Caesar Got-a-Lotta Gaul

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"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

Caesar Got-a-Lotta Gaul

In the year 60 BC, Julius Caesar was about 40 years old, epileptic and balding. His military record to date consisted of many more “defeats” than “victories.” By his own admission, his dossier bore little or no resemblance to that of Alexander the Great. However, Caesar’s surprising election as Consul of Rome in 59 BC and his masterminding of the so-called 1st Triumvirate (with Crassus and Pompey) that same year has an obvious explanation. It had been the births of Ptolemy XIII (the future Octavian/Caesar Augustus) around 63 BC and his younger brother Ptolemy XIV (the future Marcus Agrippa - the right hand man of Augustus) before 60 BC that were the unspoken triumphs that triggered Caesar's reversal in political, financial and military fortunes. Royal succession was much more frequently settled in the bedroom than the battlefield. And this particular succession would be no exception to that rule. By the end of 60 BC, Caesar had already done enough to secure his election as the next Great King of the royal franchise, and barring only the 11th hour (Alexander-esque) heroics in fatherhood by Pompey through his latest marriage to Caesar’s own teenage daughter Julia.

As Consul, Caesar resorted to thuggery in order to pursue his agenda, and justified it as being “for the good of the people.” This included forcing the other elected Consul for that year into an early retirement. When his allotted year was up, Caesar assured his legal immunity (for his improper acts as Consul) through appointment to three governorships in Europe. Caesar discretely vanished from sight while Pompey and Julia distracted and scandalized Rome by pretending to be madly in love. And as Caesar waited (and waited some more) on the outcome of their dynastic match, his governorships were conveniently renewed for five additional years!

Significantly, Caesar was said to have been in Britain, the launching pad for many an emperor-in-waiting and the traditional base for kingly recoveries from time immemorial, when he was informed that Pompey’s marriage to Julia had ended in disaster. Although Caesar offered yet another young lady, his own grand-niece to Pompey (and therefore one more last-ditch attempt at producing a worthy heir), this was flatly declined. Pompey had finally conceded the succession to Caesar and dutifully set the sad end game of his illustrious career in motion.

Caesar’s governorships had been lucrative. The Gallic Wars were also a solid résumé builder, but still not altogether epic. Before returning to Italy Caesar needed to accomplish something fully worthy of the next Alexander in a continuing line of Alexanders, and also clearly demanding of a public Triumph in Rome. After Alexander the Great had reached the furthest extent of his conquest in India to the East, he nearly lost his life when he decided to punish yet one more rebellious tribe on the way out. This provided an inspiration to Caesar, who had just pushed the limits of Roman dominance in the opposite direction. Alexander the Great had in fact also envisioned a conquest in Europe to the West, and Caesar could reasonably claim that he was now performing it. All Caesar lacked was a dramatic exit from Europe to match (and perhaps even excel!) that of Alexander from India.

Alexander had laid siege to the fortress of the “Mallians,” who were referred to as the “Molossians” by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder. Caesar’s designated target was also a fortress, which belonged to the “Alesians.” Gallic rebels led by Vercingetorix were holed up at Alesia even as Mallian rebels had earlier sought refuge from Alexander the Great. These fortresses shared another distinctive feature in that they were surrounded by rivers in addition to their normal defensive structures. Alexander had been critically wounded and was expected to die. In contrast, Caesar survived his designer ordeal without so much as a scratch. In a sense, this signified Caesar as greater than Alexander, or at least one that was more patient and faithful to royal protocol. However, Alexander’s wounds had not been forgotten or dismissed. The identification of Caesar with this critical element of Alexander’s career would come later and be fulfilled in an even more dramatic fashion, if that were possible. Such an occult-like attention to kingly precedent was not a Roman but a thoroughly royal characteristic.

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Am I Entitled to a New Beginning?

Thank You God for a New Beginning. How can I thank that You've spared me Hell where we may all be destined to Go. I have learnt why I needed to free myself from every known Human Being to Find God and His Judgment. At first like Children we know God and we Obey Him, He takes us Further and Farther. Then our curiosity may become our Peril. Children know that "God knows what He's doing.."

