Sodding Off Zardoz & Shaitan

I've been over at Mysterious Universe reading my hero Nick Redfern's UFOs, Clouds and Secret Experiments about an alleged mysterious Russian's claims in 1947 UFOs were down to secret Soviet esoteric hi-tech experiments and this was my response.

To me Nick this reads somewhat like what I call a Devil's Verse the original Verses of course being the supposed forgeries projected into Muhammed's consciousness by Shaitan pandering to his hope the Three Sisters he'd been brought up to worship as a kid could be adopted into the new religion as angels.

For instance at one point I myself experienced a highly detailed download which on hindsight resembled 911 but at the time I became possessed by the almost overwhelming imperative I had to do something about it until it suddenly occurred to me there was probably hundreds if not thousands of others receiving exactly the same stuff and anyway do what?

Another one was about Rupert Murdoch supposedly toying with the idea of setting up Tony Blair in a new political party and again there was this almost overwhelming compulsion to do something about putting a stop to it but by this time I'd learnt to let stuff like that wash over me.

I suspect though this sort of thing's much more common than people suppose because during the Eighties and Nineties I was periodically bombarded by this kind of 'propaganda' to the effect the world was inherently unfair and it had to be the case weaklings like kids the poor and young women got exploited abused raped or even murdered otherwise how would elites like the rich and the powerful thrive and have the strength and influence to steer the world to greater and greater achievements and on each occasion these broadcast'd always be accompanied by such a crushing devastating sense of the inevitability of it all I'd find myself going along with it until I'd suddenly think hang on these aren't even my thoughts and several people I've mentioned these experiences to've admitted to me "Oh my god that's exactly what kept happening to me but I thought it was just my imagination!"

The last time I experienced it was round about the first or second New Year's Eve after the Millennium when I found myself watching Zardoz for the first time and there's this much mocked time lapse picture gallery sequence at the end where Sean and Charlotte start a family grow old then die at which point something seemed to suddenly descend on me and try to viciously bully me into accepting this was how life had to be only this time instead of allowing the despair and fear to even get started on crushing me I simply shrugged it off and said quite calmly "No...I disagree" and for a moment whatever I was dealing with seemed so incredibly infuriated I thought uh-oh there's go'n'o be a kick-off then all a sudden there was this huge bang like a bomb going off and the front window exploded spraying glass everywhere. A couple of Cops from the police station down the road even turned up and normally y'never seen sight nor sign of the sods wanting to know what the hell'd happened but I didn't think they were ready to hear my story or how I'd defiantly jumped to my feet shaking my fist and shouting at the top of my voice "Y'stupid bastard whatever y'u are y'just let the old world out and the new one in!"


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when did you get all these superpowers and what is your superhero name? :3

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