The Ica stones

One of things that baffle me is the Ica stones in Peru.

Dr Cabrera have collected about 11,000 stones with carvings of men riding dinosaurs, using advance technology and ancient maps with continents that no longer exist.

The Ica stones had been labeled as a hoax. But if these stones are authentic than there are two possible explanations:

1. Dinosaurs survived the mass extinction 65 million years ago and co exist with humans.
2. Humans existed during the age of the Dinosaurs.

Here are few links about the Ica stones

There is another artifact which suggest the same thing, human and dinosaur coexisted long time ago. Ancient Clay figures of dinosaurs were discovered in Mexico.


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1 May 2004
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Hi Nman,

Well the hoax thing is a hoax itself, this peasant had no idea what he found, dr cabrera was a valued customer but he too was silenced.
Btw you forget one other possibility - time travel, escape to the deep past. More enigmas have turned up like a mammoth with bullit wound, or mocassin like footsteps embedded with a dino trail. I guess we have to live with it, if only those scientists would accept they're no mathmaticians, human sciences could grow a lot faster. As things stand they try to close every loophole into their pet theories denying access, ignoring or if that fails ridiculing everyone that tries to question them.
To me whats truly amazing', how little we know about ourselves, our history and developments. The whole gene thing has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into our 'story', but this too has thusfar succesfully been smothered. Humans are not a product of evolution ! Oops ! We dont want creationists on our back here, so our modern day 'frankensteins' will proof you need not be god to come up with new versions of life, not to mention the fact that our genetic make up could do with improvement. Blasphemy ! Right , wrong it proves it wasn't god at the controls here, and it certainly wasn't evolution either.

" do unto others as you would have them do unto you "

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if time travel were possible and if someone could actually travel to the past, I am sure that it would definitely happen in the era when cameras were invented as cameras were definetely invented before time travel will be invented or maybe has (area 51, god knows what happens there!)
and the traveller will definitely take pictures of some sort rather then drawing them in a horrible way on the stones, even if cameras didnt function, the quality of the drawing on the stones proves this that the drawings were made by primitive beings, thats for certain, as no time traveller could possibly be dumb enough to not take an artist of some sort to depict the dinosaurs, even an inexperienced homo sapien can make a better drawing than that!!! so the possibility of time travel is truly undesirable, also, the carbon dating shows that the oldest human, the neanderthal, walked the earth only about 1-2 million years ago, a time when earth was completly inhabitable for dinosaurs as the environment didnt allow it. hence this possibility is eliminated. the possibility that humans survived the mass extinction also cant be true as there was not a trace found of human remains among the fossils of the dinosaurs. As far as the carving stones go, I think that just like today, fictional writers depict and show information, through their imagination, things that can be true in the future, There is no reason whatsoever to think that our predecessors who could draw, didnt have any imagination, I mean several fictional writers had predicted the use of mobile phones and planes in the 14th century and it came true now didnt it? this doesnt mean that they were using mobile phones and planes!! just look at all the gothic art of today, the monsters and the superheroes of today can also be a reality tommorow, this doesnt mean there are monsters walking the planet, fiction predicted space travel which came true, hence I merely think that the idea of dinosaurs was just a dream of some sort that a very imaginative person put to pictures. This ica stones thing is all a really beg myth, and I dont think that even one percent of it is real!

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Imagination and formed thoughts always have their roots in memory, personal or collective. You can't think something that you don't already 'know' (that is not connected to experience, not 'knowing' in the sense of truth or absolute). The only other option is manipulation via telepathic channels.