"Snowden's Secret" in the Novel - Catch 22.


"Fifty years before NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden captured the world’s attention, the phrase “Snowden’s Secret” was already becoming a talisman of American literature and popular culture.

Yet today, as a real-life Snowden leaks secrets right and left, the media has failed to notice that we’ve heard the phrase “Snowden’s secret” before. Incredible as it seems, “Snowden’s secret” is the culminating revelation of one of the masterpieces of American literature: Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22, first published in 1961."
"9/11 whistleblower Kevin Ryan – who exposed the cover-up of the controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, was unjustly fired from his job, fought back, yet was completely blacked out of the mainstream media – is understandably suspicious of media darling Edward Snowden: “Presenting documents at a measured rate could be a way to acclimate citizens to painful realities without stirring the public into a panic or a unified response that might actually threaten the status quo. And considering that the number of documents has somehow grown from only thousands to nearly two million, the few insiders could release practically anything, thereby controlling national dialogue on many topics.”

why I don't believe in "big foot"

Lots of people within the paranormal community have different ideas that are offen varied in the degree of evidence to support its existence. from the very little evidence at all to the proven to exist but still ignored level.

lots of people believe in aliens (quite probabal because of the sheer size of the universe). but does this mean that all the pictures of UFOs are legitimate? the answer is resounding no. 95% of UFOs can be explained through conventional ways without the ned for aliens of anything paranormal.

so what about the 5%? well just because we can't explain all the cases does not mean that reptillian aliens are body snatching all the world leaders of all the contrys of the world. perhaps maybe it is just a natural effect. that we have not discovered. of course there is still evidence that exists that but not been explained but is not enough to convice me of the claim. you heard me I think ET is just made of rubber!

now on to the main subject which you took the time and energy to move and click the mouse to look at.

which is big foot. for those of you who believe in this creature how do you deal with the following critismis?

1. if big foot is real then why have we not found a body or at least a skelington of some sort?

2. if big foot is a real solid physical animal then why is there so little evidence for the creature dispite all the time spent looking for it?

3. people of course point to the pictures and videos of the animal and cite it as evidence of even proof. it there a way we can tell if this is real and not just some pot head in a bear suit? (it has happened before).

I myself have tried to defend big foot from the "little james randi" inside me. I have came up with potential answers to the first and most damaging point.

. perhaps "big feet" bury their dead (like people) considering their supposed to be part human in someway.

. perhaps the nature of this animal is against our ideas of the creature itself. perhaps they are like ghosts "nonphysical". or have a starnge biology with no bones or skin that rots away faster.

. perhaps we simply miss their bodys because their bones look similer to the bones of other animals like bears of peoples.

please lets me know what you think by leaving a comment. if you do non have a profile with us. then take 15 minutes to sign up and then comment as this is a awsome website. even if you don't leave a comment I will still of stolen 5 minutes of your life to fuel my satanic powers so jokes on you! MUHAHAHAHA!!!

The Mabus Case

Written on Behalf of Dennis Markuze by an old friend. Here he presents his SIDE and I think you will agree that he is right!

"I was never approached to offer me my side of the story. Here are the FACTS not the faulty information fed to you by a gang of atheists and drama producing police. Hopefully you can do an article taking my side. I am a odd character, a unique individual, who has been turned into a media monster for my strange ideas, BUT I'M RIGHT!



Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law: Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms
1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
Fundamental Freedoms
2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other means of communication.
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.”

In order to be honest about the facts of the accusations against me it is necessary to state that I am a Christian and these were debates about religion and politics online with atheists and skeptics, and sometimes these got heated. The charges laid on me are based on hearsay and conjecture. I am being charged for my controversial ideas not for any offense. Words taken out of context online by strangers thousands of kilometers away have been used as a charge of harassment, to seize my property, to imprison me, to take away my rights. These are subjective charges, and the only party that has really been injured has been me! I have been fingered unfairly and I must state the facts for the public record.

