News Briefs 06-06-2014

”The errors are not in the art, but in the artificers.”

Quote of the Day:

“If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants..”

Isaac Newton


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The biotech companies have done zero due diligence about the potential for lateral gene transfer and all the possible complications of that. It is kind of amazing. There is a very good chance we will be visited with a really nasty bio-disaster if we have not already had one - the wildfire epidemic of food born allergies may very well be a consequence of bioengineered foods becoming mainstream. In a time of great scandals, this might even turn out to be the greatest of all and the one most difficult to extinguish should it ever deeply insinuate itself into the very fabric of our biological being and become irrevocably transgenerational.

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Thanks for the news G. C.

Always love hearing from Dr. Newberg in the spirituality post. Although, there wasn't really that much news for those of us who have been following the topic. But I do want to share Newberg's quote:

“I think these experiences need to be taken very seriously. I think they tell us something about the nature of reality and how we perceive that reality.”

Couldn't agree more.

PS. Whoa, we really dodged that one (asteroid). ;)

Question everything.