The Struggle for Freedom is botched the Time you reject God. If you "were God" would you be as Patient? God, my God, our God, is the Same. We merry in songs of Praise yet we don't believe in Him. He's best when we only need a ruddy Fellow who gives us gifts yet when we have lay down ours lives for Him to prove He's Omnipotent we can't do it, God Forbid. Don't get me wrong the Requirements to be with God are not Easy. It takes Total Commitment to He, God.

A New Beginning is for God-fearing Goody-two-Shoes. Laugh all you like, you're laughing at yourself not us with God. I must warn you if you cross our Lines thinking of politicking your way to our domination: you ain't seen an Equal Player as Myself. While you push the Car to Start I just Flip a Switch. When you're Showing your honeys, I have Super-Models. And as you count your Dollars, I give you more. You ain't schooled in Administration so keep being a Bungler who covers up by making People feel Bad.

Good never went out of style: Do you want a Good Meal or a Bad Meal? Do you want a Good Figure or a Bad Figure? Evil is your way of Saying your already Defeated ( to us). I wish there was No Evil. But as Life would have it, Evil exists. Christian Science, my Religion, is only as Good as Christ. And he's not as Perfect as God. God in this Twisted World "has absolved Himself of Evil," yet the Devil is Alive. Goody-two-shoes fear God more than Evil; Fear more what God can do to them rather than what the Devil can do to Them. It's a Pivotal nuance so Justly said.

Similar to a New Beginning has been the New World Order of Whom no Greater Object and Subject than God. God avails rules for Order and Reward; We love them you don't! You're a Rebel and want to Revolt. Even then Goody-two-shoes prop as Outlaws just to show you your Revolution amounts to Nothing. God sanctions some Outlaws for His Own Purposes. America, my First Country, should Know that. Outlaws can be Eliminated or Sanctioned. How Good does Good get to be Bad?

I've resolved to recommit to my now characteristic Faith ever as I want to. I must overtake want with need. You may not know my Intelligence. What is a number if it fools us? Where are the words if there is no unison? And, who is a Person if out of Body? A New Beginning must Happen. A new Beginning must ordain another Script. And I new Beginning's Change must flush away old Toxins. Science is a New Beginning: Scientific Religion. Jesus and Christ must Give way. Give way to the New Templar; a Shrewd Templar. A Templar only as A Light of God and a conduit of Good.

Mark my Words, I have a New Assignment from a new Beginning: any Evil, you're Getting Slayed. My Breast-plate and Sword gleam. Goody-two-shoes can fight Too. Who will go up against God's anointed Forces and succor the Consequences. Not some Charlatans sprinkling water on raging madmen telling them Victory is near. I challenge the World are you ready to Die to God the only Giver of Life! Are a brave Coward or Brave Man? Men know God.

If you cannot Obey go Forget His Hand: a Hand of Peace, a Hand of Stealth, a Hand of Blessing to Say the Least. I trust in the Magic of the Invisible Hand, and Everything that Goes with God: that's a New Beginning.!

Epic Grail Fail: Pompey the Great

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"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

Epic Grail Fail: Pompey the Great

The reputation of Gnaeus Pompeius (Pompey) had been carefully cultivated from an early age. Pompey was allowed to take credit for major military victories and celebrate multiple triumphs in Rome before he had, as yet, held any high public office there. The self-appointed dictator of Rome during that period, Lucius Cornelia Sulla, addressed his young charge Pompey as imperator (“King/Emperor”) and magnus (“The Great”). Sulla, a Great King in his own right (outside Rome), pretended to resent the growing favor of Pompey, but he was nevertheless a leading contributor to it, even if reluctantly. Sulla was dying and did not have a qualified heir of his own. The royal show had to go on.

Cf Dictator Sulla/Syla and the contemporary Eastern despot Zoilos (II).

One of Pompey’s predecessors, Scipio Aemilianus, had conquered Africa and Hispania. Pompey reconquered both of these regions and added a third “continent,” that of “Asia.” Pompey’s crowning achievement was hounding Rome’s perennial bogeyman Mithridates of Pontus to his (presumed) death. Subsequently, it was reported that Pompey publicly and scandalously donned the cloak of Alexander the Great, which was said to have been a gift from Cleopatra herself to Mithridates and among the goods confiscated by Pompey! Mithridates represented the last great kingly hold-out within the Roman sphere. The transitional period was nearly over. The Romans had been sufficiently cowed by the specter of royal domination from without and had consequently succumbed to royal domination from within. A nominal Roman now wore the mantle of Messianic Kingship.

