1850 shipwreck found in Lake Erie

1850 shipwreck found in Lake Erie

VERMILION, Ohio – A steamship that sank 157 years ago has been found on the floor of Lake Erie.

The Great Lakes Historical Society says the General Anthony Wayne was found by an amateur shipwreck prospector in 15 metres of water, about 15 kilometres north of Vermilion, Ohio.

The side-wheel steamship, named in honour of Revolutionary War hero General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, sank in April 1850 after its boilers exploded.

It was on its way from Toledo, Ohio to Buffalo, New York, carrying 93 passengers and crew. Thirty-eight died.

The man who found it and other members of the Cleveland Underwater Explorers plan to survey the wreck later this summer when underwater visibility improves.

The wreck belongs to the state and salvaging it is illegal, but divers will be able to visit it once it's surveyed and the co-ordinates are disclosed.


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I dunno...those divers would want to visit it? Sounds like a spooky thing, but then underwater stuff spooks me anyway. I know a lot of ships have gone down. Some are still not found.


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It is interesting how much we have forgotten about how life was just 150 years ago. So if you like diving, I would say go look.

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The little bits and pieces of history that we can learn from the wreck that matter; because, we can add them to other little bits and pieces of history that we have learned elsewhere and, in doing so, give ourselves a better understanding of the era in which the ship sailed and went down!

What do you think?


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