Graham Hancock TEDx Talk on Ayahuasca

Update: TED have pulled Graham Hancock's talk for being 'unscientific'. You can read more details about the this controversy here on TDG.

Our good friend Graham Hancock, author of best-selling books on historical mysteries including The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural, recently gave a TEDx Talk in which he discusses his exploration of the South American shamanic brew ayahuasca, and its impact upon his life:

Graham Hancock tells the story of how his 24-year relationship with cannabis was brought to an abrupt halt in 2011 after an encounter with ayahuasca, the sacred visionary brew of the Amazon. Along the way he explores the mystery of death, the problem of consciousness, and the implications for the human future of a society that wages total war on true cognitive liberty.


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14 June 2006
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Great TALK by Graham, intimate and expressive the thunderous applause at the end, well deserved.

“We are such stuff that Dreams are made on”. -The Tempest Author

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18 September 2007
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Another guy "committing suicide" with drugs. Not!

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14 April 2009
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perfect onomatopoeia name for the brew :3

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake

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that was awesome. wish I had the funds to make the trip to South America.

"I get a kick out of being an outsider constantly. It allows me to be creative." - Bill Hicks

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12 June 2009
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Gotta love Graham. First off - anybody who hasn't read his book Supernatural exploring consciousness and DMT - go read it. So much in this talk, where to even begin?

Who knew he smoked pot for 20 years. One interesting note on that - studies show anyone addicted to any drug - alcohol, pot, etc... for any length of time, their emotional maturity becomes frozen at the beginning of their addiction. Physically they age, emotionally they remain frozen. So a 35 year old addicted since 20, will still have emotional maturity of a 20 year old. Only after kicing addition does their emotional maturity start progressing - so 36 = 21, 37 =22, never to catch up... Kind of explains his emotional problems he attributed to the cannabis...

Observation: having watched many of his video interviews, he seemed nervous in this talk, no doubt not as comfortable in front of a large audience, yet still as incredibly articulate as ever. He is an amazingingly articulate thinker/speaker with laser-like precision of language I appreciate.

I'm glad he has continued down this path of research, into consciousness. It is the most meaningful avenue of research man can pursue - the search for God so to speak, not the bearded old guy in a chair, but the true source of what our consciousness and nature of reality is. Hope he is working on another book in this vein...a followup to Supernatural?

Anectdotally I must agree with his approval of DMT's beneficial cognitive affects. My 2-3 experiences with mushrooms left me forever aware of the expanded nature of true consciousness. Their affects are like seeing the world as a panaroma after a lifetime of looking at it through a pinhole. It is easy to understand the closed and narrow-mindedness of people who've never experienced any expanded or ecstatic state of mind - the world is gray by comparison, empty and cold. Once you've shifted your consciousness even temporarily and experienced the expansion and connectedness of even a fraction of true reality, you realize how illusory and limited our normal operating awareness is. And I wholeheartedly agree with his summation we are orchestrating our own demise with our obsession with materialism and materialist science.

What we need is a paradigm shift to spiritual enlightenment (not religious) but matters of consciousness i.e. spirit, soul, true nature of reality that sadly will never happen or be allowed to happen due to the majority's own ignorance and blindness and the ruling power elite's agenda... Graham is the best - clearly I'm a Graham fan :P

Greg H.

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Greg H. wrote:

clearly I'm a Graham fan :P

Im not a fan of Graham for a few reasons.

needless to say, i was dragged into looking in the mysterious for a few personal reasons that lead me to look,some precognitive dreams and experiences eventually got me read abit about cayce and then i was drawn into great pyramid and sphinx.

anyhow, i felt, the OCT was wrong, and was discusing something else on his board regarding the pyramids. Then some of my posts were being deleted, and i didnt get any quick notice and mod didnt tell me on board so I felt it was wrong, and critcize them for leaving some else post which had some similar content.

anyhow, graham, banned me from the his site, clearly, his mod was at fault.

But seeing Graham mentioned his drug problem was causing ilrational rages, and negative behaviour to others getting worst and worst for 16 years explains his poor judgement .

but clearly his mindset was off, and ellie mentioned what graham thought which clearly confirmed to me graham mindset and judgement was off.

They are good speakers thats for sure,
just terrible problem solvers as one can see with the OCT.

ciao clemente

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There is so much we don't understand about consciousness. I believe he's right, about the liberty to explore. We need to understand that part of ourselves that the western mind has made heretic.

Qui tacet consentit

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Does the addiction include caffeine? If so, I am about where I was when I was 18. LOL!

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28 April 2014
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Graham's TED talk is sampled in this song which is free for download. Graham gave permission to the artist to use the spoken word samples...