On November 16, 2012, I was arrested in my own house for being on a chat room and apparently harassing Tim Farley. He tweaked and twisted my words to make them appear threatening because he knew that for me to be simply on the Internet was a crime. He reported me to the police and made fraudulent and out of context remarks on what I said. He took harmless banter and converted it into hostile hate speech. He knew my vulnerability and took advantage of it, what appears as a malevolent accusation of guilt. Overnight the police got a search warrant and raided my house, seizing property. Again, simply being on the internet was enough. No threats were made and no violent acts committed. He suffered no injury. He suffered no financial loss. He suffered no loss in credibility. But I have suffered all these things and more. I have no history of violence in my past. I have God given inalienable rights of freedom of speech and expression. The condition to not debate on forums is a direct violation of my fundamental human rights to speak This condition must be removed. I'm a writer who engages in debate with the power of words not force of arms. I debate, sometimes hotly, with skeptics and atheists to disprove their ideas. Farley doesn’t like what I have to say about him and his organization, the James Randi Foundation, an atheist group. He wants to silence my right to state my ideas on religion and politics, and he and his gang have called the police whenever they suspect I'm on the Internet. All they want to do is deprive me of my freedom so as to discredit my ideas. I am being ganged up on, bullied, and marked by atheists and skeptics, and even the media is taking their side, not once asking for my side of the story. True, some of my words may be rude or tasteless such as, “I will crush you,” or, “I will be rid of you etc.” My actual ideas center upon the utter waste of intelligence used in the ideology of atheism and the importance of peace and disarmament for the planet, and the terrible costs of war. My real words can be found here not the broken fragments they produce to use as lies to condemn me:

Please spend the time to read, watch, and hear what I have to say here:


Dennis Markuze


January, 21, 2014

guerrilla stupidity on wikipedia

The "skeptical" movement has show is ridiculous side in recent times by putting together and online group of cyber terrorists (really I am not making this up) that they dub "guerrilla skeptics"

the animal that this is offen confused with is probably jumps and leaps ahead of most of the people in the skeptical movement in terms of the evolutanry chain.

this particuler religous sect of the skeptical movement is tasked with dealing with any page on wikipedia that shows evidence for the "fringe topics" and is *fixed* by these psuedoskeptics by fair means or foul (falsy accusing people of violating wikipedian rules to get them band)

you can read about the above case on weiler psi when he talks about the psuedoskeptics getting a user banned for taking an agnostic stance on psi instead of a negetive one.

the dictator of this new propoganda factory is a known psuedoskeptic called susan gerbic. again if you look on weiler psi you will find a link to a video that is circulating the internet currantly which is used in skeptical websites.

the video is that of susan gerbic herself educating her hitler youth about how they can vandalize pages on wikipedia that they do not like.

if this goes on to become successful (it has already made a substancial amount of progress) then wikipedia will look more like rational wiki (the psi denialists answer to creation wiki which is itself nonsense)

personly I think that we should all go and watch that video to compleation and use the information to correct the pages.

recently rupert sheldrake commented about an attack on his wiki page by a group of skeptics. the skeptical community largly responded by saying that his page is not on their list of projects so they could not have touched it.

(of course its well know that susan gerbic has a telepathic connection with the other members of her group so she can be sure that she knows what they are doing every second of every day).

honestly the speed at which this group works at and its effectcy are so remarkable that its almost paranormal activty in itself.

not to mention of course that fact that susen gerbic knows that the skeptics are always sticking to the project list and not doing their own thing once in a while. which she apparently does must be a psychic act of some sort.

watch the video on weiler psi to find out the true nature of this new group or simply look at the wiki pages that they have attack so far like ESP.

Textiles and Pottery

A precursor to a conversation with ceramic artist Dana Morton of Earthborne Art.


The ancient association between textiles and ceramics and their role in the multi-tiered cosmos ideology.

Universal Consciousness and the Negative Brain

January 13 2014 Universal Consciousness and the Negative Brain.

