Selective Perception and Being Deluded

Over at Ghost Theory I'm reading Javier Ortega's Psi and Psychosis: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid which in turn's based on Barry Taff's same named piece.

This was my response.

I don't know who Barry Taff is but based on what he's written here I'd have to pronounce him delusional.

I've friends in the police or fire services the military nursing social working passport/immigration journalism education politics etc and everyone of 'em just like me's a million tales exactly like Barry Taff's but theirs concern nutty colleagues bosses underlings or clients who either behave in weird ways or say weird things or try to draw them into get rich quick schemes that sound as sane as starting fashion lines of stitched together clouds or speak of conspiracies against them while all the time organising conspiracies of their own usually involving getting someone removed from a job they feel they should have.

Doesn't he watch the news and listen to the wild and egregious claims our politicians make about their opposite numbers or rivals or how one moment they're praising some guy as the Iron Man of the Middle East (Sadam) or playing golf with them (Noriega) or giving them financial advice on how to invest their billions and thanking them for secretly holding and torturing various western countries enemies as well as providing university references for their children (Gadaffi) the next they're hounding them down allowing them to be raped tortured and murdered/executed before roundedly denouncing them as villains for doing the same thing they themselves're doing in ohter people's countries?

Hasn't he been reading the stories about people running other people down just for the hell of it or simply because they're pissed off or the sons stabbing their mothers to death or the mothers drowning their children in baths/rivers?

What about all the stories of husbands murdering ex-wives or girlfirends for seeing other people or arranging to have acid thrown in their faces?

The neighbours from hell who make everybody else's lives hell?

The people caught wanking off in cesspits or pools of pig slurry or having sex with dogs or lampposts or the Eiffel Tower (admittedly after marrying it first)?

The people shooting up schools?

He talks about people with dubious medical histories but doesn't he know about the guy who was told by his doctor he was deluded when he claimed Ecstasy helped him overcome his Parkinson's until he saw the transformation the guy underwent with his own eyes? Doesn't he realise if that doctor hadn't had the honesty to report what he'd actually seen rather than to stick to what him and his colleagues were merely convinced of a whole new branch of potential medicine wouldn'tve opened up?

As for the impossibility of our world exploding or going to hell in a handcart hasn't he heard about Yellowstone being overdue for another dinosaur extinction level explosion or doesn't he know since some of us were kids in the Sixties there's been no end of predictions of new ice ages or race wars or World War III or resources running out or for that matter the wars that'll result from those resources running out a possibility taken so seriously by America's black ops secret military groups they plan and rehearse such wars awaiting the time when America'll need to procure scarce resources in the face of their owners opposition?

He laughs at some poor woman because she's been told by aliens the world's about to go bang but doesn't he know Tony Blair and George W Bush rushed the rest of us into murdering a million Iraqis on the basis of putting a stop to weapons of mass destruction that Sadam could launch at 45 minutes notice which never existed?

Or are we supposed to believe all of the above's the result of an interest in the paranormal?