PREDICTIONS FOR 2008 (Year of Earth Rat)

It is interesting to view, but yes a lot of it is baloney though.
PREDICTIONS FOR 2008 (Year of Earth Rat)Tuesday, November 6. 2007Geomacy: A System of Constructing a Predictive Figure According to the Rules of Earch Magic
Predictions for 2008 (Year of Earth Rat)
This is the fifth year of the Lower “8” Cycle of the world. Based on I-Ching, while the period between 1984 and 2043 ( totalling 60 years ) is “Fire-Wind Urn ”, the year 2008 is “Thunder-Earth Yu ”.

I-Ching Analysis
“Thunder-Earth Yu” contains only 1 “Yang” and 5 “Yin ’s ”. This is quite an extreme situation for the dominance of “woman” power. Many women not only would climb to senior corporate but also political positions.

This I-Ching symbol indicates thunder on top of earth. There are 2 “yin’s” covering 1 “yang”, implying that most countries in the world would still to suffer, especially those that had been strong in the past. The world may have to suffer from many wild fires caused by thunder. Inevitably there would be many arguments , battles and wars, especially among southern countries . On the opposite, China would enjoy the power of the uprising “yang” and advances even further in its economies. This may be a year with many activities involving the sun, such as those “black spots”, involving electromagnetic interferences on earth. This may be a record year for single old ladies to re-marry. Marriage involving older women and younger men would continue. The world’s political picture, especially USA and UK, could be very dark, owing to many terrorist attacks.

Flying-Star Analysis
robberies, mugging, pick-pocketing and defrauding. Vulnerable places are such as South Africa, South America, Guangdong. If you live or visit such places, be more cautious. There would be plenty of water problems worldwide, such as flooding. The polar ice will speed up its melting process, thus increasing the water level in the oceans. Low-line islands may be endangered. Mudslides, cracks in high-rise buildings would be commonplace. Old cities may experience more problems with underground water systems. Because this is a year of “Male-Male” connection, there may be problems with the homosexual community, including divorces and murder-suicides. On the bright side, this is a good year for economic recoveries. Many businesses would do well.

Locations and Orientations

The controlling force is the central “1-White”. It causes many extreme phenomena among central countries. In particular, China would climb to another new height in its economic development. Middle East would experience new turmoil, resulting in huge up’s and down’s in the world stock market. Central Canada’s real estate may experience a buyers’ market.


This is the “money” centre. Japan would benefit from it. It would try to befriend China, more so than the USA. China’s Shandong, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and coastal cities would prosper. Canada’s Maritime Provinces and U.S. eastern states would also do well.


This is the “joy” center. This is also the future money center. There would be plenty of joyous events such as weddings, promotions and births. However, it is also subject to fires, affecting areas such as Taiwan, Guangdong, Florida, Georgia, Ontario and Scarborough in Canada’s Toronto. Much fire may be caused by thunderstorms or electric wirings.


This may be the most exciting center of all. It is both the “triple conflict” and “five yellow” centers. Hence it requires a lot more attention than normal. Southern countries such as South America, South Africa, India and Australia would be rocked either politically or natural disaster. There would be robberies, muggings and contagious illnesses. South-facing houses likewise should pay attention to the security of both people and the premises. A good feng shui practitioner should be able to help.


This center is somewhat receding. It becomes a center vulnerable to robberies and legal conflicts. Places such as Tibet ( China), Southern California, Southern BC and Alberta ( Canada) could be affected.


This is the “arguments” center and is the second worst center this year. It would involve controversies, legal conflicts, wars and battles. It is mostly represented by UK and USA. There would be major happenings in these countries, such as terrorist attacks. In USA, such events may happen even before the federal election, in which a female president should prevail. BC ( Canada) may suffer from any labor problems.


This is the “sickness” center, especially to do with food. Representative places are such as the North-West Territories ( Canada), North Western China and the Baltic countries in Europe


This is the center of change and travel. Even though it is somewhat receding, it is enhanced by the year’s controlling star “1”. Hence finally it would continue to do well. It is represented by both Canada and Russia. Unlike last year, there would be a lot more rainfalls


This is the “learning” center. It benefits those in analytical businesses. There would many scholars from this center, represented by North-Eastern China, Canada’s Maritime Provinces, and Boston (USA). Likewise, those houses with north-west main entrance would have smart children this year.

Life Chart Analysis
This year is composed of “ earth rat ” year, “wooden tiger” month, “ wooden dog ” day and “ wooden dog ” hour. There are 3 “wood” elements in this combination, resulting in good news concerning land and real estate. The “tiger” and “dog” form an empty connection that causes things to be unstable, especially reflected by the world stock markets. The conflict between an equal number of wood and earth elements makes the world more polarized – between poor and rich, between the western world and the terrorists. Countries which can act as the middle agent to reconcile such situations will prevail – such as China.

Combined Analysis
Business involving “fire, earth or wood ” would do well. Those involving “ metal or water ” had to work much harder.

Top of the list is “fire”. It is typified by both high tech and energy sectors. Examples are electronics, computers. Nano technology will become commonplace. Hence Apple Computers will do very well, followed by Black Berry. There would be many business mergers , especially in the hi-tech sector. Many new fast growing hi-tech venture firms would appear . Environmentally sensitive products will come out in big droves.

Real estate is more extreme. It would favor areas in the North but not the South. Hence the Canadian real estate market would still out perform USA South part of cities such as Canada’s Toronto downtown would not do as well its outskirts. However, there would be new tall buildings being built in the downtown core still. Other places such as London, Moscow, and Tokyo would enjoy a surge in their real estate prices.

There would be some kind of breakthroughs in cancer treatments.

Food businesses would do well too, especially those targeting weddings and births.

Gold and Metals would do well in general

Textiles would do well, for the first time in many years, especially those targeting the Beijing Olympics.

Metals businesses may suffer, especially Northern American cars . There would be major layoffs.

Soda Water businesses also would be outperformed by Pure Water.

Travel industry would do well in the north , especially mountainous areas .

Favorable Business (Fire, Earth, Metal)
Those driven by new energy sources
Wind-related businesses, such as windmills
Nuclear plants coming back alive
Electronics and computer/storage media ( such as computer part s , consumer items, mobile phones ) , especially those with Nano technology
Communications and Internet : machines would become smaller and smaller and yet more and more all-encompassing
Show business
New building materials
House renovations
Food businesses
Real Estate values would become far more selective. While most sectors would somewhat slow down, quality ones would continue to prosper in growing areas such as Toronto, California, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.
Unfavorable Businesses (Wood, Water)
Metals and Machinery
Travel / Transportation – there would be more aviation companies running into financial troubles and air accidents
Female power predominates in this year’s world politics. Many countries may elect female presidents, including the USA. However, controversies would also be abundant. This is not really a good year to head up countries such as the USA or UK. There would also be many “xxx Gate” problems in the world.

Canada would continue to enjoy its political stability. There would not be much change in it leadership or heads of state.

Canada ’s Toronto would continue to suffer financially and would be outperformed by its surrounding cities and towns.

Japan would try to befriend China, resulting in huge economic gains.

South and North Korea would intensify their talk of peace, which eventually would lead to their re-unification.

Taiwan ’s Kuomin Tang would win the election – making it one step closer to re-unification with China.

Hong Kong would do well. Its political picture would be stable. However, controversies would continue, especially those involving female politicians .

UK and USA may have to face another round of terrorist attacks, especially in both the south and west sides of the country.

World Economy
Overall, we are into a good year , especially in the oriental countries such as China and Japan. . People’s living standards would improve. More large corporations would be headed by the female.

The fastest growing country would continue to be China . India may have a setback because of terrorism and natural disasters . The Chinese dollar will appreciate. The Canadian dollar would continue to grow beyond the US dollar . USA’s deficit will balloon even further . Drugs would be a major problem in both USA and Canada.

Countries in South American and Africa would have to endure many natural and human disasters.

Interest rates in North America would continue to be low.

Canadian Economy
Fiscal deficits would be well under control at most levels of governments
Interest rates will stay low and prime rates will fluctuate between 4 - 6 %
Can $ will fluctuate between $0.95 and $1.10 US.
TS X should fluctuate between 14,000 and 16,000 points
Corporations would continue to be leaner and meaner with consolidation and centralized control
Many CEO’s would continue to change, with some corporate heads to be female
Canadian companies would continue to expand into the US and buy out US companies
More US chain companies would buy into the Canadian market
Competition among all businesses will be more fierce than before
Steady economic growth ( 3-4 %)
Unemployment rate to stay low ( 5- 7 %)
World Climate Pattern
The world climates would continue to be unstable, with many more thunder storms. They may in turn many forest fires. The Sun’s black spots may cause much Earth’s interference. Flooding problems would be abundant in both southern and northern countries. Weather pattern would be milder than the past year.

