Where are you going to see Star Wars 7?

I used to watch these at the Uptown in DC.

I haven't figured out yet where a good local theatre is in Illinois -
getting into Chicago is pretty difficult for me now.

What kind of screen do you guys hope to get to?

Tut Recycled Nefertit's Death Mask?

This new research by Nicolas Reeves is quite intriguing and exciting.



It's been almost six years since the Amarna Period mummies were DNA tested and the results so hotly debated:


So, I can't be more elated that new insights may be forthcoming. However, I think that further excavation in the tomb of Tut will reveal more about Pharaoh Aye than Tut or even Nefertiti.

The DNA testing suggested that Aye and Amenhotep III could have been one and the same person. I was very reluctant to consider that possibility in 2010, but can now say that it is a near certainty. It turns out that the "Solomon Figure" of every major dynasty was expected to resume his rule after a major catastrophe ("Exodus Event"). The Solomon figure of the earlier 12th Dynasty had been Amenemhet III. He apparently attempted a comeback after the "Great Flood" that ended the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, and under the same name as his 18th Dynasty counterpart, i.e., Ay. This is a major clue to sorting out the chronology of the so-called Egyptian 13th Dynasty.

In a separate study, I discovered that the wise Flood hero (of Myth and the Bible) was actually expected to renew his rule after the disaster, and was also expected to endure a good bit of abuse on account of it.


Therefore, Pharaoh Aye was only fulfilling a required stock role after the "Exodus of Akhenaten." It was not only possible for Amenhotep III to become king again under his common/given name, but it was considered necessary. The tradition had to be honored.

I'm currently researching and writing a new book on the Seleucid Period and have found that this pattern was also repeated in that Era. A certain Seleucid king found it expedient to artificially restart his rule after the major catastrophe of the 3rd Century BC.


It is this event, and the Seleucid king's response to it, that allows us to firm up the chronology of that particular century. Spoiler alert: The standard chronology is off by about 18 years during that time period.

What really ended the last ice age?



My guess is that Graham Hancock did not know about my book "Man and Impact in the Americas" (2006).

But given his up coming media blitz about the impact hazard,
good on him.

I hope he reads these notes on the state of the current work,
as he's going to be under fierce attack.

I'd also advise him to watch out for the G8d D****d F******g Mars Nuts,
as they will be out to get him.

It will be interesting to watch the fight.

My guide inside the Theosophist cult archaeology industry

http://www.danieljglenn.com/the_podcasts... Walked Among Us Part 1.pdf

http://www.danieljglenn.com/the_podcasts... Walked Among Us Part 2.pdf

http://www.danieljglenn.com/the_podcasts... Walked Among Us Part 3.pdf

Don't let yourself be conned.

Al Qaeda has chemical weapons

See video

Coming to a town near you?

While the guy who creates these videos has his own point of view, one which ignores convergence of interests in favor of conspiracy, there is little wonder why Russia is in Syria.

Lucid Dream of a Samurai

I interrupt my semi-retirement from the internet to bring you two lucid dream reports, both within a week of each other. As with all lucid dreams, they were vivid, realistic, and left an impresson on me.

Dream One:

I'm a samurai fighting a battle that enters a hall. It could be a dojo. As the battle rages around me, I meet a samurai in magnificent red armour, his helmet adorned with deer antlers. Yukimura Sanada! He is a brilliant fighter, and he lets loose two arrows and then throws a spear, all within seconds and at lightning speed. It's a miracle each missile narrowly misses me. It's then I become lucid. I stop and ask myself, why am I fighting this magnificent samurai? He's done nothing against me, he is the epitome of honour and virtue, I should be on his side!

