The First (TV) Exorcist

Posted over at Who Forted:

Living in the day and age when exorcism has become fodder for countless horror films, books, and even awful reality television pilots, it’s hard to believe that the ancient religious rite was once a fairly risky thing to show on television. In fact, the ritual wasn’t even televised until 1971, a good few years before feel good hits about battling Satan came along in the form of The Exorcist and The Omen.

Well, some kind soul has given us the opportunity to view that exorcism in all it’s poorly transferred, bad VHS tape glory via the miracle of YouTube. The clip features NBC journalist Carole Simpson interview Ed and Marsha Becker, a couple who began to experience some very strange things after moving in to their new Chicago home. Things like thrown objects and disembodied crying. Obviously rattled, the couple called upon the help of medium Joseph DeLouise and Rev. William Derl-Davis, who proceeded to channel the spirit and exorcise it.. two things you don’t generally see together very often.

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Here is the Paranormal Witness episode about this including interviews with the original participants now older. This Youtube probably won't last long as PW patrols Youtube regularly to take down pirated episodes. This one was put up yesterday.It may be gone by late today or tomorrow.

See video