There would be fewer serous illnesses than the past year. Most problems seem to be related to water and air. Hence, the ultimate is to keep your health in check by doing good exercises such as yoga, qigong or Tai Chi .

Projection for the World Stock Markets
February Positive
March: Positive
April: First half of month better than second half
May Positive
June Positive, but with volatility
July Positive
August : Negative
September : Negative
October: Second half of month better than first half
November : First half of month better than second half
December: First half of month better than second half
January (2009): Positive
All things on earth go in cycles – both high and low. By understanding the rules of nature, we can become happier and more successful. I hope these predictions would benefit my readers around the world .


RAT 1996 1984 1972 1960 1948 1936
There is a “leadership” sign. You would be promoted and favor a powerful position. It is a good time to expand your business as you would be much appreciated by people. However, you are in some conflict with the year. Hence, your money and health signs are weaker than your work. As a result, you should refrain from gambling and speculations.

WORK: You should consider expansion. If you work for other people, you may be promoted. In business, you favor mobile types, such as travel, buying and selling, import/export, trading, insurance, etc. If you work in the government, you should do well. You also favor to be in the entertainment business.

WEALTH: Your regular income is fine. Speculations may cause money draining.

ROMANCE: No much romance this year. Be patient with your spouse of beloved one.
HEALTH: You may have many small illnesses. Pay attention to your liver and kidneys. You may incur accidents as well. You should take time while driving.

Highlights of Rats of Different Years
1996 You are a little lazy, enjoy playing and prone to accidents.
1984 Watch what you say. You fight with people too easily. You may have many romances.
1972 Although you have many romances, most of them may not work out. You are prone to accidents. Beware of conflicts with the law.
1960 You may see some troubles at home. Watch out your family members’ health. Your work is stable and you seem to be able to come out luckily.
1948 Beware of problems with your liver, kidneys and small accidents. Watch your diet. Exercise well.
1936 There is a bleeding sign. Take your time when you move around. Don’t over-work. Take life easy.
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OX 1997 1985 1973 1961 1949 1937
There is a connection between you and the rat year. Financially you should do well. Feel free to invest. You have plenty of lucky signs and opportunities. The male ox tends to do better and more smoothly than the female counterpart.

WORK: You would do particularly well if you work in the government or in a public relations field. If you are a student or in the entertainment business, this is a good year when you can achieve a lot. However, you do not favor speculative businesses. You should be careful about partnership work.

WEALTH: Your regular income is good, especially profits from real estate investments. There is not much speculative income such as gambling.

ROMANCE: The male ox has many romances, while the female ox tends to be meddling along. Beware of troubles caused by extra-marital relations.
HEALTH: You may get sick easily, especially to do with the digestive system. Eat sensibly.

Highlights of Ox of Different Years
1997 You are curious about just anything. You enjoy learning. You are intelligent but prone to accidents. Don’t get carried away when you play.
1985 Your reputation improves. Your studies are good and you do well in your exams. You would be able to help other people. However, there is not much romance.
1973 There may be plenty of problems to do with people. Beware of gossips. Follow through your work by yourself.
1961 There is a new job opportunity. Help is plentiful. Feel free to diversify.
1949 Do not lend money to your friends, lest you should not get it back and even lose your friends. You should exercise more to guard against many small illnesses.
1937 There would be arguments and controversies. Stay your course and do not get disturbed.
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TIGER 1998 1986 1974 1962 1950 1938
There is a dominant “travel” sign in you. You would travel, run around and incur changes. There may be a new position for you or even a new business. However, you suffer from“loneliness” sign. You should focus on your job; avoid places to do with death. Beware of partnership which may cause you many conflicts.

WORK: Your reward is from your hard work. You had to adapt very fast to fast changing conditions. There would be new opportunities for you to grab. You can start a new business or enjoy your promotion at work. Partnership business is not advised.

WEALTH: had to work hard for your money. Speculations and gambling would cost you dearly.
ROMANCE: You would not have too much romance. Be patient with the one you are with now.
HEALTH: You seem to be accident prone, which may even leave behind a mark on you. Watch problems with your lower back. You should do qigong or tai chi.

Highlights of Tiger of Different Years
1998 You become impatient and temperamental. Your over-activity may end up in accidents.
1986 You have a lot of help. Your work is smooth. Outward expansion is good for you. However, beware of words and controversies.
1974 You have a very strong travel or moving sign. Romance is much weaker.
1962 With much help, you can expand your business. Be diligent so that you would not miss those great opportunities.
1950 You may incur many arguments. You seem to be discontented about just anything. So pay attention to your people relations.
1938 Do not lend or borrow money. Keep a good friendship without involving money.
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RABBIT 1999 1987 1975 1963 1951 1939
Rabbits and the Rat are in some kind of conflict. Consequently, beware of legal conflicts and problems with relations. Be patient and humble when dealing with conflicts. Lay low and work hard. You could start a new business. You would still make money this year, especially through real estate investments.

WORK: You would favor businesses to do with real estate or entertainment. Changes are in the works for you.

WEALTH: There is a money sign with you. Business to do with women would be even more profitable.

ROMANCE: It favors the female rabbit, which would enjoy romances and being pursued. The male rabbit may feel lonely and even trapped in a relation mess.

HEALTH: Be careful of overwork. Watch your heart, blood pressure, joints and ligaments.

Highlights of Rabbit of Different Years
1999 You are curious about just anything. You like to shop all kinds of toys and are very playful. You are also prone to accidents.
1987 You have very good relation with the other gender, which may affect your studies. Be careful
1975 If you are single, you would have good romances. If you are married, be careful of extra-marital affairs. You may not favour partnership business. Do not lend or borrow money.
1963 There may be problems among your family members, including illnesses. Beware of arguments and legal problems.
1951 You would be able to avoid many troubles. You would have help. Use your smarts to develop more businesses.
1939 Beware of sickness and accidents. You may spend money out of control. Do not gamble or speculate.
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DRAGON 1988 1976 1964 1952 1940
The dragon connects closely to the rat. Consequently, this is a very lucky year for you. Both money and business would be promising. Even writing exams would be favorable. However, there are also people jealous of you. Be humble.

WORK: You favor import/export, trading, buying and selling types of businesses. If you are a government worker, you would gain more power. If you work in the private sector, your work would be smooth.
WEALTH: You would many money sources, especially in investments such as stocks. You may have to work very hard.

ROMANCE: You have plenty of romances. If you are single, that would be great, otherwise watch out those extra-marital relations.

HEALTH: Beware of accidents that may cause bleeding. Pay more attention to your kidneys and bladder.

Highlights of Dragon of Different Years
2000 You are rebellious, like to fight. Luckily you still do well in school.
1988 You may encounter many false romances. You should focus on your studies instead.
1976 Both work and income are good. There is a chance for breakthrough in your achievements. You would find a lot of help too.
1964 You would gain both fame and financial rewards. Even your authority would greatly improve.
1952 Your income is stable – some coming and some going. Beware of accidents.
1940 This is a stable year for you. You would be happy as long as you are contended with what you have.
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SNAKE 1989 1977 1965 1953 1941
This is a year of power and travel for you. You may have big swings between good and bad events. Watch your old family members’ health. Your investments should fare well.

WORK: You favor businesses with mobility rather than behind the desk. However, most things you want to do would encounter resistance at the beginning.

WEALTH: The harder you work the most money you make. Be careful about sudden losses. Do not get greedy. Be contended. You would be safe that way.

ROMANCE: You would have a very colorful year for romances.
HEALTH: You may be prone to accidents. Stay away from high risk work. Be humble and do fight over small things.

Highlights of Snake of Different Years
1989 You should focus on your studies. Do not gamble or speculate. Both your wealth and romance are weak. Stay from money affairs.
1977 Your work may become quite unstable. Your money may come and go. You should only do short-term investments. Do not change jobs or get into partnership situations.
1965 Your relations would be unstable. Be conservative in your investments. Stay peaceful.
1953 Consider starting a new business. You would have plenty of travels. Your reputation far exceeds your income. Do not gamble or speculate. Watch your old family members’ health.
1941 You would become quite spiritual. You would be able to get out of most troubles.
1929 You tend to worry too much for your descendents. Instead, you should pay more attention to your own health. Take life easy.
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HORSE 1990 1978 1966 1954 1942
You are opposite to the governing sign “rat”. You may lose money easily. You may get into accidents or sicknesses. Beware of arguments, controversies, and legal problems. Hence you should take things easy and drive carefully. Your regular income would be fine, just no gambling or speculations.

WORK: Stay at your job. This is not a good year for you to change jobs. However, if your line of work involves travel, you would do well.
WEALTH: Your regular income is ok. There is not much speculative income. If you gamble, you would lose.

ROMANCE: Your romances are weak. Do not consider marriage this year. Beware of arguments. Try to
HEALTH: Be careful of accidents which may cause bleeding. Pay attention to your heart and blood pressure.

Highlights of Horse of Different Years
1990 You may not be paying enough attention on your studies. Stay focused and avoid temptations.
1978 Most things would be unstable and changeable, including your work and relations. Be patient and keep on your course.
1966 Your money seems to come and go easily. When you do investments, be contended and do not get greedy. Beware of digestive problems in your many social events.
1954 Watch out your relations with people. Be humble and patient.
1942 You may be prone to accidents. Take your time at work. You should also shape yourself up through exercises.
1930 Strengthen your heart. You are prone to strokes. Stay away from alcohol. Do not get stressed out about anything.
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SHEEP 1991 1979 1967 1955 1943
You have a conflict with the rat. It had to do with people relations, including your partners and spouse. However, you do have signs for money, romance and luck. Hence most of the time, you can get out of trouble. Instabilities would be inevitable. Do not become a guarantor for your friends. You may lose them in so doing.

WORK: Your authority sign is dominant. You favor to be in politics. You also favor real estate and entertainment businesses, such as show businesses.

WEALTH: You should refrain from gambling and speculations. Your regular income is not affected.
ROMANCE: This is romantic year but not good for marriage. Your people relations are good.

HEALTH: Watch your heart and blood pressure. Do not overwork. Rest well and do exercises such as tai chi and qigong.

Highlights of Sheep of Different Years
1991 You would do very well in school. Your teachers and elderly are willing to help you.
1979 You would tend to be emotional. Refrain from getting married. Your work is stable but income is weak. Do deal with your friends in terms of money.
1967 There is not much money sign for you. Do not get greedy. Do not gamble. Stay away from legal problems. Be contended, be happy.
1955 You seem to lack energy to fulfill your big dreams. Take it easy. Do not over work. Rest well & exercise well.
1943 There seems to be a lot of arguments. You are not happy about just anyone. Chances are that they are your own problems. Try to appreciate other people’s good points.
1931 You would be impatient, discontented about any happenings around you. Try to increase your self awareness and look after your old age well.
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MONKEY 1992 1980 1968 1956 1944
You connect with the rat very well. Hence this is a lucky year for you. Both your reputation and wealth would do well. If you work for other people, there would be chances for promotion. If you own your business, consider expansion or start a new one. This is also a good year for wedding. Luck seems to be with you this year.

WORK: You would have plenty of ideas. Be gutsy and bring them alive. Both promotions and new business starts are favorable.

WEALTH: It may even seem that money to you. Trust your intuition. Spend some time in your investments.
ROMANCE: If you are single, consider marriage. If you are married, you should love each other even more. Still, be careful so as not to get into extra-marital affairs.

HEALTH: You would be somewhat prone to accidents. Stay away from sharp objects and drive carefully.

Highlights of Monkey of Different Years
1992 Your mind is clear, which helps you a lot in your exams. You may get into accidents in your sports. Be careful.
1980 Your job fares well. Your boss likes you. You would be financially sound. If you are still single, consider marriage.
1968 Do not get into your friends’ troubles, otherwise you not be able to get out. There would be new directions to your work.
1956 Beware of people problems. Be patient. Treat your spouse well before any trouble occurs.
1944 Your health seems to take a down turn. You should plan your retirement now. Spend more time on your exercise.
1932 You tend to overly care for your descendents and even lend them money. This loan may never be paid back to you. You should conserve your wealth. Do not gamble.
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ROOSTER 1993 1981 1969 1957 1945
You have some conflict with the rat. Beware of people relations and problems, especially your subordinates. There would be a good degree of controversies and arguments. Luckily, your romance sign is strong. There would be plenty of partying.

