Atlantis Rising #64

The latest issue of Atlantis Rising (#64) is now available for purchase as a PDF, and will be on news-stands in hard copy around mid-June. In the latest issue:

  • Human Evolution and the Cygnus Mystery: Dr. Greg Little on the amazing link that might explain our past.
  • Mussolini's Roswell: Frank Joseph unravels the incredible story in once-secret documents.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright vs G.I. Gurdjieff: Herbert Bangs with strange revelations of the Taliesin Fellowship.
  • Col. Churchward's Astonishing Life: David Childress follows the trail of an apostle of Mu.

The AR website has free samplers available, or you can purchase the PDF cheap as chips anyhow, so why not just do that instead?


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Ya need to go to Tsarion 's website. It oozes with all things atlantean, since, according to Tsarion they got washed ashore on Ireland and these hybridized Irish brought civilization as we know it to the world, before the pyramids were built. Since I haven't seen any mention of Tsarion's website on TDG I figure all them there ex-pat scots-irish in 0z need a jolt back into primordial memory lane, to make their stay on the planet complete.