I am now leaning towards the theory of a universal consciousness which is timeless, nonlocal and accessible to all.

Our physical bodies work on negative principles. Our muscles can only exert power by contracting. We develop the power by using opposing muscles, one to extend the arm and another to draw it in. This is true of all aspects of our being. Our digestive system works by getting rid of poisons and useless material while making full use of the positive material. Our hearing is selective, so that we can hear only the conversations or sounds which are of interest at the moment. Ask anyone who uses a hearing aid, a non selective amplifier. Our eyes see only a very limited spectrum of the available light and only a very limited portion of the available field. We don’t see gravity, only its effects. We don’t see or feel the electromagnetic field at all but we can see its effects on other materials. This narrowing down of our perceptions has a survival effect by enabling us to concentrate on the immediate threat, and shut out all distractions.

So our brains have access to all knowledge but act as a filter, because all knowledge would be a very distracting thing in the process of living. So while we have access to the universal consciousness, our brains filter it out so that only a necessary portion is readily available – anymore would be overload.

This explains many things. The timelessness and nonlocality of psi effects. They can be in the past, present or future. Some people have naturally more open filters so that they can see more than they need to know for survival. If this is so, if we could access the filter in some situations we would be able to make much better decisions. Our brains keep our consciousness in check as a matter of survival and we have learnt to restrict ourselves to this limited behavior.

This factor has been noted and documented by physicians as a return to exceptional clarity by some in the face of death, where the mind accepts the situation as inevitable and ceases to churn away on our fears, releasing the filter and enabling us to access the brilliant world outside, meet others who have already accessed it by the death of the brain, who no longer need the filter to defend them against the brightness. This would be the source of Steve Jobs dying words – “Oh Wow – Oh Wow - Oh Wow!” I think he knew he was about to die, dropped the filters a few seconds early and saw the wonderful world outside. Also it could be the source of many Near Death visions, the blinders have been dropped and people can SEE!

Holograaphic memory and transfer of memory with transplants

I J’ve just been reading about the refutation of the materialists’ theory that mind is a function of the brain. While these writers search for the facts to refute this theory, they all seem to overlook two things. 1. Memory is a function of all our cells. I believe that Biocentrism has the right idea. All the cells in the body are affected by what happens to the body that forms memories, on a holographic basis. Therefore if you lose a part of your body you don’t lose any memories because the whole of memory is available in each cell.

2. In the case of transplants of major organs, there is in some cases a transfer of some aspects of the donor’s personality to the recipient. This has been investigated in a few cases with the recipient having no knowledge of the donor, yet he suddenly takes up bike riding for no apparent reason except that it is subsequently found to have been a passion of the donor. The reason for the association of the parts of the brain with the functions is that like a TV receiver, certain parts translate certain identifiable things and the service technician can identify the faulty parts from the lack or modification of the functions. That does not mean that the signal has been modified, just that the part of the translation is malfunctioning.

There is ample confirmation of this transfer. I believe that the reason it is not noted more often is that the a strength of the transfer depends on the size of the transplant.


The Planarian worm also regenerates new body parts. If you cut it into three, head, body, and tail, it will regenerate a full worm from each part and each new worm will have the same memories as the original!.

The Most SHOCKING Spurious Conspiracy Theory Video Ever! CAN YOU SEE IT? Yes...

See video

The most shocking spurious Conspiracy Theory Video ever is this video that gets you to think about things you might not have thought about otherwise! Things like what? See it for yourself, and maybe you too will begin to see things the way they really are. There has never been a video like it this before. The World you thought you knew is about to become the World you thought you knew! Your life will forever change.

More on the source field, consciousness etc.

I just finished Greg's book "Don't Worry There Probably Is...." I didn't join in the furore with the "Skeptics" and others as I now regard "Skeptics" as a class of humanity who are lower than low. They try to prevent others from reading what they want and seem to have no ethics whatsoever, using anything that comes to hand to bludgeon the reader into ignoreing the opinions of others.

