C2C Schedule 07/06 - 10/06

For those that tune in to the "Coast to Coast AM" show, here's the schedule for the first half of the week:

  • Monday, June 07: First Hour: Richard Hoagland of Enterprise Mission will give a special report from a site near Coral Castle in Florida. Afterwards, nanotechnology expert Douglas Mulhall will discuss molecular research developments that could allow us to survive in the face of future violent climate changes.
  • Tuesday, June 08: Bioterrorism expert, Leonard Cole (anthraxletters.com), will explain the science behind the Anthrax attack and bring a new perspective to the search for the Anthrax killer(s).
  • Wednesday, June 09: Loyd Auerbach, (mindreader.com), the Director of Paranormal Investigations, describes the various forms that ghostly phenomena can take and the procedures parapsychologists use to study them.
  • Thursday, June 10: Stan Deyo, Jon Rappoport and Michael Ruppert will join together for a round table discussion on Secret Societies..

All shows listed are hosted by George Noory, and are broadcast live from 10pm - 2am (Pacific Time).