Yukimura Sanada Samurai lucid dreaming dream

Dream Two:

I'm on my way to catch a train. I'm waiting at a pedestrian crossing on a bridge above train tracks. The walking light is red, but there is no traffic coming either way. Safe to cross. It's at this stage I become lucid in the dream, and decide to jog across the road regardless of the red light. There are other people waiting, but they don't cross. As I reach halfway, the walking light turns green, but I keep jogging anyway. I then see a woman about to throw herself off the bridge onto the train tracks below. I grab her just in time, and crouch down on the ground holding her. I ask the people who gather around us to call an ambulance. I ask the woman, who has black hair and is wearing a pink/purple jacket, if there's anyone she wants to call. She says the only person is her boyfriend, and he's the reason she's there.

Not sure what either dream means, but they were very real, and I was lucid. I can't remember any more, unfortunately. Yukimura Sanada is interesting, I wore his helmet when I visited Osaka Castle last year.

How to stop the rain?

This weekend I have a big festival coming up and there is a chance it will be rained out. Sadly I need it for income so it's totally bumming me out, or at least it was until I read this post on Yahoo answers. For those of us who can't just call up HAARP and ask them to stop the rain, there's options. This is why you don't search for forecasts on ixquick kids :P


How to stop the rain?
My plans is cancelled because of the rain. how can i stop it??

Best Answer: Ahhh, rain that is one of the evilest curses laid upon us...

Here are a few steps to stop the rain that i have learned.

1) Sacrifice something close to you to the rain goddess to please her

If that doesn't work then do this

2) Sacrifice a animal or human on an altar and burn the meat and bones in a open pit fire, add sapphire crystals which symbolize the rain

If that STILL doesn't work... this method has always worked

3) Preform the ceremonial rain dance...

a) Put on a specially painted mask that bears the colors Blue, Red, Black, And White
b) Put on a some form of bear fur, MAKE SURE ITS GENUINE
c) Apply rooster semen to your hands in 3 parallel lines on center of your palm
d) Create a fire at least 3 feet wide
e) Dance around the fire in an open area hopping on your feet in this order R-L-R-R-R-L-R&L-L-L Repeatedly for about 10 revolutions around the fire
f) Be sure to sing guttural tones between low E flat and mid C Sharp while doing so in step 3e
g) Burn 3 Palm Tree leaves soaked in water for 5 minutes
h) Watch the rain go away in about 30 Sec

Really a great answer though I hope the kid asking the question didn't take this seriously. If so which one did he choose to do? I think I'll stick to praying to the sky gods for now...as I lack a rooster...

Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index...

dogs, and other animals, are face blind

This is just the seed for something in the future.

One of the tests humans push on "lower" animals is the mirror test. If an animal can recognize itself in a mirror, they are conscious and self-aware.

The test involves an animal having something applied to their face then presented with a mirror. "Intelligent" animals will paw at their face, wave their trunk, or physically demonstrate they recognize the reflection as their own.

Dogs and cats recognize humans, but it may be through other mediums of perception. Even, thanks to Rupert Sheldrake, through a faculty approaching psi.

For example, remembering their human's mode of dress that day. Smell. The sound of their voice. A combination of all these factors making up for a lack of facility in recognizing faces. Much in the same way blind people will rely upon their other senses to recognize people and objects.

Keeping with dogs and cats, since most western people are intimately familiar with them. NO, NOT THAT KIND OF INTIMACY. Who needs a face when they can smell crotches and butts, acknowledge the patterns of their fur, the bearing of their tail and ears, and recognize vocalizations or breathing patterns.

I propose humans are engaging in a fallacy of animals must apprehend humans the way humans recognize each other. If the tables were turned, where dogs ruled the earth, humans would be considered non-sentient and categorized as butt-blind.

What we are dealing with are alien intelligences. While they may be from Earth, sharing similar experiences, their essence, their soul (if i dare) is fundamentally different from humanity.

By understanding animals as animals, rather than deformed humans who can not speak like us, our species, our biosphere, our planet, will be ready for first contact.