Pompey was royal and couldn’t resist flaunting it. During the transition from Republic to Empire, popular intolerance to royal rule was continually tested, and until all such resistance was effectively overcome. Ironically, it had also been the royal family that once made Rome a royal-free zone and dictated that no king could enter the city as a king. This didn’t prevent royals from dominating Roman politics and society even during the days of the Republic! The royal family prided themselves in their capacity to create any system and also to corrupt it. There was no people so humble that they could not raise to preeminence and no nation so proud that they could not destroy.

Pompey’s supporters claimed to see a resemblance between their glorious new leader and statues of Alexander the Great. To the shock and disdain of many, Pompey declined to reject the notion. Alexander the Great was Pompey’s actual forefather and kingly predecessor. Pompey refrained from saying it, but he was clearly displaying it. Pompey was also often compared to Alexander on account of his exploits in the East. However, even in this regard he was a strained imitation of that larger-than-life archetype, and left his own hand-picked successor, Julius Caesar, ample room for improvement.

The meteoric rise of Pompey was perhaps only exceeded by that of his successor, Julius Caesar. As Pompey had been made, so Pompey in turn submitted himself to the making of Caesar. Consistent with this, Pompey abandoned Rome and all of Italy without a fight, and also left the Roman treasury - housed in the Temple of Saturn - at Caesar’s disposal. When the decisive battle between Pompey and Caesar did occur at Pharsalus in Greece (48 BC), Pompey possessed vastly superior forces and a clear tactical advantage based on the local geography. This type of setting was the bailiwick of Pompey, but Caesar prevailed even as Alexander the Great prevailed in his set battle against Darius III. Pompey’s desperate escape and then murder just off the shore of Egypt was also every bit as contrived as the cowardly retreat and assassination of Darius III in Persian controlled territory. In fact, it was patterned directly on Darius III. It was said that Darius III was stabbed by three of his own officials, the leader of which was the high-ranking Bessus. In emulation, it was declared that Pompey had been stabbed by his old Roman comrade Septimius and two of his aides. Caesar’s response to learning of Pompey’s ignoble death was also clearly patterned after Alexander’s indignation at the (advertised) butchering and dumping of Darius III’s body.

Caesar’s momentous crossing of the rustic Rubicon made for a ready allusion to Alexander’s crossing of another insignificant river, the Granicus. These humble fordings both represented major transgressions into forbidden territory and ostensibly the unknown. When Caesar “crossed the Rubicon” in 49 BC and marched on the capital of Rome, he had no official/recognized male successor. Of course, neither did Alexander when he boldly set out on his path to glory. Nevertheless, Caesar’s stud services had been in demand for some time and he had likely been producing sons (and heirs) on behalf of his sterile royal brothers, including and especially Pompey. It was, however, convenient at this juncture not to take credit for them. Pompey handed over the kingdom (and symbolically his own head) to Julius Caesar on a silver platter. The die had already been cast and the outcome determined long before Caesar made his dramatic return from Gaul. In fact, it was cast before Caesar crossed the Rubicon in the opposite direction on his way to Gaul.

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Why I am PostMasterGeneral in 2017

I, Paul Frederick, turned 46 yrs old to my pleasant surprise and received God's final Key and Bequeathment of Benjamin Franklin's Final Estate. You could say I'm Benjamin Franklin; I never DEVIATE. I have learnt the HARD way not to LOVE anybody. I only engaged in ROCK relations and my absolutely personal one time serial mutual relation.

God has placed me where I am. I am PMG from the day I had a PAPER route in Elementary School of Comic Character Newspapers. Everybody knew that. There is a Current USA designee and her RACE may offset you. But Postel is my Company and so is USPS. So do I do HARD TIME or DIE being KING CUSTOMER?

You're SO Sub-Inferior it HURTS! I'm PMGU so Megan J Brennan YOU are only America-wise where I appoint and DOMINATE. So who's Postmaster General and CEO of the Universe? : Paul Frederick, American Warden. I knew THAT and they KNOW THAT so WHO will DEFY me? Watch this SPACE! I never make a MISS-STEP so ADHERE or BUNGLE to DEATH.

Postel is here to ensure my RESOLVE SYSTEMS. Nobody CAN deny THE TRUTH not EVEN your GREATEST Supreme Being. Only God CAN invent TRUTH and TEACH it as He wishes. Human Beings are wired for PLEASURE not PAIN. And the O is what we strive FOR. Who doesn't KNOW we are IN pursuit of HAPPINESS? My WHOLE life I've SEARCHED for PEACE, I have found it as God has, of His Unfathomable PREROGATIVE, given IT to me.

I know POSTA inside-out and I never not do less than 99 per cent. God is my TRUST, i thank Him again and RESOLVE my RESPECTFUL Knowledge that I can do NOTHING without HIM. So He's LOANED me my ESTATE for LIFE and I thank him every WHEN I avoid Evil, Acknowledge His Hands and REGRETTED when I may miss THESE opportunities.

Postmaster General, make G.A.O.T.U. proud as He reports ONLY to God.

UFO Cuts Power of Town

A UFO was witnessed above Buckingham Park on the 5th of January.

The UFO was very bright and was seen by multiple people. Witnesses say that when the UFO was close it cut the power of the peoples homes.

"I was sat watching telly with the blinds closed but one of them was sort of lit up, as if someone was shining a torch on it. I looked out and saw this really bright light and then it suddenly shot across the top of the house and as it did all the lights went down and came back on.

Who's a Greater PhD?

God is no Joke! I by choice have never Defied Him. The Little Playground God; I would never! Do you know why I'm a USA Marine Veteran of Foreign Wars graduating Honorably as USA Commander-at-Large ripely, 45 years old in 2016? God.

Death as a Dodo is also no joke, but unfathomly easier than God. What do I mean? Face DEATH or face God? Kill me to face God; Paul Frederick. You must Supremely Understand, if I was God I would be NOTHING. Do you want to be God or NOTHING?

Jesus was a TRAITOR. But God let him do all his Evil, archived everywhere against his retarded aim to be what he conceived as God and against all Good that knows God. Christ we know was a man-idea that has come to flesh as Jesus of Nazareth's Biographer. So Jesus is a Man as Christ is a separate Man. Jesus was not Christ and most DEFINITELY not God.

You will regret if you DISOBEY God. As a Knight Templar my Society has enlightened me to Jesus wiles. He was the wiley one. Christ was the LOGICAL one. And God..? The Lawless one?? The Holy Bible is Christ's encryption and authorship. This begs was the Bible God's absolute inspired Book. Look at it of three options only: Evil, Good or neither Evil nor Good.

The martial way, communist ideal or masonry affirm hidden joys only after exhausting Good for Good. I like Party ways: Good music, harmless beverages, phat honeys and entertaining calm. I own places of my dreams and never now get worse than YOU deserve. Who doesn't like the faint incense of clean joy, the soothing palate of a Red Bull drink, the medicine of sound and the freedom of movement and interaction. I love to Party like an American.

We all want Good but we are enticed by Evil. Then like the Shmuck we are we choose Evil. Tell me YOU want the ROTTEN eggs you have served your Best Enemy. That poison is YOUR Evil, do you want it? I'm now writing like a doctorate without being a PhD. Jesus as the wiliest betrayer motioned through his life negating God by tagging himself the FRUIT of God's loins-an Impossibility of even ArchAngel Uriel. YOU damn yourself and Good confirm's that AND you now ASK the IDIOCY of God to FORGIVE You? Sick! I will say this with my Personal Caution: You can do all you wish, YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF God's ATTENTION!

2017: Year of the Grail

The following is an excerpt (#1 of 20) from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

It's been over 12 years now since Greg posted my essay, "Mary Magdalene: Harlot or Queen".

I haven't exactly been idle in these last 12 years. "I ain't been slackin'" (to quote from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome). But, it still wasn't possible to follow up on that original essay with something completely definitive until just recently.

