Noon - Science Fiction Short

Noon is a wonderful science fiction short film (more accurately, the completed third scene from a full-length feature script) that was released freely on the internet just a couple of days ago. The story is set on Earth, just over 250 years into the future. Due to a global cataclysm, half the Earth's population has perished, and the Sun no longer moves through the sky. Written and directed by Kasra Farahani (art director for Star Trek II, MiB3, Thor), and shot by Chris Manley (DP for Mad Men), Noon features some great acting, music and effects to go along with its intriguing storyline.

Apparently the 10 minute featurette that I've embedded above was shot in just two days! I'd love to see what this team could come up with if they got some serious money behind them.

Visit the Noon website. (Thanks Zamin)


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looks neet -- those believer's in woo have already made it past the uberskeptic checkpoint...i hope for their survival in the uberrationalist city of Noon :3

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