Tuesday Roundup 14-06-2005

A varied list of readings to get you through the week...



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Tuning the brain is no piece the resistance its a piece of cake. No wonder that so many people are confused these days. Mr. Sutphen spells out many a way we can and are being controlled by subliminal messaging. I can't say you'll feel better after reading his essay, specially after reading about some of the unescapable what's out there.

Don't touch that dial ! Well at least we know why some politicians can be elected without electronic vote rigging, plenty of other electronic ways to get the right result. Thinking good vibrations ? Think again, thinking meditations maybe, how susceptible do you want to be ?

These dayz the gap between robotic humanoids and human automatons is closing rapidly, in the longterm thats a no win for humans, can we do something about it with all these true believers willing to lay their brain on the dotted line ......

" do unto others as you would have them do unto you "

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Great post !! !