Mind resides in Time and Timelessness...

The Spectral Expanse of Human Mindscape

Suggestions from an ancient mind…

What cause does the mental vista impact upon the underpinnings of Earthly happenstance to existence bring? A mind searching the dreamscape's horizon for order and unity that states positive and negative results to each and every sequential event suggests its own purpose -- truth. Man thinks and something happens in this physical realm of Time/Space with consequence. Since ancient Vedic times it has been said, "Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is." Does this mean there is something higher than one's own being? The ancients thought so. We are here to become one with the other through unconditional love or coherency found in the pathway of self-evident Truth.

Humanity is here for some higher purpose other than that of the animal or the apparent generality of external things. Mankind must become…through strivings to more intense initiation and morality. Wars must be fought for ideals held in the gambit of truth. Nothing here comes easy. New challenges appear instantly to each soulular being held within physical Time/Space. The specter of Timelessness speaks across ethereal boundaries to stir the soul at the bifurcation of each trial and tribulation. Because of this, life seems a sequence of many tests when viewed from the top of its collective Mindscape. These deep concepts seem hard to follow; yet, they must be reiterated over and over so that man may ascend the stairway to higher being.

Born into this world of experiences chained to past information, we look for direction and scope as we evaluate each and every clue that presents itself to us in a lifetime. Some clues for Inquiry present many directions toward an end that seems truthful and good. Other messages send results that are negative and wrong when viewed in the longterm. We start over after each test toward a new direction. As children, we are too close to each experience with feedback where repetition of positive or negative behavior serves to embolden us or tear us down. Always we seek to leverage for power and control in each and every event sequence -- survival of the fittest? But power and control is illusive and hides the real end product. At times, life seems like play, but the dead say otherwise and our trek continues on the captivating FLY.

Some evidence indicates that we are in touch with the frontiers of a hyper-fractalian-laced feedback-loop (fractal geometry used in computer graphics) that interconnects both the beginning, end, and after of our lives, in an infinite process full of God's interactive exchange. (God is the word we use here to equate with the unknown power of everything.) God existing outside of time, interacts with our paths to create spirals of looping familiarity. Researchers such as Timothy Ferris, who wrote the 1992 version of The Mind's Sky, have equated the mind with the universe. Ferris' work involves the synthesis of inner and outer realities. Whereas, most of us cannot comprehend our own reason/s for mental existence because our current human baggage is too heavy with the preoccupation of flesh or matter. Such baggage disallows deep thought.

Much has been written about the relationship of the universe and mankind's mind. The beginning of this research usually starts with our birth. In the July '93 issue of Life Magazine , there was an article that raved about breakthroughs accomplished by scientists in their studies of infants and how they are coming to the realization that babies are much more enlightened than we had once thought. Apparently, the little-ones are perfectly capable of very sophisticated operations requiring memory and understandings about math physics and emotions -- subjects once reserved for scientific elitists. Some believe the embryo is already learning as his neurons are forming and firing -- building a physical, thinking enclave on this side of the cosmos.

Perhaps there is an unbroken chain of knowing that only converts linguistic syntax from the universal mind into the understanding of physical existence. The entity converts gestalt knowing into the 150 sounds that constitute human verbiage, thereby mapping the brain for "hardcopy" existence. We become. What the article in the "secular" magazine cannot address is the spiritual side of thought. A baby may have access to universal thought but since he/she is busy materializing into a complex physical being, like learning to control new apparatuses in order to find food. the knowing of the universe is subsumed in importance and may finally fade, awaiting death for its resurgence. It just takes time to grow into the jaded adult we finally become.

Fear seems to be one of the best teachers in our early beginnings. We go from no fear to many. The "prime directive" must be the protection of the vehicle as the "soul" experiments with the tools of physical reality. The experience gained becomes the preoccupation of the entity as he/she learns to drive a new chariot...the human body. The personality of the soul becomes built in proportion to the amount of fear the body is subjected to. Emotions grow, serving as leveraging tools to control the insecurity the infant begins to feel in its day to day encounters with solid life.

Guidance on this side of the universe comes from souls already here...parents or adults. The quality of assistance given by adults can erase our once known mission, or it can add to the subliminal reminiscences we have as members of the "generative order" (the Absolute's domain). If we encounter too much fear we become paranoid, or if we are coddled we become spoiled and selfish pointing us to liberal interpretations of life. The caliber of the person/s who serves as mother and or father is one of the determining factors of our character. At present, there is an increasing amount of poor parenting interfacing with our babies. It is almost an exponential process with evil serving as a barometer to our embeddedness in the finite physical state. To enter the infinite-universal state requires creative thought, passion and a memory of Truth.

The infinite universal state is such because humanity could never know all its parameters, knowledge or secrets even in a collective mind. It moves too fast and after all, the part cannot know the whole. Knowledge (light and time?) makes up the universe, otherwise it would not exist because it must be observed in order to become. So, humanity may exist in soft-time or a stratified layering of increasingly manifest time and light. Time must somehow be tied to light as engines of motion for each other. Even the nature of light is truly not known by mankind yet. So, we cannot know our own existence. Time, light, space and matter all remain an enigma to even the most intelligent humans. Science only wishes it truly knew their secrets.

Some of our fellow beings serve to bring contrast and meaning through their examples of self-actualization to our mindsets. They influence through their end-results and we emulate their feats to our hopeful benefit. If we perceive the other's results as beneficial we adopt their behavior and we experiment using their tools for manipulating the human environment. If we adopt this information float as our means of leveraging for truth we may be adopting a lie, as our model for truth is not a lie -- it was a reality just past potential.

Humans leverage life in truths and illusions. How we package each event sequence determines if we leverage selfishly or in unconditional love for others. In each and every case, the hierarchy of human survival is at stake. Should this be judged from the standpoint of the self or of the collective? Many, without hesitation, take the self or narcissistic point of view in every life event 85% of their lifetime. The danger to civilization is that the selfish will band together and demand self-gratifying acts from the collective of human be-ness. These beings of high narcissism represent the spoiled potential of human destiny. They are a pox on humanity and use selfishness and victimization to leverage the minds of others via emotional blackmail. They position for a place of high intellect, but fulfill a realm of complex ignorance through a world-projected fallacy. Their tool is the sophisticated lie dressed up in the jargon of the court (argumentum ad ---) and sold to the uneducated public.

The methodology of the negative narcissistic being trying to convince others of their sound positioning, is extensive miss-representation of the facts. They will cajole to catch their breath and then attack again, and again to keep their adversary off balance. At times they will hide behind a fawning façade, then strike. A verbal barrage of rapid-fire wording is used to overshadow any attempt to counter their stance. They will "hawk" or sell their lies aggressively to all surrounding forums in order to gain a consensus. Their energy, stoked by fear-of-failure, is usually higher than that of the possessor-of-truth is. In the end, their cause is usually perceived as "justly" real, due to their "artful" selling power and crafty zeal, not to mention that their audience is not very sophisticated but does represent 85% of the total audit. Many lies are presented as truth.

Much of the world is an illusion due to the dictates of the above truth-less behavior. What is real? Is beauty real? Is showmanship real? What does the aesthetic presentation have to do with truth? Stimulus and response elicited by visual or sound impact can bowl over a sense-starved person. Many youth become slaves to music and video that sells an illusion of pop-culture that has nothing to do with reality. Morals and truth can be subsumed easily to gain an edge for a long-range cause.

When humans band together or manipulate others via self-gratifying lies and play false with other beings, they begin a criminal or immoral behavior that takes advantage of the collective in such a way, that civilization can suffer a retrograde. Merit is subsumed for the cause of sloth and the benefit of the selfish criminal.

However, if we meditate and press the envelope of deep contact with super consciousness, we may be able to discern a gestalt picture of Timelessness. You may not understand your dreams, but they are indeed timeless and they speak to you in a gestalt-symbol(s) oriented sphere of knowledge -- mind globules. Since almost all of us dream at varying levels of sophistication, we may just be privy to a window on our former home. Perhaps its time we looked and listened to our inner being a little bit more to add to and amplify what info we struggle through on the outside. Our purpose for being will be found there (inside).


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don't these people believe it is their truth they are speaking?