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TOOL drummer Danny Carey's website has been updated with a lot of new material added to the Rennes-le-Chateau section. As Danny's friend, and occult impresario, Blair Blake explains in "Feasting with the King's Shadow" (25/05), the new material...

...includes evidence of arcane knowledge of a mysterious post-mortem endogenous substance called “The Residuum of Paradise” that was known to certain ancient Egyptian priests prior to the Hyksos period. Also called “The Glitter of the Sleepers” and “The Dream of the Dreamless”, the ‘death-born’ Eucharistic substance may have been the secret of the true consolamentum ceremony of the Cathar Perfecti and of the Baphometic heads used by the medieval Knight’s Templar.

For those of you who are new to Danny's website, the Rennes section can be found under "Philosophy"/"Science and the Occult". You'll then be taken on a tour of the Rennes mystery (Flash required)...if you feel trapped at any point start hunting around the images for secret links. Wow - TOOL, the RlC mystery, and the strange effects of DMT...could it cover my interests any more comprehensively? Thanks Blair.


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Wow, that is quite an interesting read... I'm really blown away by the idea. Is there any science to back up what Blair claims in this? This seems literally earth shattering if it's true.

Has anyone else read this?

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I've read this section and was likewise blown away. As far as science goes I cannot say whether there si evidence but I'm looking. A graduate student of psychology I've been looking for research but, as you'd expect, results are sparse. Right now I'm searchign websites for more specific information concerning thsi procedure as well as teachings and beliefs of the mystery school Jesus might have been a part of. I don't check this sight often fo if you find something write me at likewise if I come across anything I'll come back and let you know.