Searching for Neville Goddard

Dear Friends, I am writing an historical profile of the influential New Thought teacher and mystical philosopher Neville Goddard (1905-1972), who wrote under the solitary pen name Neville. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has source material or recollections relating to Neville. You can reach me via my website: or at Many thanks, Mitch Horowitz


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I once tracked down an old address for Neville Goddard's Qabalah teacher. A fellow by the name of Abdullah. I probably have the information somewhere around. It was New York City on West 32nd Street but when I did a map search on it the block # no longer existed...

I was going to look up real estate records but I am in Texas and can't get access to NYC court documents...

-- Jason Bedunah
Owner, Manifestation-Masters

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Hi Jason -- I'd be very happy to learn of anything that you know about Abdullah; please do be in touch if you have any recollections/sources to share. cheers, Mitch Horowitz,,