Michael Prescott's a REAL Diamond

Over at Michael Prescott's Blog I'm reading The Diamond and this was my response.

Michael I don't wan'o teach you to suck eggs because reading this you clearly suck with the best of us but what I most admire about this 'peace''s the detachment you manage to maintain embracing your experience wholeheartedly without allowing your ego to binge out on all its possible implications or your mind to become conceptually fixated.

You say you already knew this stuff but as a kid you knew touching hot things'd hurt but it was only when you finally did touch something hot that you TRULY understood what your mom was warning you about.

The key to your experience for me was the moment you abandoned try'n'o protect yourself and allowed whatever was go'n'o result from your medical condition to unfold. That was also the moment when you abandoned merely believing in the idea of trusting in the benevolence of The Great Whatever and actually lived it to the point I suggest where for a moment you were literally prepared to live or die to demonstrate your faith even if only to yourself.

That was almost certainly why you were able to perceive what in other traditions's been witnessed or experienced in forms like The Grail or The Pillar of Jamshid or The Body of the Mystic Christ.

It's like I was reading a while back supposed proof Carlos Castaneda's stuff was just fiction composed of thieved ideas because someone'd found an obscure Nineteenth or Eighteenth Century Hindu tract where the author describes our true form as being an egg shape composed of endlessly shifting and writhing tendrils of energy.

Mightn't it just be the case though Juan Matus and the Nineteenth Century Hindu's descriptions matched because they'd witnessed the same thing?

The same thing in fact you beheld but in a form which'd have the maximum psychokinetic impact on you?