False Memories

I love all the research currently promoting how widespread false memories may be.

Forget the fact thanks to false memory syndrome the supposedly made up memories may've actually happened.

Forget the fact the researchers' belief they've done the research may be a false memory in the first place!

Or the rest of us may decide the very concept was a false memory from the beginning!

Think of its applications in certain hands:

Lawyer: "Your honour it is my contention the police officer only thinks he remembers my client robbing that bank..."

Goldman-Sachs: "You have a billion dollar account with us? What account? What billion dollars?"

US President: "And I'm telling you this ISN'T my THIRD term and those 150 million people who think they voted for other people're suffering from false memory syndrome!"


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That's really funny :D

But seriously, in some cases FMS can be a very debilitating condition.

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False memory is part of the human condition.

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14 April 2009
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the real nature of human memory makes trials ("you saw exactly what?") interesting exercises in BS (belief system) expression.

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