Liverpool, The Origins of Multicellular Life & Grant Morrison

Over at PhysOrg I'm reading Scientists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step In Life On Earth: "More than 500 million years ago, single-celled organisms on Earth's surface began forming multi-cellular clusters that ultimately became plants and animals."

It's that 500 million years that intrigues me.

Round about the middle of the last decade I spent months sitting in my favourite armchair rocking backwards and forwards Bill Gates style (or so I've lately learned) dwelling on how single cell life made the switch to multicellular life and getting 'answers' to everything but.

Then one day I suddenly found myself seemingly coming apart at the molecular seams and supposedly travelling backwards in time (undergoing in the process a sort of reverse history of Evolution which left me in no doubt there was indeed such a process only something far more sophisticated and ordered than the present random process we're supposed to believe in).

And suddenly I was seemingly this sort of dimensionless scintilla of sentience gliding over a relatively flat plain populated by low and high 'walls', upright and toppled 'pillars', boulders of all sizes and shapes and endless amounts of broken or cracked scree, my way periodically 'barred' by endless curtains of dust which seemed to spontaneously rise up out of the ground directly in front of me or rushing at me from a distance and twitching like peculiar lifeforms challenging me before then darting away again.

The first thing that now shocked me was the apparent sterility of everything. I realised I'd actually been expecting to find a glue-like single-celled slime coating everything for some reason.

The next thing which shocked me was SOMETHING seeming to convey to me in some indescribable way I was looking at Liverpool hundreds of millions of years ago (though it was unclear whether I was supposed to understand this as meaning whichever landmass at the time happened to've drifted over the point on the Earth where Liverpool is now OR the very same chunk of rock we now call Liverpool located wherever it happened to've continentally drifted at the time).

But most shocking of all to me was the information SOMETHING now conveyed to me that 'Liverpool' was supposedly the point on the Earth where multicellular life first emerged.

Because one of the things you have to get used to with this sort of stuff is all the pandering to your ego - not to mention bullying - which seems to go on.

It's a bit like say some powerful person unexpectedly making you rich or famous and as a consequence suddenly finding queues forming (usually right alongside other queues telling you you're a worthless piece of crap) full of all kinds of people who'll tell you anything they think you want to hear just so long as they get to hang out with you (at least until you're back to being a nobody again).

And of course there's far more malignly intentioned individuals out there who'll immediately set out to gain advantages from such a development by seeking to influence or even gain control over you for all sorts of dark and nefarious reasons.

And exactly the same applies with all this weird sh*t I go on about (in fact learning to discern which is which seems to be part of the training).

[Viz Muhammed and the verses he received which seemed to confirm it was okay for the Meccans to worship Allat, Aluzza and Manat only for it to turn out they'd come from Satan].

So when I got told Liverpool was supposedly the POOL out of which multicellular LIFE arose I immediately became deeply suspicious but also quite intrigued.

Anyway SOMETHING now seemed to 'say' Look! There! Right in front of you!

And as always seems to be the way with these things work where I'm concerned I kept insisting all I could see was endless empty desolation until suddenly I realised I was hurtling towards this sort of oyster shaped rock until I was so close to it I could't tell whether it was immensely big or infinitely tiny then suddenly I was somehow inside it and to my surprise it was not only hollow but illuminated by this sort of low intensity apparently radioactive green hued light being emitted by a milky coloured pool.

And as I looked down at this pool I could see countless little dimly glowing flattened spheres appearing at its surface and sort of going pop before splitting into two much smaller flattened spheres then dispersing away from the pool's centre and plunging out of sight only to reappear back at the surface and repeat the process without cease.

I found watching the whole thing so hypnotically fascinating in fact I felt I could watch it for forever but then suddenly one of the flattened spheres went pop but instead of splitting in two it now seemed to've contracted while retaining a smaller copy of itself inside itself before then plunging out of sight only to eventually reappear and split into two new cells containing smaller versions of themselves inside themselves until eventually there was as many double flattened spheres as single ones at which point SOMETHING seemed to inundate me with such data as the outer sphere was supposedly the direct ancestor of things like the mouth, the anus, the skin and the skeleton, the inner cell of things like the stomach, the bowels, the internal organs, the eyes and the brain.

Over the years I've tended to be dubious about the information conveyed to me during this particular experience not only because of the clear attempt to appeal to my vanity with the admittedly intriguing idea Liverpool really IS the Pool of Life but also because I personally've tended to believe multicellular life must've emerged far earlier than 500 million years ago and if I remember me Earth Science modules from university Liverpool's built on 600 million year old sandstone.

But saying that you could also argue it comes under Grant Morrison's idea of actually setting the deus or dei ex machina tasks just to find out what's possible because for months I kept rebuffing other stuff I was being bombarded with and insisting I wanted to know about the origins of multicellular life.


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Isn't it enough that yours is the place of origin of the greatest band in the planet? Now you claim to be the cradle of Life too? ;)

It's not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me...
It's all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

Red Pill Junkie

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The groovy thing is that you were able to let your mind wander in this fashion without self censoring itself. That is hard to do, and it is probably the ability we most need for our own evolution as a sentient beings. Like Tesla we have to have the strength to "reside" in our mental creations and really inhabit new realities.