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Dear Friends,

I would like to announce two Grail Quest internet resource sites set up by my Nashville cyberfriend, Brian Kannard.

His blog, up and running since May 2006:

His brand new website:

Here is the intro to his blog …

“The purpose of this site is for commentary on news relating to Holy Grail studies. The Grail takes as many forms as there are people interested in it. As such there are many tangent lines of interest that touch on the differing theories of the Grail. The views in this blog are my own. Please feel free to enter in a comment and have your say about what is presented. Plus, we've put up a humble web site at for more resources relating to your personal Grail quest.”

Over the past few months Brian has journeyed to Paris, Edinburgh, Monterey and New York City on his own personal Grail Quest. Just this week he paid a visit to the library of Lambuth University, in Jackson, Tennessee, which has just purchased the “Processus contra Templarios” (Prosecution Against the Templars), the pricey tome recently published by the Vatican.

He writes about that visit on his blog’s home page.

Enjoy, and All Best!