Panetta - US Announces First Strike Cyber War Excuse in Anticipation of Getting Caught Doing it Themselves

Panetta symbolically addressing business leaders aboard former aircraft carrier USS Intrepid cited Pearl Harbour and 911 and observed US intelligence were aware "foreign actors" were targeting control of precisely those infrastructure utilities and transport systems Industry's utterly dependent upon.

He failed to add both Pearl Harbour and 911 occurred in the context of a long history of covert US Military-Industrial commercial interference in other parts of the world.

Or that in the eyes of Iran Russia and China the "foreign actors" were of course the US themselves.

His speech occurred at precisely the same time the British Government's announced its intentions to compel British schoolchildren to make celebratory visits to the battlefields of World War I a time when members of the young British working class unquestioningly went to their death for King and Country rather than WW II when its widely recognised the working class started to wake up ask why go to war at all.

It also occurred at precisely the same time the first drone attack occurred on Israel.

God forbid president Obama should ever have to experience what countless Middle Eastern parents've had to experience as a result of US drones but at a time when UK minister William Hague's observed it's never been easier to commit cyber crime and Iran's already demonstrated it's possible to hijack US drones it's looking more and more like a real life horror movie's unfolding before our very eyes where eventually highly driven individuals will not only be able to wage home made biological war down the garden centre because someone's pissed them off or crash Amazon because their signed copy of Star Wars as Envisaged by Stan Lee failed to arrive but also hijack a police drone to take out his neighbour's family because their dog wouldn't stop yapping in the middle of last night's 24 hour Star Trekathon.


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it's amazing how the cynical powers that be can infect outside of their own kind

and many, many drones of many, many civilizations that still want to exist and avoid breaking free of the horrors of history -- because if someone managed to do so, then they would have to stay dead

and so it goes

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake