Return of The Rosslyn Motet ...

Some of you might know that back in 2007, when an article in “The Scotsman” helped bring worldwide attention to Tommy & Stuart Mitchell’s “discovery” of a piece of music hidden in the decorated cubes hanging from the arches of Rosslyn’s Lady Chapel, I posted a list of caveats to the Sinclair Discussion List, later publishing an Atlantis Rising article titled “The Rosslyn Motet: What the Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You about the Chapel’s Musical Cubes,” and just a few months ago published a follow-up article in Girnigoe magazine titled “Rosslyn’s Pillars & Cubes,” definitively showing that as recently as 1837 all the cubes that then survived in the chapel (many had gone missing) were all of the same design, meaning that there was never a musical code built into the architectural fabric of the chapel.

My first article can be read at the following link.

But like a bad penny, it seems, “The Rosslyn Motet” will once again soon turn up at the little chapel we hold so dear.

For full details, click on this:

A couple of notable excerpts.

“Join us from the 8th of December 2010 for a musical/science tour of Rosslyn Chapel hosted by Stuart Mitchell who will explain and demonstrate the incredible decoding process that eventually arrived at the piece of music that was so carefully embedded into the architecture of Rosslyn Chapel.”

And …

“Minibus to Rosslyn Chapel (Entrance fee included in ticket price) for musical tour including Cymatics talk and demonstration on the acoustic and geometric properties of sound. History of Rosslyn Chapel with Ian Robertson author of 'Rosslyn and the Grail'”

From that last paragraph you will appreciate that business plans often make strange bedfellows, since “Rosslyn and the Grail,” actually CO-written with Mark Oxbrow, is one of the biggest debunking books to come down the pike in quite some time, second only to “The Rosslyn Hoax.” The book has actually been advertised on Tommy Mitchell’s home page for a very long time. Just scroll down to the bottom of the following link:

Those of you who have not read "Rosslyn and the Grail" might like to read a review of the book, written by TDG's own Greg Taylor.

Here's the link:

Finally, there is an announcement about what the near future holds for the Mitchells.

“Since the realization of the music in 2005, Stuart and Tommy Mitchell have discovered some incredible new information which will be published later this year our new book 'The Rosslyn Key' and focuses upon the Chapel's relationship with the planet Venus and the mythical mountain 'Mount Meru'. This new research is in collaboration with musicologist Richard Merrick (USA) and will also be discussed during the tour on the 15th to further enhance the natural architectural beauty that is Rosslyn Chapel and the place it holds in our hearts.”

Hmmph … can’t wait.