MyTube or Hearken to Rumi's Reed Because It Doesn't Just Think as Blaise Pascal Points Out IT'S WHO WE REALLY ARE!

I'm over at Dave Harrison's Trade With Dave a site dedicated to trading an enormous wealth of wide ranging ideas as it to do with 'trade' and he's put up this Electric Universe Gerald Pollack lecture on his blog

Who Said Water & Electricity Don’t Mix?

As he puts it himself "watch this 30 minute video or simply go to the 29 minute mark."

[I'm putting up this shorter version of what appears to be the same lecture from the David Icke site primarily because the screen shot actually shows the tube Gerald Pollack's refers to].

And it's that tube which absolutely electrifies me.

Anyone who's at all familiar with me probably's aware I claim to be prone to weird experiences so much so at one stage I put myself in the hands of various psychiatric and neurology people literally quite prepared to undergo brain surgery if that was what it'd take to put a stop to it.

One of the sets of experiences I SEEM to undergo particularly at that time was something which I refer to as the Something periodically taking me into The Void which's this enormous region of dark empty space completely devoid of stars which's also PARTLY why I sometimes refer to it as the World Cave.

Anyway during one of these jaunts I suddenly found myself seemingly back in normal space ie there were now stars everywhere gazing down at this glowing moon like rocky planet the only difference being instead of craters it was covered all over by these sort of concrete like tubes of all different kinds of heights and sizes.

Now at this stage I hadn't got a clue what was supposedly goin' on until I heard my voice say as if in answer to something that Something'd said something to the effect "Where? I can't see any signs of life...!"

Again as if Something'd exhorted me to look harder I heard meself responding "Wha'? All those tubes emitting smoke they're forms of life? No way! I'm no' havin' that'!"

The moment these words left my lips this mental video of a man exhaling a stream of cigarette smoke played out before me and as I watched he suddenly flung his head back so his mouth was now the topmost party of his body and blew this ring of smoke directly in the air above him. "Oh my god" I heard meself gasping "It's true all we are is walking tubes!"

Over the years my understanding and appreciation of what that particular episode and all the data which seemed to be downloaded in me at the time was teaching me's grown enormously.

For instance when Rumi says

Hearken to the reed the flute that complains
Lamenting at its banishment from home
"Ever since they tore me from the osier bed..."

He's not I suggest talking figuratively. He's literally identifying us as regions of empty space within space itself which only SEEM separated from the fabric of the rest of space because our tubes're adorned with the human body which's in turn used to distract us from this situation.

When he says

But he who's separated from those who share the same tongue
Though he speaks with a hundred other voices he is actually dumb

He's suggesting our minds too should be permanently open regions of space through which and from which everything should effortlesly flow and emerge but which instead're constantly blocked up and filled with propaganda petty worries endless fears greed etc etc etc.

Ditto when he says

Arise O son and burst your bonds
Be free
How long will you allow yourself to be shackled by silver and gold?
Even if you managed to take the ocean into yourself
You could at best store its provisions for a day
The pitcher of the covetous is never filled by desire

He is I suggest claiming our attempts to permanetly hold onto things and claim possession of them by way of protecting ourselves from everybody and everything else plotting to do much the same thing not only cuts us off from our true heritage the entire universe but everyone and everything in it including ultimately ourselves.