"Paranormal Witness" Returns to SyFy


The paranormal documentary show "Paranormal Witness" is starting up again on the SyFy channel this Wednesday Aug. 26. This is in my opinion the best of such shows to appear on TV thus far. They get the best hauntings and the best witness interviews, and the production values are high, or at least they have been in past years. Don't know if the recent budget problems plaguing network TV will affect this show too. Below is probably the best show they ever produced - "The Rain Man."

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The Riddle of the Grail

I’ve long been interested in perplexing mysteries: the pyramids of Egypt, UFOs, Atlantis. If it was mysterious I was all over it. And if no one knew the answer—as they inevitably did not—then the mystery intrigued me all the more. Because that meant my answers were likely to be as right as anyone else’s. The best mysteries are kind of democratic like that. So, naturally, stories of King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table was exactly my kind of thing. My real attraction to Arthurian legend, though, was not so much Arthur or even the wondrous Camelot. Rather, it was the great mystery pursued by the king and his knights: the riddle of the Holy Grail.

Over the years I had done a lot of reading on the subject. As one might guess there are all kinds of theories and fantastic speculations about the Grail and its origins. In at least one of those traditions the Grail is not a cup at all but rather a stone, and this stone is associated with Lucifer. That particular tradition maintains that the stone was a gem dislodged from Lucifer’s crown upon his Fall from heaven. Lucifer, contrary to later Christian tradition, is associated with wisdom, the attainment of knowledge, and enlightenment. This is reflected in the Genesis story of the Garden of Eden. For this reason a number of secret societies, who down the ages also sought enlightenment, honored Lucifer as their patron. In Latin the name Lucifer translates as Bearer or Bringer of Light.

But I stray from my point.

It was about five years ago that I happened across a Grail story I had not encountered before. It was about sir Galahad. In this tale Galahad finds himself on a remote island. The island was called Sarras. On that island was a city which was also called Sarras. It was here in the city of Sarras that Galahad, after years of questing, had at long last laid hold of the object for which he had searched. He takes up the cup, gazes into it, and is instantly spirited up to heaven. He dies on Sarras having successfully completed his arduous quest. But it’s funny how quirky little things can sometimes lead us to great answers. In this case it was a grammatical quirk in the story. I noticed the word “Sarras” was a palindrome, and although I found that interesting it was a few days yet before an idea would occur to me. I wrote down the word on a piece of paper. I took a pair of scissors and cut the word in half right between the two Rs. I then took a hand mirror and placed one half of the word against the mirror. Because Sarras is a palindrome what the mirror revealed was the other half of the word, thus completing the word entire—SARRAS. This experiment led to an insight.

Upon reading the Galahad story the reader is left to ask a question. The question is: What did Galahad see when he peered into the Grail? The insight I gained from the mirror revealed what he had witnessed in the cup was his own reflection staring back at him. Galahad discovered in that moment that he is divine and immortal. Thus, he realized Christ's words in the Gospel of John: “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” This, of course, is a reference to a similar passage in Psalms.

Many of the Grail stories we’re familiar with today were significantly shaped—though not originally derived—starting around the 13th century and were heavily influenced by Gnostic traditions, traditions which held that all people bear within them the spark of divinity. But it is up to the people, these same traditions tell us, to realize this truth for themselves. The idea of the Holy Grail, I learned, serves as a tool to lead those who quest after it to that realization. But what the quester also discovers is that a literal cup is unnecessary and never existed in history. The Grail is a concept to be grasped, rather than an object to be obtained. It's the stories that are important, for it is through the stories that the mystery has been preserved and passed down to posterity.

I believe there is yet another pivotal concept underlying the Grail myths, an idea clamoring for its day in the sun. It was for the heretical nature of this idea that the Albigensians, the Gnostic-steeped Cathars of Southern France, were in the early 13th century put to the sword by the prevailing religious authorities. That time is not yet arrived. But if the suggestive smoke signals on the Mythicist horizon is any indication of things to come, its day under a glorious sun is fast approaching.

Infinity Concept May Change One's Political Identity.

In 2006 The Society for The Mass Dissemination of The Concept of Infinity, also known as The Infinity Society ( NGO ), conducted a limited experiment on random members of the general public. Over 800 adult individuals walking on K Street in Washington, DC, were approached by a member of The Infinity Society who asked them if they would be willing to answer a few basic questions about Science, Technology and Society. At the end of the survey we asked for their e-mail contact details. A few months later we sent them an e-mail asking them the same questions but in a different order. We explained that we had lost our data due to a computer glitch and needed their answers again. The actual purpose of these questions was not directly disclosed. The survey questions, and results are presented here. The results were conclusive.




Black Goo, Chemtrails, and the The Theory of Everything

Certainly, one of the most intriguing sets of theories I have run into in a very long time.

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ATTENTION: INFINITY DAY 2015 is Coming this August the 8th! Are You Ready?