Initially, I was looking only at the Herodian royal family as "possessors of the Grail". However, after Joe Atwill published Caesar's Messiah, it became obvious to me (if not also to Joe) that the Herodian and Julio-Claudian families were essentially one and the same. In other words, a single royal family was assuming both Roman and Herodian identities and was ruling over both regions. Jesus had not been a product of the disgruntled underclass, but the privileged upper class that now called Rome and Jerusalem home. After making some preliminary associations between the Gospel figures and Julio-Roman/Herodian royals, I left it behind in order to study other historical periods, first the Persian, then the conquest of Alexander the Great and finally the Ptolemaic Period that followed Alexander.

Unexpectedly, it was through the study of royal history leading up to the time of Jesus that it became possible to complete the picture of Jesus and his royal associates. As it turns out, the legions of Rome had not conquered the royal East, but the Eastern royal family had in fact "conquered" Roman society itself and transformed it from a Republic on the fringe of the royal world into the latest in a long succession of Imperial capitals. The Julio-Claudian family was a direct, biological continuation of the Hellenistic royal family (which included Seleucid, Ptolemaic and Hasmonean "branches") that had ruled the ancient world from the time of Alexander the Great. The heirs to that throne were proud of their royal heritage and clearly represented themselves as a renewal of Alexander's dynasty, however no longer as nominal Greeks but as nominal Romans this time. They began recycling the same stock roles and relationships used in the preceding Hellenistic Age, but in a new and different cultural context.

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Paul Frederick the Conqueror of the Knight Templars

One dual-citizen of Both America First and Kenya next has Martialed the Pre-occupied Universe. He started as an Accidental birth transported between Two Continents in the Time of the Revolution of One Day. That was 17.1.71 a Sunday, a Heavenly Franklin Day. The two Nation-States registered this 24hr Phenomenon in Legal, Sealed Certificates.

He has been a fervent adherent of registered Christian Science before 2000 AD. He transformed to be a Knight Templar inheriting in toto Knight Frank from his antiquity Assurance Dollar Free Disbursement Bank Value Statement.

God is the Only One he thanks as he trusts, and to all mankind as he has earned: all the Evil you did to me anything to each unto their own in the Universe; Paul Frederick.

I have quested, achieved and earned the Holy Grail, the daily nourishment and brand new Cup that God's Christianity hid, nested. What manner of Science knows that, through Voyage and Wages to state?: "It remains to be seen.......!


"The organism is indeed free from mechanical determinism, but it does not thereby fall prey to indeterminacy. Far from surrendering its fate to the indeterminacy of nonlinear dynamics (or quantum theory, for that matter), the organism maximizes its opportunities inherent in the multiplicity of futures available to it. I have argued elsewhere that indeterminacy is really the problem of the ignorance of the external observer, and not experienced by the being itself, who has full knowledge of its own state, and can readily adjust, respond and act in the most appropriate manner (Ho, 1993). In a very real sense, the organism is free to decide its own fate because it is a sentient being who has moment to moment, up-to-date knowledge of its own internal milieu as well as the external environment."

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that has been Lost in History


By Fahim A. Knight-El

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a special man and leader who in the 1950s and 1960s took up a social cause that would change how the United States of America would view and treat black people as so-called citizens of this nation—he had a low tolerance level for oppression and injustice and became convicted to work on behalf of black people to bring about social change by using Civil Rights as the vehicle to dismantle historical systems of racism, discrimination, bigotry, and injustice that were rooted and steeped in the principles of Jim Crow. It was his quest and yearning for freedom that allowed him to galvanize a movement, which these freedoms permitted us to breakdown public accommodation barriers by dismantling racist and white supremacy based Jim Crow laws such as Plessy versus Ferguson (separate but equal clause) 1896 in which the United States Supreme Court overturned with the coming about of the Brown versus Board of Education Decision (declared separate but equal as being unconstitutional) Topeka, Kansas 1954. This U.S. Supreme Court decision ushered in the Civil Rights movement, which eventually led to the desegregation of the South. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used his strategy of civil disobedience to agitate the white power structure, which eventually forced the U.S. Congress to passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act, the U.S. Government was attempting to legislate public discrimination by outlawing 'white' and 'colored' access to public facilities. It led to marches, protest, sit-ins, boycotts, etc., across the deep south to obtain voting access, equality of opportunity to employment and having access to participatory levels of societal inclusion that would not be factored in based on race and skin color.

