Lawton on Iboga

Ian Lawton has updated his website with two new items. The first is a short essay titled "A Hallucinogenic Gateway to the Life Review", which takes a look at a recent BBC documentary on the African entheogen 'iboga', and some of the similarities its effects have with the 'life review' studied in Ian's recent book, The Book of the Soul. The second addition is a quick comment on the recent Hall of Ma'at article by Paul Heinrich which throws doubt on the evidence for a global catastrophe at the end of the Pleistocene.

I've also updated the 'Cool Things' block on the right of the page, adding both Ian's new book as well as Daniel Pinchbeck's Breaking Open the Head, which discusses iboga as well as most other indigenous entheogens (see my interview with Daniel, and my review of his book). I heartily recommend Ian's new book to readers interested in the question of 'survival' (ie. life after death), and the ideas of reincarnation and karma - stand by for a review on TDG in the near future. Thanks Mike.


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I've read of similar 'life review' episodes, including putting oneself in the shoes of others, in the LSD therapy carried out by Stan Grof (in his early work in Czechoslovakia).

Also like ibogaine, LSD has been implicated as a treatment for alcohol addiction.