Coilhouse Magazine as PDFs

Coilhouse Magazine

Coilhouse Magazine is "a love letter to alternative culture", covering the cutting edge of art, music, fashion, film, technology and literature, venturing from science fiction to punk rock and green technologies. Within its pages you'll find interviews and articles from a veritable menagerie of Grail-like folk, including Terry Gilliam, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, Chet Zar, Grant Morrison, and R.U. Sirius among others.

Sadly, the magazine has recently gone on hiatus (boo!), but the fine folk behind the magazine have made all six issues of the magazine available for free as downloadable PDF files (yay!):

Six glorious print issues of the lovingly assembled, lavishly produced, lackadaisically printed Coilhouse periodical.

At the time of the time of this writing, Issue 06 is still available in our shop, so if you’d like to experience the full-on glossy/tactile/sensory experience (and help to subsidize the cost of keeping our vast Coilhouse archival site active), click here. However, as issues one through five are long out of print and we have no plans to reproduce any of these magazines, we are now happily sharing ALL of them with the world as high resolution PDFs. Additionally, the Issue 06 PDF will be available next week. Scroll down and click the corresponding links to download them.

Beyond the magazine, there is also plenty of great content at the Coilhouse website. Enjoy!