By no means am I advocating a "Kumbaya" culture where people stop eating meat, regardless of the good it could bring, nor stopping animal testing, but apprehending these different consciousnesses and accepting them as equal, rather than dismissing evidence as "anecdotes" or "hearsay" because it troubles our chimp brains how there could be intellectual peers among us.

Take cavemen. They look like us, they can count, and possibly acknowledge their reflection but they couldn't make heads nor tails of a smartphone because they don't have smartphones, they don't have the capacity to build nor design one.

Animals don't have the capacity nor build technology on par with humanity because, here's where I get into crazy territory, they're being kept down by the man through willful ignorance. An ignorance in learning how to meaningfully communicate with critters, exchange metaphors, idioms, and concepts rather than conveying simplistic and demeaning commands.

The Man in the Mirror

Mirrors are powerful objects to humans. From John Dee's scrying mirror, the metaphor of a black mirror popularized by the eponymous television show, and admonitions to cover a mirror under many circumstances, like the Jewish shiva or superstition.

Take Bloody Mary. There are many interpretations of this legend, but here's what I learned as a kid. At midnight, stand in darkened room facing a mirror and chant "Bloody Mary" three times. She'll appear in the reflection and bad things will happen. Fortunately, the worst that happened to me was scaring the shit out of my seven year old self. According to Wikipedia, Bloody Mary shows young girls if they will marry or if they will die. ((https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Mar...))

Opie and Tatem's indispensable A Dictionary Of Superstitions expresses a measure of caution with looking glasses:

"In the chamber of death .. a dread is felt of some spiritual being imaging himself forth in the blank surface of the mirror .. I suspect that the true reason for shrouding the looking-glass .. is that given me in Warwickshire, that if you look into the mirror in the death-chamber, you will see the corpse looking over your shoulder." ((A Dictionary of Superstitions, pp 252))

What are we seeing if nothing paranormal is afoot?

The obvious, and unexpected, answer is "ourselves".

A recent study with the catchy name "Dissociation and hallucinations in dyads engaged through interpersonal gazing" by Giovanni Caputo, late of the University of Urbino, reveals people who stare at other people for extended periods begin to hallucinate. Chitra Ramaswamy at The Guardian notes, "90% hallucinated a deformed face, 75% saw a monster, 50% said their partner’s face morphed into their own and 15% saw a relative’s face." ((Look into my eyes: can 10 minutes of staring make you hallucinate?, The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/science/short...))

Of interest are the latter two statistics, where faces became more familiar and familial. Ancient burial practices focused on imparting immortality upon the deceased. Neolithic plastered human skulls and ancient Egypt's ushabti are physical representations of the deceased, reminding our forebears of the deceased's wisdom and, likely, manifesting as visual and/or auditory hallucinations. These artifacts are part of the archaeological underpinnings of Julian Jaynes's compellingly controversial theory of the bicameral mind. Before humans became properly conscious, our actions were guided by the voices of ancestors and gods originating from our brain's right hemisphere. ((The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, pp 138-175))

Of interest is part of Jaynes's description of consciousness in relation to memory. What people presume to recall is built from concepts, the platonic ideals of their office, the view out of the window, et al. These contribute to one's mental sense of place and position in the world. The memories enabling one to see themselves in the third person. ((Ibid., pp 27-30))

Bringing us back to Bloody Mary and Giovanni Caputo.

People staring at themselves in the mirror are looking at a different self, the unconscious visible in the conscious body. After ten minutes of eye contact humans apprehend their other half, kept in check by the rational left hemisphere. These hallucinations communicate the subconscious's instincts and reactions towards what's before it.

The CDC's Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Plan


"Yes, you read that correctly. The CDC has dedicated time and tax dollars to preparing you for the zombie apocalypse. Of course, they don’t actually believe that a zombie apocalypse will occur. This is more of a PR stunt, but half serious at the same time. The only thing I can compare it to, is when some parents try to come off as “hip and cool” to a younger generation, but wind up making an ass of themselves in the process."