Hot Sizzly Orange Blob Monsters, Forgotten Humanoid Encounters & Bibendum

I'm reading High Strangeness: Forgotten Humanoid Encounters by Scott Corrales on his Inexplicata site.

He gives details about Adrián Olmos who after a run-in with 'a strange, jetpack-equipped alien measuring less than four feet in height' let it be known he'd be amenable to another such encounter because next time he wouldn't be so frightened.

Subsequently Olmos starts hearing hideous screeching sounds which it dawns on him're only occurring in his head, there's also a terrible pressure in his skull making him feel as if his head's go'n'o explode and his body becomes filled with this inexplicable raging heat.

[A great deal of so-called mystical literature seems to be referring to this same phenomenon when they variously speak of kundalini, tummo, mana or hvarna getting out of control at which stage it can be useful to get someone to stroke the back of your calves or visualise a point at the centre of your body a few inches below your navel and try to draw the 'heat' down to it or if even that's unbearable then aim at a similar point on your crotch or the even the soles of your feet from where you can then attempt to discharge it into the ground].

Anyway during one of these experiences Olmos becomes so overheated he's convinced the roof of the car must be on fire so pulls over to find his way blocked by a thirteen foot diameter ball of light 'composed of myriad hot, smaller lights' which then coalesces into the form of two minature lizardmen who when he confronts them emit a shriek and vanish in a puff of gas as it were back into the ball of light and fly off.

That shriek I'm all too familiar with after I was doing this form of 'meditation' I call rocking and opened my eyes to notice this leathery looking s-scrolled 'flying carpet' type critter as I dubbed it bleeding energy off me making it shriek at being caught in the act, then me to shriek back in shock, then both of us to shriek before it vanished.

[A tip in such situations is to get bloody indignant rather than afraid but there're critters out there which'll come back at you with a degree of anger that you'd need balls of steel to match if you're not to sh*t your pants so a better approach is to overcome your natural embrassment and start talking right at the top of your voice. Not shout - talk as loudly as you can. If I ever got angry enough with my kids when they were younger to shout at 'em they'd invariably laugh but if I used the Voice of God as I called it they'd immediately start behaving and for some reason it seems to work with these things too].

What I'm struck by in Olmos' description is his ball of light seems to be made of a 'myriad hot, smaller lights' because this's the first time I've come across a critter matching my own Hot Sizzly Orange Blob Monster as I called a critter I once became aware of interferring with my dreams while I was lucidly dreaming.

I immediately sat up to find this almost unbearably hot bright orange ovoid the size of a car hovering over me emitting this deafening sizzling sound which while it seemed to be an intelligent lifeform in itself also seemed to be composed of much smaller semi-independent less intelligent spheres, the ones towards its outermost edge becoming progressively more 'dirty' as a result of feeding off and spreading polluted human emotions - or so 'something' somehow led me to believe.

Somehow I felt it was looking at me with a huge malignantly intended - evil - grin or smile (in spite of it not appearing to have anything resembling a face) and I seemed to catch this wordless impression off it to the effect Ah you're starting to get the hang of this stuff now!

I gave up try'n'o explain these things to myself long ago so I don't really know whether my Hot Sizzly Orange Blob Monster was really aliens pretending to be something more demonic or Olmos' ball of light was something demonic pretending to be aliens. (Maybe we were both having our brains boiled with microwaves by the CIA or MI5).

What I can draw your attention to though is over at the Caravaca Files Jose Caravaca's put up a piece BIBENDUM: THE PERFECT "ARCHETYPE" FOR THE DISTORTION THEORY, Bibendum being the Michelin Man Tyre figure long associated with UFOs.

If Adrián Olmos's ball of light or my Hot Sizzly Orange Blob Monster - both made of much smaller spheres - were to assume humanoid form mightn't some of those spheres stacked upon one another to form a body take on a similar appearance to the body of Bidendum?


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In a vast multiverse the odds of anything and everything possible bleeding through and making the odd appearance in this particular universe are very high. There is nothing too outlandish or improbable because in a multiverse any damn thing is possible and has probably been tried. That is why I am more forgiving of seemingly outlandish stuff like Mothman and blob beings. They may very well spring from a plane where such constructions are commonplace and "natural." Having digested so many ghost hunting shows lately I am now firmly convinced that other planes and dimensions impinge on this one we call bedrock reality, and in that scene all is allowed. Anything and everything can make an appearance if the conditions are right.