Even if We're Not Psychic Our Bodies Probably Are

Over at the Wall Street Journal I've been reading Daniel Akst's People May Be Just a Bit Psychic, Even [if] They Don’t Know It and this was my response.

Daniel once upon a time there were only a few humans and to survive they needed to be constantly vigilant constantly paying attention to everything going on in their environment including their fellow humans.

Even when they slept at night there was probably always someone awake to keep guard which may be why some people evolved who like sleeping during the day but partying at night.

In time though as such monitoring activities began to be shared amongst wider and wider groups things like police forces and fire brigades came into existence eventually expanding not only in numbers but membership too which meant not only was less and less personal monitoring required but group monitoring.

And when technology like fire bells and alarm clocks came into existence even less attention needed to be paid because if the guy next to you didn't give you a dig in the ribs to wake up one o' them loud noise toys'd do the job.

And now we're reaching the stage were we won't even have to pay attention driving our cars.

Some people're aware of the tunnels feeding through their ears and can easily feel the top and back of their heads without touching them with anything but their consciousness.

[The main weakness in body awareness I have is not being able to feel the tip of my nose and inside my nostrils quite so vividly as the rest of me].

Yet many people I know aren't even aware of the soles of their feet when walking or their arse when sitting down.

All of which suggests to me bodily esp was once the norm but over time's diminished from simple lack of use.

When they finally develop animated clothing that'll carry our bodies for us that's the moment when both bodily esp and the human race'll become extinct.


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Is being "a little bit psychic" like being "a little bit pregnant?"