WORK: Although your business would be volatile, the trend is upwards. Your position would improve, possibly resulting in your promotion to management. You favor to be in either the financial or the legal sector. Entertainment business is also favorable for you.

WEALTH: Your reputation out-performs your income. Your income would be unstable. Do not lend money to your friends. Do not gamble.

ROMANCE: Although you have plenty of romance, you do not favor to get married as yet. Watch out your arguments with your beloved one. Stay away from extra-marital relations.

HEALTH: Your health would be stable. Pay attention to your chest, lungs and kidneys.

Highlights of Rooster of Different Years
1993 You would do well in your exams. You would start up your romance cycle, thus causing conflicts with your parents or teachers.
1981 Most things would be unstable and begin with difficulties. However, if you need to study further or to write exams, you would do well.
1969 Your reputation out-performs your income. Stay mobile. The more mobile, the better you would function.
1957 Do not get involved in your friends’ troubles. Do not gamble.
1945 Your health is going downhill. Rest well. Beware of people problems. Get a middle person to help you.
1933 You may get sick or surgery. Do not get too hung up on anything. Take life easy.
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DOG 1994 1982 1970 1958 1946 1934
Be careful about sickness among your older family members. You would feel lonely, without much romance. You must carry out your work yourself. By relying on other people, you may run into trouble. Be conservative. Do not start something new and risky.

WORK: You would a routine job, such as administration, government work. If you own your business, do not expand. If you work for other people, stay in your job.

WEALTH: Your wealth would be stable. There is not much speculative income.

ROMANCE: Your loneliness sign could be quite dominant. Try to invest your time in spiritual endeavors.

HEALTH: You would be prone to accidents. Take your time and drive carefully.

Highlights of Dog of Different Years
1994 You suffer from the loneliness sentiment. You may even like to argue with people. You would be accident prone. Be careful of animals.
1982 You would be motivated to change your job, because you would not be happy just about anything around you. Try to think positively.
1970 You would favor charity work and help other people. Your money sign is weak. Do not gamble.
1958 You would run into a soul mate. Even your boss may like you and give you a promotion.
1946 Your work would be unstable – up’s and down’s. You tend to say the wrong thing at the wrong time a lot. You should keep quiet, listen more and work harder.
1934 You would become quite agitated and cause your own problems. Try to do tai chi or qigong to calm yourself down.
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BOAR 1995 1983 1971 1959 1947 1935
The sun shines on you. If you are a male boar, you would do very well. If you are a female boar, you may incur some up’s and down’s. Nonetheless, your reputation and authority would greatly improve. Your people relations are good. You are romantic. However, you may have many small ailments, especially to do with digestion.

WORK: This is a powerful year for you. Your mind is clear. You should be a planner or expand your business. You favor businesses to do with people, entertainment. You also favor starting up a new business.

WEALTH: Your income stream is strong. If your business has to do with people relations, you would do even better financially.
ROMANCE: You would have plenty of romances. If you are single, you should consider marriage. If you are married, you would be even more loving. Because you attract people to you, be careful not to get carried away.
HEALTH: Be careful of your digestion problems. There may be many small ailments. Rest well and exercise well.

Highlights of Boar of Different Years
1995 Be careful about people problems. You would be prone to accidents. Exercise well but not riskily. Your studies should be good.
1983 You would be very busy. Beware of accidents and problems with food. If you are still single, this is a good marriage year for you.
1971 If you work for other people, you would be promoted. If you own your business, consider expansion. However, you must take on the tasks yourself and not overly relying on other people. Be careful of people problems.
1959 You may involve many arguments. Keep quiet and listen more. Be careful of your personal belongings and your work results. Some people may want to take them away from you.
1947 Watch out your diet and digestion. You may have more small ailments. Your work is good – with many people willing to help you. You would therefore come out with much luck. Your money sign is strong.
1935 Your income and health both turn weaker. Do not gamble or speculate. Watch your diet and exercise well.


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