But it would be in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1961, where four black college students from North Carolina A&T State University were involved in a sit-in protest at Woolworth's lunch countertop and they requested to be served (ignoring the white only signs) and refused to give up their seats to white customers; this event would be one of the historical events that gained momentum amongst young black college students that propelled them to find and defined the role they would play in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Which would lead to altering America's political, economic and social structure and it would be their activism that assisted in dismantling a system that was built on the foundation of white supremacy. The Civil Rights movement was essentially about inclusion and public accommodation and a quest for civil liberties.

King was willing to contest, violate laws and worked to change long standing Jim Crow laws that had become the norm, but was rooted in prejudices, racism, bigotry and discrimination. He knew that he could not stop fighting and struggling and going to jail and even risking his life, because to have stopped, it would have been a betrayal to the lives of Emmitt Till (1941-1955) and Medgar Evers (1925-1963) two fallen heroes and others who dared to confront vicious racist in the deep south and loss their lives. Yet, many of our Civil Rights leaders and proponents have intentionally overlooked and have not given an objective, unbiased and critical assessment of the pros and cons of segregation versus integration relative to where we are in space and time (what did we as so-called African Americans gain by becoming integrated and/or what did we lose do to abandoning segregation?) I admired Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. and I consider myself only as a student relative to reviewing his work and legacy in which to write and interpreted, and having the scholarly opportunity to objectively assess his ideals and legacy from a historical revisionist perspective; it gives me an advantage to delve into the man and his leadership philosophy and yet I am far enough removed to detach myself from this recent American and black history occurrence.

His courage, tenacity and determination to commit his life to struggle (I believe he was destined to do what he did long before his introduction to the philosophy and opinions of Mahatma Gandhi of India or learning about Voltaire and Friedrich Nietzsche at Boston University). King was called to preach and assume leadership of the legendary Dexter Avenue Baptist Church by the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) and they picked King to be the face and voice of the movement in Montgomery; King also would be replacing a fiery community activist and former pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church named Vernon Johns. It was already coded in Dr. King's DNA that he would be a drummer major for justice, I read his letter from the "Birmingham Jail' (his conviction towards truth and his determination to alter social change and not allow prison to serve as a deterrent to justice) and I wept because Dr. King like the Biblical Prophets of old had transcended into a space that had always been reserved for those special and unique human spirits who were willing to give of themselves something greater than being satisfied with the appeasements of what status quo had prescribed for them. Dr. King would prove to be such a man—these type human beings only comes about once in a lifetime as messengers, prophets, and leaders who were not motivated by materialism and ego driven, but they had a deeper conviction to change the world by being actively concerned and engaged in struggles to create equitable playing fields for the 'have nots' and become the voice for the voiceless.

Dr. King was not engaged in the Civil Rights movement because he was working towards receiving the Nobel Peace Prize (1964) and international recognition, his mission was tired to service and sacrifice. They have always systematically packaged Dr. King and his message in this neatly wrapped "I have a Dream" speech given in 1963 (right away a beautiful speech and words) that possessed universal implications, the humanity of the spiritual lexicon and him being a spiritual man and theologian, he had away of delivering a message from that old biblical church tradition, but he had the equal ability to give sermons and messages that resonated with black laypersons, as well as to middle class black intellectuals. Yet, they have systematically suspended Dr. King's legacy in a historical time capsule and his evolutionary philosophical ideals relegated just to the March on Washington speech; this has been done systematically to keep him safe in the minds of those who have elevated him to sainthood and not give them the King who had transitioned into becoming militant and radical in his worldview in 1966-1968—surely they have considered this King to be dangerous and, therefore students and others only get a small window of Dr. King's philosophy.

They did not want us to know and embrace the King after he begin to expand his analysis far beyond the theories of the traditional Civil Rights agenda and paradigm and was beginning to understand the credibility in the Marxists analysis (King was evolving to become a Socialist), delving into the economic and political theories of Karl Marx who stood as one of the 19th century premier economic determinist. King was also beginning to see how class and race served as twin towers and barriers and were antagonistic contradictions that created a class of petite-Bourgeoisie (Elitist) and the lumpenproletariat (the poor working class who are the masses). This reality led the good doctor to question wealth disparity and he understood that not only were black Americans the victims of oppression, and racism, and classism, but the systemic affects were of international implications—King had made a transition that Reverend Ralph Abernathy, Reverend James Bevel, and Reverend Andrew Young did not understand and many of his close comrades Roy Wilkins and the other "Big Six" civil rights leaders disagreed with Dr. King's transition.

