B12 and Me

I haven't felt good for some time now. And come to find out its B12! Muscle pain and fatigue. Real pain, very low energy, brain fog(that was starting to get scary). Wow what a difference a vitamin makes. For about 3 days after my first shot, I felt like a teenager again! Hope I can convince my Doc to give me more then once a month, twice a week would be great.

Heavy Things

This isn't going to work. The stimulus package. The train has already crashed. Buying everyone another boarding pass is not going to help. And that's how I feel. So what does that mean to me, and my husband? There may be rioting this summer, on a scale never seen before. Once it starts, it may not quit till the Republic of The United States of America no longer looks anything like it did on February 14th of 2009. My life will be changed in a way I will not like, in a way I may not foresee. So I don't know if I'm really for Grapes of Wrath II.
I'm comfortable, I'm eating Godiva Chocolate. It was a Valentines gift from my husband. The house is warm, and the bills are paid. We both are employed. But we both feel the touch of death, as it is whispered about, in the collective, on the street. We hear it, my husband and I talk about it at night. We feel safe together, lucky to love each other so much. I don't think we'll really fear it too much. I just hope we keep it somewhat civil. I know I won't be the first to raise my hand against another. That's what I'm thinking about lately. Heavy things.

Being a Stoner Myself

I have been following the Michael Phelps Bong Pic Story. As if nothing else is going on in the world like a finacial meltdown, or anything. But I don't think MJ should be illegal.
Drink just about killed me, and MJ got me off about 10 different prescription pills a day, that may soon have killed me. And frankly its fun to smoke. IT IS FUN! And I hope for the day when the greatest harm it causes no longer involves being caught with it! But is getting the munchies.
But I saw this Blog Rant and had to pass it around...


Never Again? I guess it means; just for jews?

Since this is not making the news in America, I thought it should be passed along.


And medical care is also being denied.


I'm ashamed that my tax dollars are going to support this evil state, and the rest of the terror, my country the US is inflecting on the middle east. For oil, for profit. For the greater good of the corporation.

Mitt Romney and Paypal block NH vote recount.

Interesting connection. Some one calling in a favor indeed. Our country is just doomed. Personally Kucinich is the candidate I will be voting for in the primaries. But I wish to remind everyone out in the US to check out who is running for your state, local, and house of reps seats. These are just as important as the Presidental race, if not more so. Here's the story link. So how does your State "count" votes, and what can you do? Also Paypal credit in though GE, which owns NBC, which blocked Kucinich from the debates in Nevada! No candidate should be excluded.


Strike 9/11 Video

Here a video supporting the General Strike called for next Tuesday 9/11. Patriots Day here in the US. Don't Work. Don't Go To School. Don't Buy Anything!

See video


General Strike, Hitting The Streets.

This is a great opinion/apology that expresses how I feel about the National Strike on 9/11 of next week...

I have my plan for the day, and I'm not buying anything for some time to come. Cut them off were it hurts. MONEY. Because they have no balls.

P.S. My husband just called to tell me Steve Fossett and his plane are missing in Nevada. I hope he's alright. We love you and hope your found safe and sound! I worked with Steve back in the 80's at the CBOE a great man, genius, fun, always looking for the next adventure! Hang in there Peggy!

Update On General Strike, the Red, White and Blue Flu!

A General Strike has been called for September 11th, Patriot's Day. Don't work, don't go to school, don't buy anything. We can take our power back. The 2008 elections are to far away. And will all those new unconstitutional laws just disappear by themselves? Are the democrats any different, really? Don't delude yourself anymore. Wake up from your American Dream! The word is spreading. Just Google General Strike 911, National Strike 911. Or a variation of that, several pages of hits now. Let people know as your posting. And we, together can make it happen!


and a 100,000 more!

Don't work, don't go to school, don't buy anything!
Don't give this government anymore money or power!

National Strike! Red, White and Blue Flu.

September 10th and 11th. Red, White and Blue Flu, National Strike. Call in sick, take a vacation day. Maybe the car won't start? And nobody buy gas. Fill-up your car before hand, so you don't have too for those 2 days. Or take public transportation. The 10th and 11th of September. 2 days of slow downs and work stoppages. And no one buys gas! Its completely passive. We all seem to blog, and send messages to other people. So lets pass the note around the room.(But not at work) See what we can start. Sure beats signing another petition. Or calling your congressperson, begging them to do something. Here's our chance as American's to do something, by doing nothing!

And those of you around the world who would like to support this effort please don't buy any gas those 2 days!

P.S. Some "Progressive" site, like CommonDreams have started to remove posts for A National Strike. Seems their not that progressive! Portland Indy Media has a good set up. They even have a poster you can down load. Plus other info.
Thank You and spread the word!

Human Activity and Global Warming

Hi, back from 3 weeks in Alaska. It is vast and beautiful and much more then any travel show can give it credit. I have become fasinated by Capt. James Cook while up there and am reading up my on his voyages. Hopefully I will be able to put together a slide show of our travel very soon. We went from Anchorage, Seward, Denali, Fairbanks, through the Yukon Territory of Canada, to Skagway where we cruised on the Alaskan Marine Highway to Juneau, Sitka, and Ketichacan. We were on planes, trains, cars, and boats of every shape and size. I would encourage everyone to avoid the large cruise ships. All they do is polish you butt and make it bigger. Nor in many cases do they truly add much to the local economy. Thats from talking to and listening to locals.

The other thing I wish to mention is that for the most part. The natives and locals believe that our earth is changing. They have seen how the influx of people has changed their land, from the interior to the coast. Also in the last 10 years many areas have had much different weather. Some of which they can immediantely pinpoint as increased wind and heat, because of logging in the interior. More snow because of water temp. increase, and rising bacteria in coastal waters because of temp. increases again.

I see in reading resent posting many people are resistant and suspicious to the many signs around us. But our planet is special, because it is the only one we have. Our atmosphere is very thin, like varnish, laquered to the globe. Many of the chemical and pollutants we use will not break down in our life time or that of our children's, children. the oceans are changing, with increases in temp. and changes in salinity and acidity. These changes are happening very fast, in the scale of time, in our lifetime. One of the reasons Alaska still has salmon is that is has no Dams. And the very first legislation passed and signed into law when Alaska became a state was banning certain types of fishing that hurt salmon runs.

Yes our planet is in consent change. What we see now is only a moment in the history of this planet and the history of people. But we don't have to act in ignorance and instinct. We can change, we can live and nurture the humane race without using up the earth's resources. After seeing so much life and beauty. I wish to listen to it, and do what is tells me is right for it.

If you believe Global Warming is a hoax or religion, fine. But look at where you live and leave it better then you found it. I believe anything else is selfish and wrong. That is what I have seen and that is what I believe.