'Reality' and More

"There are more things (etc.)..." is my credo. And "Heaven and Earth" cover a lot of territory.

Things are not what they seem. What we perceive is only our perception of What Is. And if your are (yes) open to it, that perception will hopefully be always expanding, growing and encompassing.

The Native Peoples of this Land ("America"--which they call Turtle Island) have a saying, "Ho Mitakye Oyase"--All My Relations. This is the core of the Native Traditions. The underlying belief is that "We Are All One." All of the creatures on the face of the earth are related, and we should honor their existence. This means, not killing unless we are hungry, and then honoring the life and asking permission of those we take the life of.

And the greatest teachings of the other (major) Traditions, speak of 'stewardship of, not dominion over' other living things. Living in balance with all of Gods creation, however you call/interpret that 'God, HIgher Power, That Which Is, Hashem Tov, Allah, etc.', is the (sic) 'whole of the law.'

This was changed/upended/perverted with the phrase "An it harm none, do what thou wilt." Interfering with, or attempting to contro others for your personal sake, (whether politically, economically or spritually) falls into the 'Control or Be controlled' category, and not the "Do Unto Others..." realm.

Once again, I have many of my own experiences, both on the 'Dark' side as well as the "Light' side (which I will not go into as of yet) that lead me to tread lightly, (ok, so sometimes I tred pretty heavily) on the nature of this thing called life. And once again, in the Native Traditions the phrase "Make every step a Prayer" comes to mind.

We are here to learn (although some may disagree from their experiences), and the lessons are not always to our liking. It has been said that we are "God learning what it is like to be 'not God'."

In anothers posting (rant, more like it), the Poster (Imposer) screamed, 'if all of you here actually worked for a living instead of here writing all this shit' (briefly and not accurately quoted), the world would be better off without you!' For that persons benefit as well as to the general, let me state that, yes indeed, I ahve worked much in my life. But also to all parties, work is not neccesarily defined as 'using ones hands and slaving for our daily bread.' The benefit of not living as serfs in an agrarian society.

Work can also be defined as 'working on oneself.' To some, this is 'navel gazing.' A fruitless activity when there's bread to be put on the table.

But also, not overpopulating the earth, (both with human forms as well as ignorance), should also be our direction/work. There is much to be experienced and yes, learned. Having an Open Mind (as has been pointed out to me), is the key to both the Temple as well as our very existence.

The Arctic Ice shelf is calving (scientific term for large sheets of the shelf breaking off and floating away), and the East Coast experienced the effects of an Arctic Blast this week. But Global Warming is a myth, made up by the Media and those Treehugers to take away my Hummer and Jet skies...

The Tsunami wreaked death and destruction in its wake. Earthquakes and volcanoes threaten to affect our environment. And yes, only God knows when the next catastrophe will hit.

There is only one thing we can do in all of this: work on ourselves.

And of course "Walk lightly on the Earth." [And read deeper than 'only words' can say/reveal.]