Dr. Robert M. Schoch Talks


Dr. Robert M. Schoch, the Sphinx Man - Geologist - will be talking on a global streaming radio broadcast where you can call in and yak, ask questions and such. I am giving you the direct url. The radio broadcast is actually August 6th, 8-9 pm ET. That is North Carolina time in the USA.....so you may want to adjust the time frame where ever you live. But this url will have all the info on it, and shows some pretty cool graphics and other info on some paranormal and all. This page lists the other events that Robert will be doing also in Asheville, NC. He will be doing a booksigning gig for his new book Pyramid Quest and then a lecture as well. This is the same Dr. who is featured on the cover of Sub Rosa, the new PDF formatted magazine that will soon be rival to Atlantis Rising..... You should check out Sub Rosa and all it has to offer if you have not done so yet.

This site with the global streaming radio has some weird stuff on it and is interesting and well thought out in design for weirdness and high strangeness. Joshua Warren is the host. His show is called Speaking of Strange. He does spook tours and has talk shows and other events with some pretty cool looking things. I think some of you folks will find it of interest. You might enjoy the other programs he offers to listen to as well. And then, for Robert to actually speak !!!!! That is rare.....

I call it Schoch Talks........I was thinking you might want to record the show somehow so you can have it to listen to later. Keep it in your little stash of things you keep to ponder. Robert rarely talks that much, he writes. So, it is something to think about.

OK, here is the url....I hope when I submit this it is a link ???
If not I guess copy it into your browser adress or something.
It is worth taking a look at.


This goes directly to the page with all of the info and then you can go backwards to the homepage and cruise the site if you are interested.




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With all due respect, should this not be labelled an advertisement?