The stupid b*st*rds think they’re being dead clever shutting down Megaupload as just the latest of a long line of file sharers in their sights but they don’t seem to realise if they stop people from being able to watch tv shows and films they can’t afford to access they’ll have time on their hands to think and dwell on and resent what’s really happening and’ll therefore be ultimately more likely to join up with Occupy or even outright riot.

If they were astute instead of pillocks they’d be making such time wasting distractions even more easy to access!


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You're right. They have no real options - just lame ass holding actions. The internet whacked these people upside the head, and they are going to find that out. The next big thing will be some 911 X10 that will be intended to cow the hell out of everyone. That won't work either. It may work for awhile but not forever. That is what the Third Reich discovered to its dismay, and that is what China is discovering as we speak.