News Briefs 07-12-2011

Space. The final frontier.

Thanks Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

~ Carl Sagan


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Roberts drawings are superb, I'm lucky enough to have two of his Egyptian lithographs (of the Temple of Luzor and the Obelisk of Om), and one of the Holy Land series (entrance to the Caves at Beni Hassam).

Only another 300 plus to go!


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2 May 2004
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I'd love to get a few of the lithograph prints to hang on my wall. I'm always browsing the book Ancient Egypt Lithographs, it's like time traveling to another world. There's something special in the art that modern photography just can't quite convey.

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What these old litographs transmit is the tremendous awe & respect these artists had for the wonders of ancient Egypt. To them it was like finding the remains of another world so incredibly ancient we really can't comprehend it rationally.

Think about this: when Alexander arrived to Egypt, the great Pyramid was as ancient to him as Alexander is to us! And the pyramids were more mysterious to him as they are to us.

It's not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me...
It's all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

Red Pill Junkie