Weird War: A Fortean Road Trip Exploring the Stranger Side of America's West Coast

Who's ready for a Fortean road trip? A couple of years ago the lads of 'Mandate33' took us on a tour of weird New Hampshire, exploring the region's historical links with the likes of horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, master occultist Aleister Crowley, the famous 'alien abduction' of Betty and Barney Hill, and strange sites such as the 'Ossipee Triangle'. And now they're back, but this time they're investigating "America's ancient and ongoing WEIRD WAR on its left coast."

Before setting out, our Fortean tour guides stopped in at the International Cryptozoology Museum, where Loren Coleman offered some advice for their trip, which ended up spanning the Mojave Desert, George Van Tassel's Integratron, the wilds of the Santa Monica Mountains and Topanga Canyon, Jack Parsons's old stomping grounds, Death Valley, Lovelock Caves, the lost beehive kilns of Oregon, Mount Shasta and occult San Francisco.

Interviewees include some of our good friends (and Darklore contributors): Loren Coleman, Adam Gorightly, and Greg Bishop.

Above is the trailer for the new series, while below I've embedded the first two 'episodes' - be sure to subscribe to their channel for future instalments. Good fun!


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Someone is having way too much fun.

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No kidding!

Thanks Greg.

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