The BS of Existence is clouding our Truth

I take a lot of magazines on History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Physics, Science, Technology and many more. My wife is a media expert and buys space and time with many publications and sites. So, I get them secondhand. I recently read the December issue of Smithsonian, page 10 From the Castle. I saw the beautiful Clovis points representing the pre-Columbian efforts in America. I now believe we have been fed BS for eons about who and what we humans are. The short article indicates we Homo sapiens some 100,000 to 50,000 years ago were just like we are today. Those Clovis points are from about 12,000 years ago. They were so perfectly made. Yes, the article above is about the PRIMARY TECHNOLOGY that most humans lived within for eons. They studied Nature and lived in unison with what was about them. They used Nature just as we use the tools about us today in our so-called advanced civilization. I say our evaluation of the past is BS.

Here is what I mean. I think humanity came here from somewhere else and perhaps we came to Earth in the form of seedlings or primary examples of DNA carried by our advanced Ancestors to become here on this planet. We might have even come from Mars to Earth when Mars could no longer support life, as we know it. I believe we are a means to an end created as messengers to sample environment and Leverage the elements and principles of Deity. 12,900 years ago the Earth was victim of a massive event that changed its face to Humanity. Some say a comet large enough to fragment and inundate the planet with many potential catastrophic possibilities are the reason why we had to start over. Nonetheless a massive tsunami swept the earth and we had to come back slowly to our present state of potential.

The Younger Dryas impact had a massive impact on the potential of advanced culture on this Earth. If this planet was once in the process of becoming a leading edge world of biological development, and the evidence is everywhere for those of an advanced mind, then the Primary Technology required a lot of field work. Persons familiar with Genetic Engineering were out in the field developing the world we know as “Nature” (the primary technology) to facilitate what is necessary to exist here in this planetary configuration which needed tweaking scientifically in order to establish a Life Structure here. Those Godly-Like entities who were our leaders were also Genetic Engineers but more than that, they were Planetary Engineers who incorporated much more ability than any one person could do today. Yet we have the potential. Your body and the environment around you are highly complex and to develop technology to coincide with the changing conditions of this physicality would need highly advanced knowledge and wisdom. Humanity lives and Leverages from these sheaths that we occupy here as a means of motivation in a physical state. We are the mind that interfaces with the physical world. We use these bodies to create enclaves of experience and perhaps even entertainment. I think our religious base is the true state of affairs but we have forgotten its totality and how we are part of its interface with matter. I hope you get what I am trying to say. I am saying that we are much more than what we have come to think we are. If we were not held back by some who seem to want to thwart our abilities, we could be almost God-like. I am saying that existence may be a whole different scenario that we have forgotten long ago. We must step back and amplify our minds to reclaim our abilities. We have a whole universe out there waiting for us to resume our missions. Think about it.


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