I no longer live in the US, but remember the unbelievable propaganda they serve up in the media and TV. I recently renewed my acquaintance with a retired teacher from the US, and just in passing referred to 9/11 as an inside job. He was very impolite and accused me of being an "Islamist!" Since he has been here (in Sicily) for a few months, I have not dared to reopen the discussion. Who am I to disillusion him? I excused it by reasoning that being a teacher of young people in the USA these days means that you have to toe the party line to retain your job till retirement, which he has now safely attained. I think the attitude of the locals here, the many expats that we have these days, will seep through his automatic defences.

I didn't start this entry to discuss that, it just came up! What I wanted to discuss was my view on Greg's book. I found it enlightening as it gathers together all the evidence in one place, where it is easily readable. It is a very convincing read, even allowing for the fact that I am a very convinceable submissive person. I still look for fact, and distrust statistics when they are a million to one.

I have been living with my partner for over twelve years now and find that we have developed a form of communication which is telepathic in that we both seem to think of the same thing at the same time. It happens with trivial things and with big things where we might be at odds considering our totally unrelated backgrounds. This all contributes to my theories on the "field" which I envisage as something like gravity which has been observed to be faster than light judging by the movement of the sun.

Cass Sunstein's "Cognitive Infiltration"


Excellent book that deftly unravels the most tangled web of our time. Bo

Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

"Griffin's meritorious effort to raise public awareness and understanding
Former Chicago and Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, who in 2009 was appointed by President Barack Obama to direct an important executive branch office, had in 2008 co-authored an article containing a plan for the government to prevent the spread of anti-government "conspiracy theories." Arguing that such theories are believed only by groups suffering from "informational isolation," he advocated the use of anonymous government agents to engage in "cognitive infiltration" of these groups in order to introduce "cognitive diversity," with the aim of breaking them up.
Noting that Sunstein's proposal has evoked condemnations from across the political spectrum--not least because it, being similar to the FBI's COINTELPRO of the 1960s, would be illegal--David Ray Griffin focuses on the fact that Sunstein's primary target is the conspiracy theory advocated by the 9/11 Truth Movement. Examining Sunstein's charge that this theory is both "harmful" and "demonstrably false," Griffin uses both satire and overwhelming evidence to show that this twofold charge applies instead to what Sunstein calls "the true conspiracy theory" about 9/11-namely, the "theory that Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11."


"In the United States today, the phrase `conspiracy theory' functions as a sort of giant cudgel, used to scare us out of talking openly about a broad (and ever-growing) range of scandals that the powerful cannot afford to let the people comprehend. In this new book, David Ray Griffin takes devastating aim at that repressive tactic, exposing it for what it really is. All those who cherish democracy, and intellectual freedom, owe it to themselves to read this brave analysis---and owe its author their sincerest thanks." --- Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Culture and Communication, New York University.

A reviewers comment:

Deconstruction of a Fascist Proposal to Destroy the 9/11 Truth Movement
By Dennis P. McMahon on November 29, 2010Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase David Ray Griffin's "Cognitive Infiltration" is a devastating deconstruction of Cass R. Sunstein's shocking and dangerous proposal to have the U.S. government illegally infiltrate and destroy the 9/11 Truth Movement. Sunstein--a Harvard Law Graduate, President Obama's choice to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and once described by Elena Kagan (now a Supreme Court Justice) as "the preeminent scholar of our time"--is unmasked by Griffin and shown to be a fascist automaton, eager to openly do the bidding of the enforcers of the official 9/11 myth that is used to justify the government's perpetual wars in the Middle East, and the ongoing suppression of civil liberties at home. Especially horrifying is that Sunstein is now in a position to help implement the very unconstitutional policies he so eagerly espoused. "Cognitive Infiltration" provides an intelligent and measured response to the twisted madness of Sunstein, who as a result of offering his frightening proposal, has revealed himself to be unworthy of holding public office.