"Infinity Day was first conceived and created by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, a philosopher, poet, journalist and science-fiction author, who as a sidewalk philosopher became known as The Original New York City Free Advice Man (see The New Yorker magazine’s August 17, 1987 issue) back in 1987. He has since become known as a celebrity there. Infinity Day was begun in 1987 and has been celebrated in the form of peaceful, non-violent and lawful demonstrations for philosophical inquiry, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and ethics in society, throughout the world. Thereafter the founder took it to various cities in the US and Europe. He now lives in London." ( Bill Petro, History of Infinity Day: August 8 )

International and Universal Infinity Day is YOUR Day to Celebrate Philosophy, Art, Science and Life! It is a day when we should encourage everyone to Think Deeply, Ponder Deep Philosophical Questions, such as: What Is IT All About?, Why Are We Here?, What are the Logical Implications of a Universe that is Infinite?, How Can We Bring About An Everlasting Era of Enlightenment, of Wisdom, of Peace, Love, Empathy, Understanding, of Ethics? This is a day which to Us Represents everything that is the opposite of Ignorance, the opposite of Irrational Hate and Fear, the opposite of Brutal Intolerance and Barbaric Violence. Infinity Day is for Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Spiritual and Scientific Lovers of Life, who seek to unravel the many mysteries of Life, of Existence before and beyond Life, of the Universe itself! As Albert Einstein so aptly put it: "One who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his or her eyes are closed." - Albert Einstein . Infinity Day was originally created by the Philosopher-Poet-Artist Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo in 1988. You are more than welcome to share this site with all the other wonderful people in your life. The first step to restoring sanity and peace to our World is by means of Voluntary Grass-roots Educational efforts, such as sharing this site and its related information with everyone! Feel free to contact us and share with us your own events and activities you plan for this and every forthcoming Infinity Day. Best, The Infinity Day Website People. ( Source: The Official Infinity Day 2015 website ).

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That is the reported IQ of Joaquín "el Chapo" Guzmán, who once again managed to escape from a Mexican federal prison, in what it has become the biggest of a looooong chain of blunders for this administration.

It is also said Guzmán only went 3 years to school. He had trouble writing his own name, and he didn't like to read.

3 years.

To me the real tragedy is not that this dangerous drug lord is walking on the streets of Mexico again. The REAL tragedy is that a man with a 137 IQ wasn't given the opportunity of a proper education, and could find no other way to put his intelligence to use than in trafficking.

That is the tragedy, and the waste.

Fudging the Polio Numbers


"In reality, the charade was continuing right on schedule: Of the ‘35,000 cases of polio reported on average in the late 1940s and early 1950s, only 15,000 were paralytic – the reduction to 2,500 cases of paralytic polio in 1957, and the complete disappearance of all the non-paralytic cases, was a direct result of the diagnostic changes. It’s smoke ‘n mirrors."

Exploring an alternate future reality...

We just released gameplay footage for our latest foray into our alternate reality game inspired hard science fiction videogame: Consortium: The Tower Prophecy.

I think many Grailers may dig this!

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Those Bright Spots on Ceres: They Might Be An Alien Resort.

Everyone wonders what are those bright spots on Ceres. Perhaps we are about to find out for sure. Here is one possibility:


Studi Ghibli's Potential Swansong Has Me Crying from the Trailer

Need a good kick in the heart? Here is the latest, and possibly last, great film from Studio Ghibli, "When Marnie Was Here" released May 22, 2015:

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The truth about who Marnie actually is will blow your brain out the back of your head. I won't ruin it for anyone though. Here is a review courtesy of Matthew Parkinson of The Escapist Magazine:


After Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement, it was declared that Studio Ghibli would be taking a hiatus following the release of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya and When Marnie Was There. That hiatus had been reported as short, long, or indefinite, with many speculating that the latter of those two films could be the final entry in the Ghibli œuvre. Well, if that winds up being the case, the studio's punctuation mark is a strong one.

The story being told here is that of 12-year-old Anna (voice of Sara Takatsuki in Japanese, Hailee Steinfeld in English), a schoolyard loner who suffers from asthma and maybe depression. She has an attack and is ordered by doctors to spend the summer with relatives in the countryside under the belief that the clean air will do her some good. She spends her time sketching, eating delicious food, and playing with Marnie (Kasumi Arimura/Kiernan Shipka).
When Marnie Was There CineMarter #1

Who exactly is Marnie? That's for you to find out. Maybe she's real. Maybe she's a ghost. Maybe she's a dream. She certainly has qualities of all three. Anna and Marnie go through several events together, always at nighttime, over the course of the film. During the day, we explore the volatility of Anna's emotions. It plays out somewhat like a mystery - unfortunately complete with the expository "wrap everything up" monologue at the end - somewhat like a coming-of-age story, and also as just a series of events in which two girls learn about each other and become friends. It's genuinely sweet, and just a slight bit sad.

It's also incredibly slow-paced. That's not a problem, but a description. Some people can't handle these types of movies. Anna's story unfolds at a meticulous pace. We are slowly granted access into her mind as the story progresses. Often times, very little happens; the key is to study the faces of the characters, with the hand-drawn animation providing ample details even without dialogue. One of the more intriguing characters in the film only has a couple of lines. Everyone we meet is interesting and feels fleshed out, and it's because of the slow pace that this happens.

For the full review go here:

Once I see the movie I may post a review of my own, if I can get through it without going through ten boxes of tissues (I know, I'm a sap but it's touching).