Hearken to Dave Harrison of Trade With Dave IT'S WHAT'S REALLY GOIN' ON!

In my previous blog MyTube or Hearken to Rumi's Reed Because It Doesn't Just Think as Blaise Pascal Points Out IT'S WHO WE REALLY ARE! I made some outlandish observations derived from weird personal experiences.

Fortunately you don't have to be batted about like a cosmic tennis ball to reach highly similiar conclusion if your Dave Harrison of Trade With Dave who in a sequence of emails very kindly presented me the following information about Gerald Pollack's 'pipe'

"I learned from Grigoro Perelman about the torus. The pipe is a torus.

"I started looking back on some companies and factories I ran. They are all based on a torus. Ricci flow with surgery on 3 manifolds. A coffee is a donut is a torus."

These links



This comment and this link

"The bow tie as a torus..."

And this observation

"And finally it is the torus that allows Gresham law to reverse, which will fulfill the Rothschild meme 'money is a technology'.

I warn you though this guy's seriously clever and some of his stuff'll test y'u but what he writes's like those cheesy munchy type things y'u keep tellin' y'self that's it that's the last one I've had enough but then y'immediately start in on another one.

Put it this way a few weeks back someone didn't like what he was sayin' so much they hacked his site and shut it down for several days.

The amazing thing is he's also seems to be endlessly startin' up developin' or runnin' several businesses at the same time I don't know how he does it!


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