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I read last post Remote Viewing Whitewash...and I decided to share my experiences with Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing as we all are passionate about it.

Few weeks ago I had interesting conversation with Ed Dames about CIA and Remote Viewing.Few weeks after that was discussing the same subject but with Gerald O'Donnell.I guess you all know them.

But from the beginning. Let me introduce myself.

I begun my experience with Remote Viewing with flashes of intuition as a teen. It usually happened during dreams. I’d dream about a particular friend I had not seen in years only to have that very friend call me that very day.

I poured through books on the subject from experts in the field of mind-science including Jose Silva, Napoleon Hill, and Rober Monroe. I experienced OBEs and incredibly detailed remote
viewing experiences.

Later, when I could afford it I took several seminars including The Silva Method, Hemi-Sync (by the Monroe Institute). This helped me fine-tune my skills, particularly along the lines of remote viewing an individual’s health and on remote influencing specific

I started my RV blog to simply collect snippets and videos of interesting remote viewing articles I found online.

But lately, I’ve actually had the opportunity to interview and get to know many of the giants in this field - including Ed Dames and Gerald O’Donnell.I’ll be sharing my conversations and interviews
through this blog.

here's the link to this blog http://www.learnremoteviewing.com

Why the passion for RV? Well I think Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing are the next frontier of science. They hold untold possibilities for helping us create a better and saner future for our offspring and to help us understand the spark of the divine that lies within us all.

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Go ahead and check this interview out, it's really great!


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