} And Probably The Euro In The Second Half Of 2011 Or The First Half Of 2012!

In the mid 1970's the U.S. Government made a deal with the major oil producing nations. The deal was that they would only sell oil for U.S. dollars. So, other nations had to exchange their currencies for dollars in order to buy oil. This is what lead to many of the export related strategies such as Japan's. In was far more economical to export to the U.S. and use the U.S. dollars to buy oil than it was to exchange their currencies for dollars. This gave the U.S. two advantages. Firstly, the U.S. could print money to buy oil and it's still printing money to buy oil. Higher pump prices? Why?:) Secondly, most of the profits of the major oil producing nations were reinvested in U.S. Treasuries and other segments of the U.S. market, i.e. property, the stock market, etc..

Sadam Hussain started selling oil for Euros and that is the real reason that the U.S. attacked Iraq. It is also the reason that France refused to support the U.S. led coallition's attack on Iraq. The attack on Iraq was a war crime; because, it was based on a lie.

Things have, however, changed. Deals are being made to sell oil in other currencies. All oil will be sold in a variety of currencies by the first half of 2012, probably before the end of 2011. Then everybody will completely rid themselves of U.S. Dollars. Some countries have rid themselves of U.S. Dollars already. The vast majority of foreign investments in the U.S. are being liquidated now.

The only thing supporting the U.S. Dollar is the Petrol Dollar deal. The Petrol Dollar deal is collapsing. When it finishes collapsing, probably before, the U.S. Dollar won't be worth the paper its printed on and hyper-inflation will begin.

Conventional wisdom is that the Euro will collapse first and then then the U.S. Dollar will collapse within three weeks or less. But, the Euro has a chance to hang on a little longer if it can become one of the major petrol currencies. Regardless, most of Europe, the U.S., and a few other countries are gone. In any case, I think that the U.S. Dollar will collapse before the Euro collapses. And, probably the Euro will collapse the next day.