NASA Unexplained Files, Revisted

I had stopped watching this program, because they invariably gave pat answers for everything anomalous and often didn't even mention other explanations, e.g., for the polar ice on Mercury. However, I have noticed that the new season is being promoted with a not so subtle change in editorial direction. The trailers for new episodes end with the following statement:

"If we have eliminated all of the possible scientific answers, then maybe this is something else."

The graphics and overall presentation is also closer in style/genre to the UFO Files and other more open-minded documentaries. Maybe this is just a case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Now that I've watched a couple of episodes of the new series, there does appear to be a less dogmatic tone. It seems that this change started in the previous season (#3), but I hadn't notice, because I'd written this series off. In Season 3, Episode 6 they even have Nick Pope as a talking heads for one of the segments. There have even been one or two instances where the conclusion was, "we still don't have an adequate explanation." Really?

I'd like to think this is progress, but still have reservations. It probably has more to do with marketing than an actual change in mentality at NASA or mainstream science in general.


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What most strikes me about the herd of current ET/UFO shows is that there is a slow but steady insinuation developing that only a global order could mount a defense against a hostile ET takeover - ie, the olde Star Wars thing again.