Back to Back to the Future

Emlong's recent post on occult symbolism in the Back to the Future movies deserves a closer look (particularly with Easter just around the corner). I hadn't heard about it previously, but it is very, very interesting (in an esoteric kind of way).

The message I'm picking up on is that ("for those with eyes to see") the same people who decided JFK had to be brought down are the same ones that determined to take down the Twin Towers. For some reason this group feels the childish need to brag about their "accomplishments" and even mock those who are duped by them. It's a time-honored tradition I suppose.

In this spirit, the Back to the Future trilogy concludes by having a child (who looks eerily like a young GWB) sign out the following statement: "The future for humanity is wide open as long as people continue to service their masters with pleasant enthusiasm!" With leadership like this, how can we possibly take the wrong course?

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Now that I'm on the cusp of becoming a "senior citizen" I cannot help but feel growing contempt for human beings that so easily sell their souls for a morsel of false security. I can't take back all the work I've done for the human race, but it does now seem like pearls cast before swine. The only ones capable of appreciating it are those that delight in enslaving mankind and laugh at those that unwittingly worship them. So, if you can't be agin 'em, mite as well be fer 'em.