Velikovsky & Ancient Egyptian history.

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What motivated the Ancient Egyptians to engineer such incredible monuments? What inspired them to create such extraordinary works of art? Was it the belief that mortal Pharaohs were ‘gods on Earth’ who many times played host to numerous mythical sky gods? Or were they motivated by a world dominated by cosmic chaos inhabited by personified god-king planets which repeatedly visited Earth for an incredible 3,000 years (Pharaonic Egypt)?

The God King Scenario (GKS) deems that the divine monarchy of ancient times were first and foremost names given to planetary bodies as they appeared to move back and forth between the two lands of heaven and earth (Upper & lower Egypt). For example Mars, under the authority of numerous cosmogonical gods (Horus, Amun, Hathor, Isis, etc.) and in moving close to earth, sheds its Osiris image (star attribute) to become a living breathing Red disk (sa re ‘son of the red Ra’). Personified as a divine king of Earth, Mars is given a pharaonic name, this depending upon its location and attributes i.e. if rising with the sun (his father) the birth name Ramesses ‘Re has created him’ was given. These warring kings (& Queens) were in the second instance represented here on earth via people who believed they were the incarnation of celestial bodies (kas).

As the subject matter covers so many disciplines I’ve written a couple of essays further explaining my synopsis.

The Egyptian Dualism - The Crux of the GKS

Were the kas, the ‘doubles’ of the Egyptians divine personified celestial bodies and are they responsible for ancient history as it stands today (& the chronological mess its in!)?

Hathor – Earth’s Ring of Debris

Was Earth home to a cosmic ring (similar to Saturn’s rings) of debris only 4,000 years ago? Were images of Saturn’s moon Prometheus sucking material form its F ring observed in the skies above earth in ancient times?

Sacred Words Sacred Chaos.

Its quite simple really, anything carved via the ‘scared’ hieroglyphs is all to do with events above and has little if anything to do with events here on earth. It is the very reason why the Egyptian texts were considered ‘sacred.’ Demotic (demos, for the people) an everyday form of writing dealt with ordinary matters such as writing a laundry or shopping list.

In short; cosmic chaos is staring us in the face via ancient history and this, the very reason why we’ve missed it - mythology is merely an secondary offshoot.


Gary Gilligan


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The folks at Thunderbolts also think that there may be parallels between ancient mythology and archaeological discoveries and some of Velikovsky's ideas.

If you aren't aware of them, you might want to head over there and read some of what they have speculated about.

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I am aware of ‘Thunderbolts’ and I'd like to believe they are becoming aware of my GKS scenario, albeit slowly. Trouble with most catastrophe sites is in order to show 'how and when' they all resort to mythology. This will never be accepted as a means to vindicate Velikovsky’s basic premise of recent planetary chaos. I, on the other hand use HISTORY to prove my thesis. An example; there is no archaeological evidence to support the battles of the Pharaohs as ever having taken place.

Take Megiddo (a 'mound' in modern day Syria); one of the most fabled and fought over pieces of real estates in the world – at least 34 battles are known to have taken place here. 18 consecutive wars attributed to Tuthmosis III alone and yet no corroboratory archaeological evidence exists. To put this into context, Megiddo is a location where hundreds of thousands of soldiers (millions) engaged in numerous battles over a period of 3,000 years i.e. many thousands of chariots, battle axes, spears, bows and arrows, dead soldiers, etc. etc. and yet no battle artefacts of otherwise remains! This, despite the fact that archaeologists have been digging there for decades.

I wrote to N Franlin the coordinator of the Megiddo expedition and asked “where’s the archaeological evidence?” and in regards to weaponry, armour and such like, this is what I got.

“Always collected and re-used. Nothing went to waste. They were better at recyling than we are in the modern world!”

This is, just as it sounds, ridiculous and nonsensical. It begs the question, what’s the point in digging then??

They won’t find any evidence of any of the battles fought by the pharaohs because all wars, battles and border skirmishes recorded via ‘sacred’ hieroglyphs and images all occurred in the heavens above (GKS). Tuthmosis (born of the god lunar god Thoth) was just one of the many names given to the Moon as it was slowly captured in orbit around the earth. Given the Moons close proximity to Earth, it is no wonder Tuthmosis was known as the Napoleon of Ancient Egypt.


Gary Gilligan

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Seems to support similar ideas.

They have collected examples of rock art throughout the world that share eerily similar characteristics to plasma discharges that have been observed in laboratories. They have posited that similar, enormous discharges may have been observed in the heavens as a consequence of planetary encounters in the not-so-distant past, and that much of Greek and Roman mythology is based on cultural memories of celestial events that were observed by the terrified occupants of earth.

These are all interesting speculations, but I'm doubtful that we will ever know for certain. In any case, I've come to the conclusion that our accepted view of human history is deeply flawed.

But then, I'm a heretic!

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Yes I have to the same conclusion, that you have, the accepted view is wrong.

How about working on a better view, do you want to do that?

I am ready.

These is a view I have, about what dreams mean.

And there is your view, that the current establishment physics theory is wrong.

So let us start. What do you have ?
It is ok if you have good reason to believe that the current view is wrong. I have those doubts too.

Do you have anything else? Or are you just frustrated, which is ok, many of us are.

if everything is under control, you are not going fast enough (Mario Andretti)

it's not how fast you go, it's who gets there first