News Briefs 28-03-2012

Oh the thinks you can think of...

Thanks Daniel.

Quote of the Day:

Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson


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i think that the issue with Wiseman et al is similar with the problem with "G_d" -- the term "G_d" really doesn't mean anything in the sense of being able to use the word to be able to predict and make testable claims, so that perhaps 'psi' is a similar thing, so we have people like Wiseman et al who can do experiments and witness experiments and try to say what they say and not use the word 'psi' but rather to be more, to them, precise?

that's why i (joke?) that Physicists have already discovered "G_d", they just don't call it that...:3

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake