Fuck-Off Atheism's Actually Pissed Off Fear

I'm over at Robert McLuhan's Paranormalia reading Fuck-Off Atheism and this was my response.

Robert Mcluhan "I'm struck by their immense confidence."

Actually Robert I'd argue their heightened screeching's exactly the reverse of confidence.

Nearly every religion from Buddhism to Islam starts out as a small esoteric group investigating apparently astounding revelations then gradually spreads out in an increasingly watered down form until it's taken possession of by the masses in a form that's not so much dumbed down as more and more misunderstood in the rush to reduce it to the level of one size must be made to fit all.

It's because these growing masses sense the former power and glory of the material they're dealing with they become enchanted by it but the intoxication quite quickly wears off so they need to regain the buzz by converting others.

After a while though various parties become aware their own doubts're growing in the face of constant upgrades to their belief system in order to maintain the illusion the original version of belief system's not failing under pressure from new facts [viz Darwinian Evolution confronted by the likes of horizontal gene transfer between unrelated species or grandparental life histories effecting their grandchildren's genes instead of their kids or dark matter dark energy and now dark flow to prop up astronomy's failed theories].

It's at this stage the 'immense confidence' [I'd say panic filled hysteria] kicks in as it's noticed other rival paradigms once considered barely worthy of attention're suddenly gaining ground if not in danger of overtaking and suddenly the hellfire preachers witchfinder generals and Torquemadas/Randis start emerging.

As for Hume they quote him on religion but ignore him on things like the observation when we disapprove of an observation we claim it's just a coincidence but make all kinds of allowances when it suits.

Viz 'science' claims the same cause produces the same effect so striking a match on a box to make it burst into flames 'proves' the power of science but when it fails to ignite that's just because there was something wrong with the sandpaper the match or the striker's technique.

During the middle of Nineties I spent two years going through scientific research papers in every conceivable field and found writing off between 20 and 40% of undesirable results as 'spoils' so widespread as to be almost the norm.

And when those faster than the speed of light neutrino results first emerged it took over a year to explain them away as due to the peculiar coincidence of a cosmic ray shower occurring at precisely the same moment a plug was not quite properly inserted [the even more amazing thing being they proved the plug's condition with the even more amazing coincidence photographs were taken at precisely the same moment the cosmic ray shower was falling].

In spite of which not a cheep was heard over the Higgs Boson Large Hardon Collider's plugs because of course they don't want to believe the speed of light can be exceeded but they're desperate to 'prove' the Higgs Boson.

It's in the face of all this I suggest that like all religions Atheism's even resorting to setting up churches where its members can shelter from the reaities of a world increasingly hostile to their most precious beliefs and obsessions.


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'sounds' like:

Paranormalia author has had his social norms violated AND/OR

Alex Rosenberg is a 'nice nihilist' AND/OR

there are tribes that organize themselves around certain utterances, like 'materialists' (whatever that really means), 'immaterialists' (whatever that really means), 'theists' etc etc etc AND/OR

Alex Rosenberg/the Paranormalia author are tricksters/comediennes AND/OR

are glitches




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