In an analysis of the ten theses that form the basis of the Obama appointee's proposal to eradicate 9/11 Truth, Griffin distinguishes between two levels of meaning in Sunstein's essay: the exoteric (surface) and the esoteric (hidden). The esoteric interpretations portray Sunstein in such a favorable light that readers may wonder if Griffin is being serious in his praise or not. The answer is provided in the Conclusion of "Cognitive Infiltration."

Early on in "Cognitive Infiltration," to counter Sunstein's thesis that conspiracy theories in the U.S. are usually both unjustified and false, Griffin provides excellent summaries of no less than seventeen so-called "conspiracy theories" involving the U.S. government that in time proved to be true, including: numerous U.S. overthrows of legitimate governments around the world (Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, Chile, Panama, Haiti, etc.); the manufactured Gulf of Tonkin incident (which Lyndon Johnson used as a pretext for escalating the Vietnam War); the FBI's illegal counter-intelligence program (COINTELPRO) which targeted Martin Luther King and the anti-Vietnam War Movement (and which seems to have served as a model for Sunstein's plan to target the 9/11 Truth Movement); Operation Mockingbird, involving CIA infiltration and (ongoing) control of the U.S. "free press;" and the "Deadly Lie at Ground Zero (2001)" initiated by the Bush-Cheney White House which ordered the EPA to tell the public that the air around NYC's World Trade Center following the 9/11 attacks was safe to breathe, even though test results indicated that the air was highly toxic. Trusting their government, 40,000 rescue and clean-up workers dutifully returned to work, unaware of the lies and the danger. As Griffin documents, 60-70% of these Ground Zero workers have come down with various debilitating illnesses, including cancer, and many have already died.

While analyzing Sunstein's primary claim--that those who hold to any unofficial 9/11 conspiracy theory do so because they suffer from `informational isolation' and a `crippled epistemology'--Griffin exposes the absurdity of Sunstein's theory by focusing on the intellectual leadership of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and their impressive credentials. In so doing, Griffin effectively demonstrates that it is Sunstein who is informationally isolated and possessed by a crippled epistemology, as a result of not having done his 9/11 homework.

Similarly, Griffin shows that Sunstein's charge that the 9/11 Truth Movement's evidence is weak or nonexistent would be more appropriately leveled at proponents of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. In refuting this Sunstein allegation, Griffin includes a masterful overview of the existing evidence which proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the government has lied about what really happened on 9/11.

In a draft of his essay published on the internet, Sunstein, an old friend of Obama, let slip that the government enlisted the editors of Popular Mechanics to serve as the government's `independent experts' on 9/11, Griffin reports. Thus, Sunstein's "proposal" may have sprung from an inner-circle knowledge that the 9/11 Truth Movement is already being cognitively infiltrated (which would come as no surprise to many 9/11 Truthers who suspect that there already are trolls, provocateurs, and "limited hangouts" on the internet). In this light, Sunstein's essay can be seen more as a clandestine attempt to legitimize the government's cognitive infiltration that is already taking place.

Whatever the motivations for Sunstein's fascist proposal, the number of 9/11 Truth converts continues to grow, Griffin notes. If the call for illegal infiltration of the 9/11 Truth Movement is the best plan that can be devised by this "pre-eminent legal scholar," Griffin asks, tongue in cheek, might it not be time for the defenders of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory "to throw in the towel?" Synchronistically, just prior to this writing, two mainstream media personalities--Geraldo Rivera and Judge Andrew Napolitano, both on Fox no less--have begun challenging the government's official conspiracy theory, while admitting that the 9/11 Truth Movement could be right in saying that 9/11 was an inside job.

Time will tell how much 9/11 Truth will be allowed to enter the mainstream, and where exactly that will lead. Whatever the extent and direction, Sunstein will have unwittingly contributed to the effort by writing an essay that "has provided such an excellent foil for [Griffin's] laying out of the current nature of the 9/11 Truth Movement, along with the extent and quality of its evidence," as the literary leader of the 9/11 Truth Movement acknowledges at the end of "Cognitive Infiltration," a truly brilliant work