King had moved far beyond the ideology of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), they had become politically stagnated and were fearful that Dr. King would lead them into uncharted political waters and they wanted him to remain committed to Civil Rights and not to connect the Civil Rights struggle with the international struggle of the African National Congress (ANC) that was taking place in South Africa against Apartheid, or connecting with the Vietnamese people of southeastern Asia whom Ho Chi Minh had inspired to fight U. S. imperialism and defeated the U.S. in the Vietnam conflict and/or linked up with the Palestinian liberation struggle against Zionism or connect with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who were in a long standing religious and ethnic protracted war that involved succession, British domination, Catholicism and Protestants conflicts and that ultimately IRA struggle evolved around their quest for sovereignty. Dr. King no longer viewed human history from the vanish point of being isolated and disconnected (he was starting to see history as being cyclical), but also started to see and recognized the long arm tentacles of those who carried out global oppression, colonialism and imperialism and the oppression of humanity were interconnected to the same systems of power apparatus that were denying blacks human rights in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc.

Surely King's political growth would not only proved threatening to Negro leaders, but it would prove even more threatening to the United States Government who too desired to keep Dr. King relegated to focusing on national politics (Civil Rights) and not international politics. Minister Malcolm in 1961, already knew the next step to our collective justice which would have been our fight for Human Rights to be taking to the United Nations, which would involved presenting an international legal argument that our historical claims as war crime victims were legitimate –the charges of genocidal acts for 310 years of Chattel slavery this alone constituted war crimes against humanity. King's international motives and political objectives put him on a collision course with the United States Government and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in which he was placed high on the government’s radar screen and J. Edgar Hoover made King a premier target of the U.S. counter-intelligence program known as Cointelpro where Hoover used every dirty trick as tactics and government strategies to besmirch and discredit and character assassinate Civil Rights leaders and Black Power leaders as well. Hoover said he feared a black leader that had the power to unify and electrify the black masses and he saw King as having that potential on moving black people towards unity and this type potential of organization threatened Hoover who saw our unity as a national security priority.

Hoover illegally wiretapped Dr. King's phone and eavesdropped on some of King's most intimate conversations were being recorded and every move he made was being monitored by FBI agents. Hoover had listened into King's private conversations that involved extramarital curricular activities with women other than his wife Coretta Scott King and Hoover threatened to make Dr. King's domestic life public, if he did not stop agitating the system. King did not capitulate and told Hoover and his agents to go on and do what they had to do, but he said I got to keep on doing what I have been ordained and commission to do by God. The FBI director also sent agent provocateurs to internally disrupt SCLC. James Earl Ray did not pull the trigger that killed Dr. King, Ray was a mere patsy, King was assassinated by the agents of the U.S. Government no different than President John F. Kennedy, Minister Malcolm X (the Nation of Islam assassination team that was responsible for murdering Minister Malcolm X that were assembled out of Temple #25 Newark, New Jersey worked on behalf of the U.S. Government; I do not believe that Elijah Muhammad had anything to do with the murder of Minister Malcolm X) and former U.S. Attorney General and Senator Robert Kennedy were all assassinated by the United States Government and all other black progressive organizations became government targets of U.S. Government scrutiny.

For example, the U.S. Government was behind the internal feud between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, they worked day and night to separate Malcolm X from his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (the Freedom of Information Act 1972) there was evidence that Hoover and the FBI continued to instigate the feud between Muhammad and his student Malcolm X—there was even proof that Malcolm X wanted to come back to the Nation of Islam. Stokley Carmichael (Kwame Ture), H. Rap Brown (Jamil Al-Amin), Huey P. Newton, Angela Davis, George Jackson, etc., and the Republic of New Africa all were on the Cointelpro hit list. The Government derailed King's movement and the Civil Rights movement due his assassination in 1968 and although some of his surrogates attempted to replace this icon, the movement lost its mass appeal and influence after King was assassinated.

