Pot faeries running amok.

So here we have government scientists looking into DNA of grass, so they can find an antidote to save people from addiction. odd/sad

Soviet Santa Claws Song Discovered from Old Soviet Video Archives!

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Rarely do we get a good glimpse of what the USSR ( CCCP ) really was like. This visually stunning video reveals some fascinating things about what Soviet Santa was really about. Share widely. Thanks.

Before The Fall of the Berlin Wall the East Germans were using Advanced Subluminal Advertising Techniques

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This recently discovered video provides us with a rare glimpse into the advanced subluminal advertising techniques used by the DDR ( GDR ). At first it seems like any other Warsaw Pact TV advert from the mid-80s, but when one analyses it more carefully one begins to see how NLP, and Super-Luminal Mind-control techniques were used with great effect. Before this vintage TV ad was discovered it was always assumed that the Socialist Block were way behind the West in terms of Mass Mind Control. But now we have proof that the very opposite is true. And also; for the very first time we get to see who was the General Director of Stasi Style. Prior to this; it was always assumed that the real Director was not a Peter Sellers look-alike, but rather a Cheech Marin look-alike. The TV ad was among thousands of reels of film found in the secret Film Archives of the Stasi.

Merry Lovecraftean Christmas TDG!

Not sure if alien-octopus hybrid or Cthulhu. The owner of my local pharmacy, where I found these, has a thing for the Sci-Fi I guess.

Whatever you celebrate, have a good one :)
Thank you to all who make TDG possible for another great year!

It's The Consciousness, Stupid!

On my latest contribution for the Intrepid blog, I give my opinion on what the Fortean community should focus on, in order to try to move the discussion forward, past the tiresome quarrels with the skeptoids & debunkers.

Tune in!

The Silliest 80s Dance Tune!

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The Silliest 80s Dance Tune. And if it were not for the hot dame who appears in it; it wouldn't be worth watching!

World's Highest Dance Club!

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The OZO Club at The Zephyr Super Tower in Kimbap City, capital of The Democratic People's Republic of Central Eastern Korea is now officially the World's highest dance club. And it is also one of the most expensive too. Entrance is limited to 150 persons on Friday and Saturday nights, at a hefty $4000 USD per person. It includes a bottle of Moet Brut Champagne, 16 ounces of Sevruga Caviar, an assorted array of fancy Sushi, Sashimi and DimSum, private booths, and a Luxury Goodies Pack that comes in a 100% Tarantula Silk bag by Smucchi, and contains a 16 oz. bottle of Cartier men's or ladies' perfume, gold-plated ear protectors, psychedelic dance spectacles, carbon nano-tube ultra-soft micro-fibre condoms...which are the World's toughest and yet thinnest ever!...and an authentic GooGoo Gaga Doll or Super Space Frog effigy for the guys. Club hours are from 7 pm to 7 am and non-show-off drinks are on the house. OZO plays exclusively 80s New wave, Electro-pop and similar style dance music. For $12,000 USD one can buy an annual VIP membership card and save 50% on admission. The priciest Cocktail will set you back $120,000 USD. It is a mix of 120 year-old Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Magnum and Salvatore Legacy Mix.

Colin Wilson gone on to the afterlife


Greg this should be your obituary, after all Wilson was a writer of the occult and he had a strong interest into consciousness. Allready in 1985 he wrote a book Afterlife: An Investigation of the Evidence of Life After Death. He was Graham Hancock best man at his wedding, in short he was a TDG man.

It's interesting to note that this Outsider chose to die on a day when his death would go unnoticed, as all the talk was about Mandela's death. Colin Wilson suffered a stroke in June 2012 and lost his ability to speak, he died the 5th of December 2013. Whatever will happen to his enormous library?

Japanese Corporation May Be Seeking To Rule The World!

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If you wanted to build a real Death Star; which corporation on Earth would even consider doing it?

The answer may shock you!

Feliz Navidad

Dashing through the snow ♫
On a tauntaun born in Hoth...

Merry Xmas, Grailers. Watch out for agents searching through your stuffing ;)