Map of the History of Science Fiction

Just in case you needed to brush up on your science fiction it is, in one simple (okay, not so simple) diagram:

Map of the History of Science Fiction

Click on the image for the fully-readable, Cthulhu-sized version (2.8MB). By the way, for some fascinating reading on the same subject, I heartily recommend The World Beyond the Hill by Alexei and Cory Panshin.


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14 July 2008
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I absolutely love steampunk... but to date, aside from (possibly) the Firefly/Serenity line, there hasn't been a lot of effort put into this wonderful concept beyond the web.

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22 November 2004
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Don't know if you're aware of it, the novel The Difference Engine by Wiliam Gibson and Bruce Sterling wasn't bad. Unfortunately I lost my copy.

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7 March 2011
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Lost, Fringe, Cloverfield, 8 MM, all extremely worthy additions to the new SF era.

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12 April 2007
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Can't find Michael Chrichton :(

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20 April 2005
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Stranger in a Strange Land is soooo drastically misplaced, IMO.





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