King’s political growth started to give him broad based insight into the national and international struggle, which became in his life transformative at best and it created a spirit in him to consider other strategies and tactics to speak in solidarity with oppressed people from around the world. King had grown to understand what the great theologian Howard Thurman (1900-1981) wrote about in his book titled, Jesus and the Disinherited. He was quickly learning that his social Gospel had to expand to include an analysis of linking the U.S. struggle to all of the Disinherited and oppressed of the planet who were in a quest for freedom, justice and equality. Jesus the son of Yosef and the Christ (Yeshusa Ben Yosef) that would have been Jesus' Hebrew name took on Pilate and the Roman Government. So I believe, Dr. King had many biblical and theological revolutionaries to emulate and mirror, which to interpret and to draw upon their philosophical ideals and apply them in a modern context. Thus, all the prophets of old were in a war with the spiritual leaders and the governmental hierarchy of their day; fighting to free the captives and challenging the governments to be better stewards on behalf of the least of these—the poor and oppressed.

King took on racist white supremacists such as Bull Conner of Alabama and Governor George Wallace of Mississippi, which he had moved beyond fear and started to view life and death as being synonymous (Dr. King had accepted the biblical parable 'Ye do I walk in shadow of death, thou art fear no evil' God is with me). He looked beyond the dogs, lynchings, church bombings and racially inspired murders and said I will stand up against one of the most powerful governments in the world and speak on behalf of the disenfranchised and those who yearned to breathe free, his life was a testimony of speaking truth to power. King had become much bigger than the Pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama and he had moved to the left of his father the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. who pastored one of the oldest black influential churches called Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. King probably was also being nudged by some of the young activist such as Stokley Carmichael (Kwame Ture) who helped King desegregate the South, but some of the young activist were growing tired of King's nonviolent strategy when they were being bitten by dogs, spit in the face and were forced to confront some vicious racist in the deep south unarmed. Carmichael and some of his young comrades were beginning to hear and listen to Minister Malcolm X a fiery Black Nationalist minister of the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad. It would be Minister Malcolm X who perhaps was one of the most articulate black power spokesmen of the 20th century, it was his book recorded to the journalist Alex Haley The Autobiography of Malcolm X that would forever changed my life.

Carmichael and others broke away from Dr. King's movement and founded the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a militant and radicalized student movement that had chapters and ties to Historical Black Universities and Colleges (HBCUs) such as Shaw University, Fisk University, Howard University, etc. I believe these students pushed King because simultaneously the Black Power movement was taking shape and having tremendous influence on young black people's thinking. Yet, King refused to totally move away from civil disobedience and continued to march and fight for integration.

He would later meet Minister Malcolm X after Minister Malcolm separated himself from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; I think the meeting may have been brief and with mutual respect, it perhaps was not a meeting of the ideological minds and though both men were quite familiar with each others leadership model—they never had the opportunity to bridge the ideological gaps. I would later be exposed to another one of Dr. King's works in which this book would forever change how I had previously viewed Dr. King in my past assessment, it was titled, The Trumpet of Conscience, in which each read paragraph caused me to put the book down in order to make sure that I was actually reading the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and not Malcolm X (I could not tell the difference between the two men during this reading; King's ideals mirrored the militant and radical ideals of Malcolm X) because part of this small book, he was given a critical analysis of United States Foreign policy relative to the war in Vietnam and why the U.S. arm forces should not have been there killing and murdering these innocent peasant rice farmers (who fought against U.S. imperialism and showed great military resolved in fighting a guerilla war) and dropping agent orange and napalm on these innocent South Eastern Asians who dared to fight back against imperialism.

I had previously viewed Dr. King as an agent provocateur and Uncle Tom who had sold out black people and as a younger man, it was difficult for me receive King's universal message and felt the same exact way about Booker T. Washington until one day I became stilled and I reread from Up From Slavery and from that day forward I would never again refer to Washington and his work of building Tuskegee Institute as being an Uncle Tom and reactionary. So this is how I will celebrate Dr. King’s birthday on January 15, by looking back and drawing inspiration from his body of work and recommit myself to the struggle for justice and human rights. If King was alive today, I believe that he would still be engaged in transforming society by preaching and advocating a social Gospel. So many of us who attend these annual Dr. Martin Luther King celebrations are just window dressing and have lost the vision and will to challenge injustice that is running rampant in America in 2017.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at